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happyday, 11/11/13
if there is one thing that did shock me was the closeness of the rows of seats, I have a knee problem which means I cannot bend it fully so had to sit very uncomfortly all evening. and no warning was given of the steepness of the stairs either on site, luckily I had only one step to go down. the staff helping you to your seats are brilliant too, I hope you praise them loads.
Cirque Du Soleil (11/11/13) - amazing
What an amazing evening, it had it all, humour, music, acrobatics, expertise, talent beyond all realms, music I can go on for ages. the costumes were amazing too, beautifull to say the least. the director Franco Dragone has done an amazing job, also has everyone else from set design to composer and musical director and more. The show was absorbing from start to finish, kept you on your toes to the end. the tension filled the air when any of the artists where performing, keeping you on the edge of your seat, I was applauding all evening, as everything deemed applause. After each section had performed they came to take applause, they looked aloof as if to say come on I did well, but in a good way, and they got there just deserts applause never ending. And at the end of the evening when they all came out to receive our applause I will be honest and say it brought me to tears, I have no idea why, the lady beside me too cried, tears of pure happiness of sharing such a magical and brilliant show. many many thanks to all that contributed to making it a memorable event, I had only come out of hospital 2 days earlier with a serious lung infection, but would not miss the show for anything, it did my spirits the world of good. I once again say please go and see the show and thank you to one and all.
Antmagnet, 05/03/13
Slash (05/03/13) - The Treatment & Slash @ nottingham Arena
The Treatment did an admirable job in warming up the early attendees of former Guns n Roses / Velvet Revolver axeman Slash. A straight ahead no nonsense British Metal band from Cambridge whose debut album impressed a great deal in 2011. They filled their 30 mins plus with upbeat banging tunes that served as an ideal aperitif for the main Course.

A couple of minutes to nine the house lights went down and bang we were in to the main event. Kicking off with Halo from last years Apocalyptic Love album. Next up an old Slashs Snakepit and Guns N Roses tune showing that no matter how many solo albums Slash delivers and no matter how good they are are he will always have the albatross that is Appetite For Destruction around his neck. You can not be partly responisble for the most influential metal album of the last 25 years and not play tracks from it. In fact 50 of that album was played tonight. Lets not brush aside his solo carear though and The tracks off of both his solo albums were stupendous. Myles Kennedy made Ghost and Gotten his own and bass player Todd Kerns ripped up Dr Alibi. when it all boils down to it no body cared that 50 of the set was covers of GnR or Slashs Snakepit songs the fact was we witnessed possibly the coolest guitarist on the planet with one of the best singers on the planet put on just over 2 hours of ROCK N F$*ING ROLL .
Ash, 04/03/13
large venue, smell was awful inside. (stale urine) acoustics good for an arena but not brilliant. Could have done with a bit more direction when queuing - i was standing but joined a queue in front of seating entrance along with loads of others that were standing - luckily we all went in through the same entrance but apparently at other concerts at this venue the standing queue is sometimes outside.
Slash featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators (04/03/13) - excellent show
Ran approx. 30 mins late but not bothered. Warm up band The Treatment were really good. Crowd erupted when Slash came on stage and never stopped until the end. He gave a great show, very streamlined without any hiccups, which is what can only be expected from such a rock legend.
gozzie, 05/02/13
we had front row seats best in the arena , the place is big , and clean the staff were friendly , toilets clean , although prices for drinks etc were high so we diidnt buy anything ,good all round venue.
Donny & Marie (05/02/13) - Great concert
had a great time at the Donny and Marie show they were brill non stop all the way they gave 100 and more cant wait for next time.