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Frank Turner is a singer-songwriter and former frontman in the Million Dead.

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Frank Turner is a solo artist based in the United Kingdom. He has toured all the Western world (and beyond!) extensively since the demise of his former band Million Dead.Frank Turner started solo acoustic shows prior to Million Dead’s break up. The first official performance was at the first Small Town America all dayer at 93 Feet East on September...
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    Frank Turner
      5 stars, from 3 Fan reports
  • Manchester - Phones 4u Arena


    Best gig I have ever witnessed. from Kitch, 21/02/14
    Ive been waiting to see Frank Turner live ever since I hear Peggy Sang the Blues by fluke on XFM at the beginning of 2011. I was most certainly not disappointed. I arrived at the arena midway through the set of the first support act Beans on Toast. Whilst the music being not particularly to my taste, he was a very funny guy and was very entertaining. Shortly after Flogging Molly entered the stage with such vigor and reaction youd have thought they were headlining the show; midway through the set an impromptu falling of their banner to reveal Franks told you otherwise. Having not previously heard their music, I loved every single song they performed that night and will be swiftly buying some of their records. At about 9 ish, the lights went out and a strange folk song came out of the P.A system. For the final time to night, a this time planned falling of a banner revealed the Sleeping Souls and their leader already obviously enjoying being on a huge stage. Perhaps surprisingly, he opened with the song that has ended his sets over the years- Photosynthesis. Being the sad nerd boy I am, I was well educated on the sets he had been playing on his UK tour, so thought that this gamble wouldnt work. Au contrare- it was the perfect way for the evening to begin. During the bridge, he introduced his band and the entire crowd sat down to jump up in time for the final chorus. An early highlight. The set began at lightning speed, and the next seven songs followed suit. Sing-alongs galore (Peggy Sang the Blues, Glory Hallelujah, Reasons Not to be an Idiot, Losing Days and the brilliant Try This at Home) mixed with the early tearjerkers Plain Sailing Weather and the stunning The Way I Tend to Be were all complete gems. The start of the acoustic set and a new song followed, Sweet Albion Blues, and it threatened to lull but the fact that everybody cheered hearing their hometown sung defiantly (and a huge cheer for Manchester obviously) saved it from that fate. Oldie Wisdom Teeth was greeted with rapturous applause from fans who hadnt heard it since the first tour, and an unexpected Love Ire and Song and a mandatory Wessex Boy provided another couple of moments for tears to be shed. However it was the final half of the main set that proved scintillating. Taking his guitar off midway during Polaroid Problem due to the niggling back problem he picked up during 2013, and introducing his touring acoustic guitarist proved a moment in a set rivaling the greatest of sing alongs. Which incidentally is what we were treated with until the end of the show. The Road next, featuring an excellent screaming section harking back to his days with Million Dead, were followed swiftly by everybody singing the words of If Ever I Stray and Eulogy back at him like lives were at risk. After yet another tear-jerk of Prufrock, Frank proceeded to join the crowd for a surf during the bridge of One Foot Before the Other. Cue mass hysteria and everybody from the back of the arena running to try and get to the barrier. This was then the show for me went from thrilling to absolutely mental. The best song of the set for me was Long Live the Queen. It was the song that convinced me to take this guy seriously, and it proved somehow even more poignant with the heavier backing. I had just had my appendix out 10 days prior to this gig, and promised my Mum I would not get into any mosh pits, but frankly (if youll pardon the pun) it was harder not to, and she would have hated me getting involved in the star jumps of Recovery (I spoke to my Dad after the show, and he seemed pretty sure that we were the best star jumpers on the tour). The final song of the set (and my accompanying mosher my brothers favorite of the night) Broken Piano featured an unexpected (yet not final) feature of pyromania and provided the final moment of tears of the main set. However, Ballad of Me and my Friends started us all off again during the encore. During the final verse/chorus thing (not sure what it was, but Im definitely going to hell anyway) Frank backed away from the microphone to allow us to sing louder than he did with the aid of the microphone. Another fantastic moment in I Still Believe followed, and launched me into an epiphany that Rock n Roll really is the only thing that matters. Finally, although I could have had an entire set more of songs he missed (I Am Disappeared, Redemption, Oh Brother, To Take You Home, The Real Damage, Fathers Day, We Shall Not Overcome, and any of the first 8 songs of Poetry of the Deed he didnt play), Four Simple Words ended the set with another dose of pyro, and with me being pinned to the barrier. Frank looked like he didnt want to leave, and we sure as hell didnt want him to. In summary, I have need Muse, Bruce Springsteen, Green Day, Guns n Roses, Arctic Monkeys amongst other live acts regarded as the top of their trade. Not one of those artists came close to the passion, the joy and the anthems that Frank delivered that night in Manchester. Believe me, I will not be waiting another three years to see him live. Absolutely wonderful.
  • Manchester - Phones for U Arena


    Fantastic Performance from Dawn & Tony Kenyon, 18/02/14
    Dont quite know where Frank gets all his energy. He was on stage for about 1.45 minutes without a break. All that time he was on the go. The energy is unbelievable. He is a fantastic artist who writes very clever lyrics - all his songs tell a story. He had good supporting acts too, although we missed Beans on Toast as our seats had been moved but saw Flogging Molly who again very good and put everything they had into their performance.
  • London - Olympic Stadium


    Great night from Mrs C, 26/07/12
    Recently saw Frank perform at the Olympic Opening Ceremony Dress Rehearsal to a crowd of 62,000 - cant wait to see him again and have now booked my tickets for his next tour.

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