Hampden Park Glasgow

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Hampden Park Glasgow
Letherby Drive,
G44 4QG Glasgow

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Hampden Park (often referred to simply as Hampden) is a football stadium in the Mount Florida area of Glasgow, Scotland. The 52,063 capacity venue serves as the national stadium of football in Scotland. It is the home venue of the Scotland national football team and amateur Scottish Football League club Queen's Park and hosts the latter stages of the Scottish Cup and Scottish League Cup competitions. It is also used for music concerts and other sporting events.

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Hampden Park Glasgow

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Address: Hampden Park
Letherby Drive, G44 4QG Glasgow
Public transport
By Rail
The stadium is a five minute walk from Mount Florida Station and King’s Park Station. Trains to both stations run from Glasgow central. Please call National Rail enquiries on 08457 484 950 for further information.

By Bus
First Glasgow operate the following bus services from the city center on a regular basis:
5 / 7 / 12 / 31 / 37 / 44 / 75


Stadium Car Parking
Permit Holders only on major event days.

Public Car Parking
Information regarding public parking will be here prior to any major events.


Hampden Park has a large dedicated areafor fans using wheelchairs, those with mobility problems, visualimpairment and those with learning difficulties who need some assistancewhen attending matches.

The team here want to ensure thatcoming along to the stadium is an enjoyable experience and that thefacilities on offer are easy to access.

Most of thewheelchair bays and assisted seating areas are at the front of the BT(Scotland) South Stand alongside the pitch, affording an excellent viewof any match. (sections I & P)

We also havesupporting wheelchair bays & seating, accessed by lift at the rearof the West & East stands(sections A & G).

Click here for a map of the stadium.

Ticketsfor these areas are initially offered to our registered ScotlandSupporters' Club (SSC) members and then subject to availability, to thegeneral public on a first come first served basis. Like all other areasof the stadium, demand for tickets can far exceed the number we havebut the Customer Services Team work really hard to accommodate as manypeople as possible.~

All tickets for the disabled areas are issued in pairs so that a friend/companion can come along too.

If you’re not a member of the SSC and are interested in attending Scotlandmatches in this area, we recommend you get in touch with the CustomerServices team at least 6 weeks before a match because tickets aresnapped up quickly.

Click here to contact us or apply for tickets in the wheelchair/ambulant areas.

Supportersare able get in and out of the stadium by accessing the undergroundWest (exit 46) or East (exit 33) tunnels, avoiding turnstile congestionand any stairways.

Details of which tunnel to use, aredisplayed on your match ticket. You can access the West Tunnel viaCathcart Road and the East Tunnel via Aikenhead Road. You will bedirected to a lift from this area if your ticket is for the supportingsection in the rear of the East or West stand. Stewards will be on dutyto advise and assist you.

Click here for map of surrounding area.

Limitedparking is available at the stadium, at the front of the BT (Scotland)South Stand on match days for supporters with a disability. A car parkpass is required.

This will allow access to the designated redor yellow parking areas. These parking areas are limited and thepasses are issued as fairly as possible on a first come first servedbasis. (Please note that Blue Badge holders cannot gain admittancewithout a red/yellow parking pass)

Stadium Facilities
Thereare Disabled toilets and refreshment kiosks available adjacent tothe designated disabled areas within the ground. There is one availableat each side of the BT (Scotland) South Stand, one for Section I and onefor Section P. These facilities are also available at the West and EastStands, (Section A and section G).

Contact us
If you have any queries please contact Gillian or Susan on 0141 616 6199 / 6196