Bournemouth International Centre - Tredonwell Hall

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Bournemouth International Centre - Tredonwell Hall
Exeter Road,
BH2 5BH Bournemouth

Venue information

If you are organising a product launch, entertainment or a social event, you need look no further than the TREGONWELL HALL.

Fully carpeted and now benefiting from sound-proof, acoustic screening, it is also an excellent choice for conferences; the three separate floor areas and balcony can seat a total of 1100 or can be easily adapted to suit groups of 300, giving a much more intimate event experience.

Tiered, retractable seating is available on the balcony and for easy loading and unloading of equipment, direct vehicle access is provided.

Direct links with the Windsor, Solent and Purbeck Halls provide further flexibility, allowing for example a conference, an exhibition and catering facilities in adjacent rooms.

The air-conditioned hall is situated on the first floor and has its own special character. Adjoining, is its own fully licensed bar, leading out on to the Purbeck Terrace, with wonderful sea views.

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Bournemouth International Centre - Tredonwell Hall

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Address: Bournemouth International Centre - Tredonwell Hall
Exeter Road, BH2 5BH Bournemouth
By road
From London:
Take the M25, then the M3, M27 and A31 to Ringwood. From Ringwood, follow the A338 (Wessex Way), to the Bournemouth West Roundabout.

From The Bournemouth West Roundabout:
Take the first exit and follow the brown signs to the BIC. The BIC multi-storey car park is off the roundabout at the bottom of Priory Road.

From the North and West:
Head for the A31 / A338 junction (Ashley Heath) just outside Ringwood, taking the A338 (Wessex Way) to Bournemouth. Then follow the directions from the Bournemouth West Roundabout.


For ticket booking information please go to the Frequently Asked Questions in the Events & Ticketing section.

Wheelchair Access

The Multi-storey Car Park - Pay and Display Bournemouth International Centre has 17 (14 regular and 3 overlength) disabled parking spaces located on level 1 of the car park. There are automatic doors providing access from the disabled parking spaces to the foyer of the building .

External Entrances The main front entrance, Purbeck Hall Foyer entrance and first floor Tregonwell corridor from the Sun Terrace can be accessed by wheelchairs as they are either flat access routes or have built in ramps.

Ground Floor Areas From the main foyer area there are three ramped accesses to various bar and refreshment areas located off this area. These include:

The Foyer Coffee Bar (Roux Express) The BH2 Bar The Avon Room The President's Suite Towards the back of the building, but still on the ground floor, there is ramped access from the Solent Corridor to the Purbeck Corridor which provides access to the Purbeck Hall. Off the Purbeck Corridor are the Meyrick, Durley, Branksome, Chine and Westbourne Suites. Here again, access is on a level route

First Floor Access Access to the first floor level from the main entrance foyer is by one of two passenger lifts. Once on the first floor there is a level route through to the Bourne Lounge. A corridor from Bourne Lounge provides access to the Bayview Suite and Gallery and the Tregonwell Hall and Bar. From the Tregonwell Hall Bar there is access through to the Purbeck Hall foyer through the Purbeck Lounge and Bar areas. For wheelchair users there is direct access from the Purbeck Hall Foyer to the Tregonwell Hall via a ramp.

Windsor Hall Access for wheelchairs is available into the Windsor Hall Balcony by way of a lift. Positions for wheelchairs are also located on the flat floor area of the hall.

Tregonwell Hall Access for wheelchair users can be gained to the well and middle areas of the Tregonwell Hall. From the main entrance to this hall, access to the well area is restrictive and does not apply to motorised wheelchair users due to the width of the ramps. Access and egress to and from the upper levels of the hall (i.e. under the balcony) can only be achieved using the ramped access located from the Purbeck Hall Foyer. Access cannot be gained to the balcony area. It is normal to position wheelchair users in the middle level close to the main entrance doors into the hall. There are two ramps either side of the stage in the hall provided mainly for ease of moving equipment about because the stage is raised 6" above the middle level. They do not meet the criteria for disabled usage. However, with assistance, a wheelchair could use them to gain access onto the stage.

Purbeck Hall The Purbeck Hall is directly accessible from its foyer area and presents no problem to wheelchair users.

BIC Main Foyer to Purbeck Hall Foyer It is recommended that wheelchair users gain access to the Purbeck Hall via the ground floor Solent Corridor / Purbeck Corridor and then use the passenger lift, which provides access directly into the Purbeck Hall Foyer area. This by far the easiest route and is well sign posted on overhead boards.

Accessible Toilets The Centre has accessible toilets in the following areas:

GROUND FLOOR Foyer Bar Right adjacent to the Reception Desk GROUND FLOOR Solent Corridor adjacent to the Roux Express Coffee Bar FIRST FLOOR Tregonwell Corridor to Bayview Suite (off Bourne Lounge) FIRST FLOOR Tregonwell Bar FIRST FLOOR Windsor Hall Door 5 FIRST FLOOR Windsor Hall Door 6 FIRST FLOOR Purbeck Bar Disabled toilets are fitted with an audible emergency alarm for use in the event of customers encountering difficulties.

Doors Many of the doors within the centre are held in the open position by magnets. This enables people to move easily through many of the areas. In the event of the fire alarm being activated, these doors will be automatically released and return to the closed position until such time as the alarm is de-activated, when the doors may then be pushed back into the open position.

Hearing Assistance The Windsor Hall and Tregonwell Hall are fitted with the Sennheiser Infrared Amplification System. The system receives amplified signals from staged events and transmits them via infrared beams. Unlike the more traditional loop systems, users require a receiver which can be either worn around the neck and used in conjunction with their own hearing aid (in the T position) or headsets worn directly in ear if they do not have a hearing aid, or their hearing aid does not have a T position.

This system is far superior in that it works in all areas of the hall and is far less likely to produce interference for sound system. However, please note that it is not the same as a traditional "Loop System", so just switching a hearing aid to the "T" position without also using a receiver will not work.

Receivers and headsets are available from the security office near the Bourne Lounge. We do not ask for a deposit for the use of the equipment but you will be asked to leave your name and address. This information is destroyed when the equipment is returned.

Our staff will be happy to explain how the receivers work.

Guide Dogs & Assistance Dogs
Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs are permitted into all areas of the BIC. They are to be kept on a lead at all times and under control. Water is provided on request.