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Rich, 30/07/14
Only downside was as it was a hot day it was sweltering in the theatre! You need better air conditioning!
Derren Brown (30/07/14) - Unbelievable!
Derren has done it again! We went to see him on 26th July 2014 and as a group of 22 of us. The show was fantastic! A must see!
long time fan, 29/07/14
The venue is a refurbished Art Deco style There are very good sight lines - except when other audience members stand, & being on the small side I then struggle to see. The sound is usually very good but last 2 shows there has been some distortion & difficult to hear words of songs e.g. sound balance doesnt seem right. Shame the refurbishment didnt include a lift to circle as stairs are steep.
Hall & Oates (29/07/14) - at long last!
Ive been a fan for so long & never had the opportunity to see them live before. Managed to buy tickets early so had very good seats. This concert was better than many Ive been to there in that fewer people needed to constantly go in & out for drinks & toilet, which usually spoils events at the Apollo. Hall & Oates did not disappoint, voices & musicianship still great, only negative point was that I would have liked a 2 hour show rather than barely 90 minutes, such a long back catalogue & so many great numbers not performed. Overall an excellent night.
Red Kite, 29/07/14
The temperature inside the venue unbearably hot. I have nothing else to say to fill up your 100 word minimum...
Jack Johnson (29/07/14) - Too hot to handle
Jack Johnson gave a great performance at the Apollo - and his mate from Hawaii was a decidedly better than average support act. But the lack of air con in the venue made it a real endurance test. Being in Row Z probably didnt help, but several people around us just had to leave. It was just too much...
Camilla, 29/07/14
Derren Brown (29/07/14) - Absolutely amazing!
Derren Brown was amazing on stage and captured the audience with personal stories from his childhood, humor and of course mind boggling tricks. The show was very impressive and left us speechless for the remainder of the evening. It wasnt until the next day we were able to really discuss what we had witnessed Big thumbs up from here and we cant wait to rewatch it on tv :-)
Ryanpannell, 29/07/14
Very very warm inside! However the sloping floor and bars at the rear if the stalls were much appreciated! Lots of toilets, good venue easily accessible via tube
Jack Johnson (29/07/14) - In between dreams come true!
Absolutely incredible event! I have always wanted to see Jack Johnson but unfortunately he is a hard ticket to come by, other than a 30 minute set at a festival I saw last year. That just made me hungry to see him for a whole night and he didnt disappoint! Even though the genre is very laid back, the atmosphere was electric, I couldnt stop singing and dancing throughout. His pianist and best friend Zach Gill was smiling ear to ear the whole time and he had a fantastic voice and great energy! The most memorable moment was when he sung Breakdown. More on a personal level because this song brings back good memories, but hearing it sung live was the highlight for me! If only I could travel to Hawaii to see him perform a lot more often!
P&J Bristol, 29/07/14
Useless air conditioning that meant it was far too hot and detracted seriously from enjoyment of this event
Jack Johnson (29/07/14) - Excellent Jack, let down by venue
Brilliant performance by Jack and his splendid band - but seriously let down by the appallingly high temperature at the venue (apparently the air conditioning was faulty) which meant that many people left before the end of the concert. All should be reimbursed with half their ticket privces by way of compensation.
Mandy, 29/07/14
Derren Brown = Brilliant Venue = Awful - no air conditioning - thought I was going to pass out several times so made for a very uncomfortable night
Derren Brown (29/07/14) - Great Entertainer Shame About the Venue
Great Drinks and beautiful venue - just a shame it was so uncomfortable due to lack of air conditioning Derren Brown was brilliant
Cubby, 16/07/14
The venue was a great arena, where the seats in the stalls we had, gave us a perfect view of the whole stage. The decor gave a feel of the thirties show hall. Great setting.
Hall & Oates (16/07/14) - The oldies do rock!
As soon as the duo arrived, everybody were on there feet, dancing to hit after hit. Everybody sang there hearts out to their favourites, maneater, private eyes, rich girl etc. The most memorable moment of the evening came after the duo sang Shes gone. Everybody in the audience, already standing, gave a two minute ovation, something that the duo were stunned, and surprised, but were very appreciative. For 100 minutes, us middle aged fans(and the younger members of the audience ) were swept away in our own bubble of pure musical bliss and nostalgia. A place where only great musical artists can take you.
Aaron Rosenthal, 14/07/14
Hall & Oates (14/07/14) - Best gig ever.
I sweated a lot. Surely thats a good sign. They played all the hits, everyone was very happy, they had a saxophonist in a linen suit and a Gandalf beard called Mr Casual. I think if you asked for more, youre an idiot.
Allan Smith, 14/07/14
One of the best places to see a concert. I have been goint there since the 70s when it was the Hammersmith Odeon
Hall & Oates (14/07/14) - Fantastic!!
They were incredible! Played all the hits and the audience were also unbelievable! What a show! One of the best concerts of my life!
Keith Liberty, 09/07/14
Jack White (09/07/14) - Flippin brilliant gig
So full of excited anticipation as the days led up. First pub out of tube was perfect, drinking outside with a three piece plugged in band entertaining all. Actually met Jacks violinist Lillie Mae there! A fine handshake. Earlier Id been thinking that because of the curtains at the Apollo wouldnt it be great if Jack used the opportunity of not just a walk on entrance. Well he sure did, the sight and sound of him bursting through as they parted will I hope stay with me forever. What followed was bliss to the senses. What a man! What a band! Great stage-set, lighting, sound, view. Been recalling it ever since. Thanks Jack. Thanks Eventim.
Diki77, 09/07/14
This iconic venue in West London which to a man of my age will always be the Hammersmith Odeon. Its very walls emanate the rich musical history of all the bands who have graced its stage over the decades. I cant remember the last time I was here in terms of a date, but I can remember the noise!
Jack White (09/07/14) - Thunderous performance
It is a fair while since I have been in a more anticipatory crowd - the atmosphere was crackling with electricity and so was Jack when he danced on about 9.15 and started throwing shapes around the stage with his guitar to the fore. It was loud, distorted and heavy - and the crowd, as they say, went wild! I was in the seats at the back but no one sat down all night - the man delivered what the punters came for - pure excitement and a thunderous performance dripping with energy and feedback. If I had a criticism - such as it may be called - it would be that so distorted and chaotic was the guitar work at times that it was not always obvious which track he was playing - but then, who really gave a flying rusty duck! Great show.
Elle Q, 08/07/14
The seating had plenty of leg room which was refreshing and could see the stage clearly. The sound for the film was far too loud resulting in poor sound quality. There were not enough toilets. Drinks were over priced & queues to the bar were ridiculous.
Jay & Silent Bob (08/07/14) - Awesome evening!
Great event, format was brilliant with the opportunity to be the audience for Hollywood Babble-On as well as the animals film. Only criticism would be it was a shame there was an 11 oclock curfew as the Q&A at the end seemed very rushed.
S Jay, 08/07/14
The Apollo has vastly improved since my last visit, about 6 years ago. Lovely decor and easy to get around and to.
Jack White (08/07/14) - Electric! Jack White 3.7.2014
Fifth time I have seen Jack White. He never fails to please. The crowd there were so up for it and I think he and the band fed of the energy in the room. Jack White is a showman, a fantastic and collaborative musician. Live, he has very few equals. 2 hours of sheer pleasure for me!
Peter, 08/07/14
My wife and I were lucky enough to see Jack White live at the Apollo just after he released his second solo album, Lazaretto. The venue was very well organised, queueing was easy, getting drinks was easy and the toilets were clean. The show was out of this world not only because Jack White is a rock god but because the Apollo is the perfect venue to be entertained by your favourite artist.
Jack White (08/07/14) - Excellent all round
My wife and I were lucky enough to see Jack White live at the Apollo just after he released his second solo album, Lazaretto. The venue was very well organised, queueing was easy, getting drinks was easy and the toilets were clean. The show was out of this world not only because Jack White is a rock god but because the Apollo is the perfect venue to be entertained by your favourite artist.
GaryW66, 08/07/14
Jack White (08/07/14) - Top of his game
Jack White. Hammersmith Odeon 3rd July 2014. So after a four week gap between gigs we are back in the swing of things at the hallowed venue, Hammersmith Odeon. It was the scene of my first ever gig, Whitesnake in 1981 and indeed 18 of next 25 gigs I ever went to were here. It may have changed its name many times in the past 30 years but it will still be Hammy O to me and my favourite venue. This year’s moniker is the Eventim Apollo and it welcomes Mr Jack White. I have seen Jack in many of his guises, The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and solo and he has never failed to deliver so expectations were high. It’s hot and sweaty outside but that feels positively balmy compared to the heat generated by the 5000 souls inside. There’s a feeling that Jack is a little unhinged at the moment playing a secret gig the night before with the audience dressed in hospital gowns and he being pushed away in a hospital bed. This on top of his falling into the drum kit at Glasto. I dunno but have always felt that he’s a man on the edge and that’s probably what makes him so interesting creatively much like Ryan Adams and Conor Oberst. I won’t bore you with running through the set but for me there were obvious highlights, Three Women, Hotel Yorba, Ball and Biscuit and a different take on Steady as She Goes. Working without a setlist he went wherever the mood took him supported by a superb band led by the charismatic drummer who can’t sit for too long, has his drums pointing in a jaunty angle and has a penchant for the cow bell. The violinist is accomplished and can actually be heard amongst the electric mayhem going on and has a unique high pitched voice that compliments Jack’s well. This complemented by Mandolin, Theremin, pedal steel, organ, keyboard, upright base. All that’s missing is Evelyn Glennie and her glockenspiel. The night moves from acoustic albeit heavily amplified with mandolin to full on delta blues taking in Rock/Rap. Indeed a lot of the songs especially the new ones are delivered in a real punchy staccato style, the lyrics spat out in a Rage against the Machine mode which for this young listener aint a bad thing. It’s an energetic show and Jack does his best rock god impressions that don’t look cheesy or contrived. He’s obviously enjoying this and makes some barbed comments about Glastonbury and distance to the audience. Two hours later it’s all over closing with the football terrace friendly Seven Nation Army. We leave and I’m in desperate need of rehydration and some new ear drums please. Five stars to wake up London on a hot steamy night. Sleep comes much later thanks to the ringing in the ears.
eddie, 08/07/14
Lovely building and lots of bar space. Always feels relaxed and calm when I have been there. Well organised and clean. Great acoustics.
Jack White (08/07/14) - Full of energy and amazing guitar playing!
Jack is a great performer, and clearly lives and breathes guitar. He reminds me a little of Jimi Hendrix. Just wish he had stopped in between songs, as it was not always clear where one ended and another started!
Sher, 08/07/14
Jack White (08/07/14) - Jack was amazing, venue ticketing sucks
I paid nearly £80 for two tickets standing in the Upper Circle on my birthday to see my favorite artist. Purchased directly from Eventim Apollo. When I got there they told me my tickets were to stand single file against the wall upstairs. It was beyond a joke. Literally people standing up the stairs along the wall. Luckily we grabbed some seats that were empty and the people didnt show up so my birthday show wasnt ruined.. It should be made clear at the point of purchase that this is the case. I wouldnt have paid more than £5 to stand against an upstairs wall. This type of ticketing practice should be against the law. Consumers have no recourse under T&Cs. Shame on you Eventim Apollo. Five star rating is for Jack Whites performance, not the experience.
Redomelette, 03/07/14
Penn and Teller (03/07/14) - Penn and Teller as weve seen them before
There are no doubts that Penn and Teller are a couple of the greatest magicans around and certainly an show I have wanted to see for a long time. However, the show which included much material I had seen them perform before on the internet and on their recent UK TV show left little in the way of surprises. There was no flow to the show as they went from bit to bit with no linking material. The highlight however was getting to shake hands with the performers after the show as they took the time to greet every audience member would wanted to have a photo or get an autograph. The show did not did not dempen my enjoyed for the pair, just my likely hood of seeing another one of their live shows. The tickets are not cheap I was hoping there would be more fresh material that was not so readily available.
Bakes, 18/06/14
Greatly improved from one of our last visits. Now a clean, venue with excellent sound and good sight lines.
Pat Metheny Unity Group (18/06/14) - Outstanding
A great concert, with Pat and his band playing with intensity, power, variation and togetherness. Having first seen him back in 1985 at the same venue it was a delight to see him and his band perform material from his whole back catalogue, for so long and with what appeared like a couple of extra encores to the planned ones. What a true giant and master of the guitar Pat Metheny is and his present band have such variety and skill to complement and extend him. Only negative, no Lyle Mays on piano.