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Bounce Festival is the action packed weekend of summer holiday activities, entertainment and fun for all the family in Richmond Surrey.

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    Bounce Festival
      2.8 stars, from 5 Fan reports
  • London - Richmond old deer park


    Very disappointing. from Steve, 28/08/14
    Given the price and hype surrounding this event I was extremely disappointed to experience the event. The scale was very small with very few attractions and even those were not very exciting. It seemed quite badly organised, the refreshments available were of very low quality and extremely expensive (something like 7pounds for Mac and cheese, similar for a basic burger) given the entrance price it seemed like daylight robbery. The only highlight was the sheep shearing.
  • Surrey - Old Deer Park


    A great day out from Crazy Cockerels, 21/08/14
    I went to Bounce with my two boys aged 4 and 6 and my husband and we had a great day out. We went by car and parked in the council car park opposite for 6 hours. We ended up running back to the car before the ticket ran out. SO much to do for 2 energetic boys. They especially loved the different bikes, the assault course and the unicycles. We missed the craft areas and Peppa Pig as we ran out of time. The science show was great and wished we had seen the cooking too. The food vans were a brilliant mix and different. All that was missing was a proper ice cream stall! (Our Mr whippy was so thin it fell off the cone). Another good thing was there wasnt loads of stalls selling goods, trying to tempt the children, so no need to keep saying no!
  • London - Old Deer Park, Richmond


    Nice idea from Tracy, 19/08/14
    The event was much smaller than I anticipated, but there was a good mix of things to do, to see, to make and learn. We arrived at midday and went straight for food. Given that picnics are not allowed, there must be more food concessions - there was a choice of mac n cheese, wraps or burgers. We went for mac n cheese because the queue was shortest, but it still took 45 to get food. £2-3 for ice creams is too much - offer small ice lollies for half the price, and provide drinking water. We wanted to go on the assault course but the queue was really long and not moving, so gave up. We couldnt see the show in the big tent because it was full. The cookery show was lame and did not keep our 4-year-old boys interested, but the science show was great, as was the lovely Science Museum team who did some great stuff - especially the slime. We couldnt do fencing because it was booked up 2 hours in advance. We then queued for 30 to ride the bikes, which was tough on our 4-year old boys, but frankly, there was nothing else that we could do with them. Arts and crafts are not interesting to them. Im amazed that there was no bouncy castle or general play area, and our boys were itching to run around and play. We took them out to charge around the park chasing birds and they left happy. On the whole, FAR too much queuing. Sell less tickets or put more stuff on that does not require queuing. It was a nice enough day, everyone was friendly and the atmosphere was lovely, but I felt quite ripped-off. For our £70 we saw some science, some sheep-shearing and rode some bikes - most of which we could do at home. If we had been able to do everything on offer it would have been fine, but we were very frustrated and fed up with queuing. I find it odd that you charge so much for adults, for whom there is no attraction - maybe rethink pricing given adults are just escorting children?