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andy skinner, 04/06/13
I luv the secc glasgow and i have seen a good 40 bands there over the yrs and hope to see a lot more there. well done.
Rush (04/06/13) - dont rush for new rush tour!
An ok set but they played too much of the new album and seemed like we waited forever for the good stuff. Nowhere near as good as the Time Machine tour, and I can say it will be a long time until I go and see them again; if ever. But don't get me wrong, the band themselves rock.
izzy, 09/02/13
Donny & Marie (09/02/13) - Truly magnificent
Donny & Marie put on a brilliant show for all their fans. From start to finish, they captured the audience. Marie not only has a fantastic voice but has a great sense of humour too.. So funny when she took a male member of the audience up onto the stage and got him to sing Crazy for you. Donny looked as handsome as ever, couldnt take my eyes off him for a minute. The songs they sang took many of us back to our teenage years, very nostalgic! They also sang a few songs from their hit album. Even my 17year old was singing away at most of the songs. Donny was such a gentleman when he escorted Susan Boyle onto the stage to sing This is my moment with her. Was lovely watching Donny sing Love me for a reason along with a video of his brothers as they are now, singing alongside. Very touching to watch! Donny sang Crazy Horses and danced around the stage with so much energy. His dancing was amazing, as was when he was singing Soldier of Love. Donny & Marie sang beautifully together (as always!). They sang many of the old songs from the 70s such as Morning side of the mountain, Make the world go away, & Im leaving it all up to you. Absolutely fantastic! Loved it when they both came down into the audience. I was 3rd row from the front so had a great view. They both had a lot of costume changes but still managed to always have one of them on stage while the other got changed. Sometimes they even managed to change while on stage. The only part of the show I didnt enjoy was when they both sang Goodnight Everybody because I knew that was it, all the months of waiting was now over and it was once again time for them to leave the stage. Just wish they had came back on for an encore! That would have finished the evening off beautifully.
Joyce, 06/02/13
Donny & Marie (06/02/13) - Vegas comes to Scotland
Donny and Marie were great in Glasgow and brought back happy memories of my trip to see their show in Vegas 3 years ago. Donny is as good now as he was as a teenager and still makes me swoon.