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Open-air metal festival Bloodstock is an annual festival which has been held in Walton-upon-Trent for the past five years. The festival traditionally features a huge line up of local and international alternative and metal rock acts. The festival is known for allowing fans the opportunity to meet their favourite bands during the daily autograph sessions which the festival organises. The Bloodstock festival began in 2005 and continues to run every year. Bloodstock is known for its great line ups and the heavy metal karaoke sessions which are held every night when the day’s acts are finished. Bloodstock 2011 tickets can be found and purchased online now.

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Bloodstock tickets at - your link to everything Bloodstock - dates, tickets, news and reviews.Bloodstock is an open-air alternative music festival which is held annually in Walton-upon-Trent in England. The festival features a great lineup of alternative acts, and fans have the chance to meet and greet their favourite bands and musica...
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