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Lewis Nicholson, 19/05/14
WWE Live (19/05/14) - AWESOME Event!!!
This was our seventh time seeing WWE and it was definitely one of our best times attending a WWE Event. The whole atmosphere on the night was great, we couldnt have asked for a better experience. Our seats were fantastic and we had a great view of the ring. Many fans were disappointed that Daniel Bryan was injured and couldnt attend but the highlight of the show for us was definitely watching Kane!!! Overall great night out, we will definitely be coming to see WWE again in Leeds someday!
Emm, 19/05/14
Nice for Leeds to finally have a fitting venue to match those in the other large cities of the UK. Very modern, close to parking and bars, easy to navigate, great lay out.
WWE Live (19/05/14) - Entertaining with a couple of negatives
My first time at the new arena and I have to say I was impressed and happy that we now have an Arena fitting to the city of Leeds. Didnt know what to expect as it was my first time watching wrestling but the atmosphere was great and my son loved every minute of his birthday present. He was however extremely disappointed at Daniel Bryans absence as he is his favourite. The other downside was there wasnt any sound on our tier therefore for a novice I couldnt get the jist of the ring banter. Our seats on the third tier were budget driven and I thought the view and the length of the show was spot on for the price but thought it bizarre such a new venue didnt have the sound figured out.
Serenity, 19/05/14
Loved the amount of space and how easy it was to exit the arena, never felt too crowded. Never had to queue for toilets and even the queue at the merchandise stalls didnt take too long. Seats were comfortable and the staff were friendly and helpful
WWE Live (19/05/14) - Awesome night
We all had an amazing time, the kids loved seeing a lot of their favourite wrestlers and the venue was fantastic. My youngest is wrestling mad but was a bit upset at first at how loud it was so if youre taking a young child (hes 5) Id recommend taking some ear plugs just in case! Didnt stop him enjoying it though, and made his night when he saw Roman Reigns outside the arena! The only reasons it didnt get 5 stars are that we couldnt really hear what they were saying when talking, and we were only on the second tier, also Daniel Bryan was supposed to be on and hes one of their favourites so they were a bit upset that he wasnt appearing. Other than that it was awesome! Well definitely be booking again, great family night out and if any of the kids get restless theres plenty of space to take them out away for the main show.
Gledders, 08/05/14
We paid a fortune to see Rod Stewart in September last year Went on Platinum Package The food and drink was excellent The concert was excellent The seating was excellent FRONT ROW hence the price The big disappointment were the drunken idiots that ran down to the front row trying to push us all out and blocked our view. It took security far too long to move them and spoilt the start of the concert We did complain afterwards in writing but as usual it was not acknowledged !!!
Lenorm, 28/04/14
Did not use the toilets or any of the on-site services, so cannot comment about these. Also did not use any of the nearby car parks as got a lift to the arena. There was no security at all (was expecting our bags to be searched but this did not happen). The acoustics were very good, if somewhat too loud. The atmosphere was good (perhaps the vastness of the Arena made it feel so awesome. Once inside the Arena proper (13,000 people I think) the audience were just so excited to see the show, the atmosphere was very exciting. The seats were comfortable.
Dancing On Ice: The Live Tour (28/04/14) - Enjoyable Show.......But
Although great fans of Torvill and Dean (having seen them twice before over the years), was a little disappointed as this was their Farewell Tour, was expecting more of a proper show than just the celebrities dancing with their professional partners (just like watching Dancing on Ice on t.v). Apart from the Swan routine which was beautiful, there wasnt any more routines by the professionals. Torvill and Deans previous shows have always included more professional dancers doing their own fabulous routines. There was a lot of video coverage on the large screens showing each celebrity before they came onto the ice which took up quite a bit of time. Unfortunately, as Gareth Gatess partner was ill and couldnt perform, he only came on once with another professional to do a short routine and sang a short song. The atmosphere in the Arena was great and the audience absolutely welcoming towards the ice skaters. The warm up guy was really good and got everyone on their feet and laughing. At the end of the show when Jane Torvill said that this was not Goodbye, but Goodnight, was surprised as was under the impression this was their last ever show. Hey ho! Still enjoyed the show very much despite the above comments.
jilliw, 28/04/14
Dancing On Ice: The Live Tour (28/04/14) - Great venue, disappointing show
I have been looking forward to seeing T&D in the last DOI tour for months..A spectacular opening and hearing that this was the penultimate show led me to eagerly expect something special... instead I get the feeling of a demob happy cast (Joe P in particular) that all in all left me feeling slightly cheated. Highlights... the opening dance routine, T&Ds penultimate Bolero, the Swan dance and the professional skater displays in general. Lowlights... not seeing Hayleys signature routine Jai Ho, a disappointing cast finale (promised spectacular routine and pyrotechnics were a damp squib) the padding in between dances due to video links (if Id wanted to watch tv Id have stayed at home) and above all the embarrassment and down right vulgarity when watching Joe P fawn all over one of the poor male professional skaters... I didnt have children with me but if I had I think I would have complained at the venue... the premise (bad male celeb shows up rated female star) was ok, but the extremes that he took it to would have provoked questions about what is that man doing to that other man? from a younger child. I felt it was unnecessary, particularly as this was a matinee performance, and it just served to bring home to me exactly why I dont ever want to watch Joe Pasquale again. I am hoping that this was down to Joe being over exuberant on his last day (which judging by the reaction of the professional skater could well have been the case) but IF this was a regular part of the show I doubt whether Id invest in the DVD when it is released. As a fan of T&D since their competitive performances I know that I am older than the average audience, but I am by no means a prude and am part of the fan base that they thanked for supporting them over the feel that my comment is worthy of sharing. It is a shame that the odd part of the show spoiled what could have been an amazing afternoon out.
E K, 28/04/14
Good seating with unrestricted views. However it gets hot and there seems to be no aircon. There needs to be some handrails as you climb the steps as it is quite steep on all levels. Big, big queues for the toilets at the interval also.
Dancing On Ice: The Live Tour (28/04/14) - Lively, entertaining family show!
A great show based on the format of the TV show with 3 judges marking the performances of the celebrities. A relaxed version of it with lots of humour from Joe Pasquale. The highlight was most definitely Torville and Dean performing Bolero but all the skaters entertained brilliantly.
Bramley Rhino, 28/04/14
Dancing On Ice: The Live Tour (28/04/14) - Birthday Treat
We took my Mum as a 90th Birthday treat. Our Seats were on Block 109 and we had a Fantastic view right down the ice. The show was very good and the crowd really enjoyed it. Fantastic to see Bolero Live
HayAllen, 28/04/14
Dancing On Ice: The Live Tour (28/04/14) - Brilliant Event
Me and my sister went to see dancing on ice it was absolutely brilliant. All the performance where brilliant, even when skater had injuries. Did not disappoint and can not believe this is end to dancing on ice.Crowd was involved a lot. Well Done to everyone involved
Richard, 15/04/14
Great arena and seat view was unbeatable Food stalls well manned and toilets were exemplary Staff friendly and helpful at all times
Elbow (15/04/14) - Great performance
Stunning vocals from Guy and great spectacle Im not a seasoned Elbow fan but it introduced me to songs old and new which I enjoyed thoroughly.
gary58, 14/04/14
Elbow (14/04/14) - Just Fantastic !!
After years of working hard on the circuit,Elbow have now catapulted themselves into the big league of bands mainly on the back of their last 3 albums....Seldom Seen Kid , Build A Rocket Boys ! and their latest The Take Off and Landing Of Everything.......their performance was up there with one of the besh shows I have seen...excellent staging and lighting,musicianship of the highest quality and in Guy Garvey, Elbow have one of the best front men in the business.who delivers his lyrics with real feeling.....he made the show seem like one that was performed to a small intimate gathering rather than one which saw about 12,000 very enthusiastic fans in attendance !......Highly recommended...
Mandy Williamson, 14/04/14
Parking is difficult in Leeds, not much you can do about that. Public transport is an issue from where I live as the last train leaves Leeds before the concert ends.
Elbow (14/04/14) - Brilliant
Brilliant concert from start to finish. Brilliant venue, great facilities. Couldnt have asked for more. Hope it stays like this and doesnt drop off.
Gembles, 08/04/14
The overall venue Is really good and for concerts it is on a par with other arenas. The seating closer to ice rink for Disney on Ice is poor yet at a premium cost. Wont book those kind of seats again.
Disney on Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy (08/04/14) - Disappointing seats
We had seats on the main floor area (row B) thinking that these would be really good seats an close to the skating. In reality the seats were awful as we had tall people in front of us and my 3 year old had to stand on the chair all the way through (thankfully no one was behind us) for premium seats this was disappointing. Being so close to the skaters also showed up the roughness of some of the costumes and spoilt the affect a little. The 1st part of the show the sound was poor after the interval it seemed to improve. Overall it was very expensive for the experience we had.
fancealot, 08/04/14
The seating is very poor, unlike a lot of arenas there seems to be less legroom here, and it is misleading especially if you sit down before the person in front as you think theres loads of legroom, but when the seat in front goes down the back of the seat moves backward, resulting in a pretty painful few hours for me and Im only 61!
Yusuf Ahmed Rafique, 29/03/14
WWE Live (29/03/14) - Unbelievable.
Worth every penny, the crowd is pure energy and the wrestlers feed off it. Whether youre a wwe fan or not, go watch it. Honestly, and when my boi John Cena comes on the place erupts. Im going again, hoping Batista will be there!
Slaws, 17/03/14
After going to the Depeche Mode gig last year I had the same high expectations as before, especially as this was a family outing. The food outlets were poorly managed with order being taken and then food not arriving because they had run out - this is surprising, especially at a lunchtime performance! Also, the fact we had restricted views so my 7 year old son and I could not see about 30 of the rink was annoying. Plus, as this was his first time along with his 4 year old sister and both were not able to have a hot dog was not a great first experience.
Disney On Ice (17/03/14) - Slightly dissapointed!
The family enjoyed the Disney show but 2 of us had a restricted view due to the positioning of a lighting technician and his gear - which was not stipulated at the time of purchase. Also disappointed as we went to the lunchtime show expecting to be able to purchase food, to find that only a couple of the food outlets were open and after waiting for 10 minutes after ordering they had bizarrely ran out of hot dogs and burgers.
Terrierfan, 17/03/14
The staff were very helpful. I think everywhere in the arena would be a good view the way it is set out
Disney on Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy (17/03/14) - Great Time
Fabulous event for the kids and adults. Great view, lovely costumes and story lines. Went with my friend and our grandchildren all six of us had a brilliant time would definitely recommend this production and cant wait to go again.
Mum of 2yr old boy, 17/03/14
Disney on Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy (17/03/14) - Fantastic Show!
I took my 2.5yr old son to see the show for the 1st time. His face was a picture and the show was just magical. Defiantly recommend the show to anyone with children old enough to sit through tin well worth the money with 2 50minuite shows. Cant wait for the next show!!
Amandeep, 17/03/14
Disney on Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy (17/03/14) - Disney on Ice world of fantasy
The event was good and the kids enjoyed it. The only problem I have was the seat. When I booked the ticket I paid the top price for the ticket so that my girls had the best seats. It was £37.50 per ticket even for a child of 2 years old. I had a ticket which was 2nd row from the front. When I looked at the view there was no gap between the first row and the second row we were directly behind however when we arrived there was a walkway between the front row and the second row. However, in other section there first and second row were directly behind each other. So I was annoyed because I paid for the fact that we were behind the front row and would of had a amazing view but because we were further behind the girls had to sit on our laps in order to see so I felt that was a waste of 2 tickets.
Gemma mcclelland, 17/03/14
The X Factor Live (17/03/14) - Great event and brilliantly run!!
My daughter loved this concert and everyone else semt to be enjoying themselves too. A big thank you to all the staff, we were sat in the disabled area and the staff couldnt have been better and dealt with everything that was thrown at them.