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Andy goode, 17/11/14
Thriller Live (17/11/14) - Amazing
Amazing show with world class singers, dancers and band, would go back tomorrow !!! If you love MJ you will love this show,
Marta Tornago, 30/08/14
Thriller Live (30/08/14) - Totally amazing!
I am a very big fan of Michael Jackson and I was really excited to have the possibility to watch the show. When I left the Lyric Theatre I felt like I had just spent the best two hours in my whole life. All the dancers and singers were absolutely perfect, they knew exactly how to move in every single moment, it was really impressive! They were able to make Michaels soul live in such an intense and powerful way, it was wonderful! I really appreciated the great variety of choreographies for the different songs: some of them were completely new, many others were just like the performances of Michaels concerts, while others were identical to the official music videos! Moreover, the choice, the order and the mash-ups of the tracks were really well done, they made the musical a perfect and intense story of Michaels life. Finally, the thing I loved the most. While I was watching the show I gave a look around me: the theatre was full and all the people in the audience were singing and dancing, taking part in the musical. And I thought that all those people, who were really a lot, the audience, the singers and the dancers and the ones who had worked to realize the show, were there and did their best, making use of their gifts, passions and abilities, just for a man, thanks to him. All those people were there for Michael, to make him never die, using what they have, what they like the most. And Michael, in some ways, helped them make a dream come true, find and show to everyone their gifts. The musical was pure love and I could even breathe it. Well, that was really impressive and extremely moving and I thank everyone who was there from the bottom of my heart for this amazing experience. I do hope well all go on singing and dancing like that, thanks to Michael and for Michael, making him live forever, because he really deserves this. Of course, I heartily recommend anyone to buy the tickets for the show!
tlft, 29/07/14
small theater so every seat is pretty close to the stage. We sat in the back row of the first balcony and the second balcony overhung so we did lose a little bit of sight lines to the top of the stage (luckily nothing went on up that high)
Thriller Live (29/07/14) - Love MJ
If you like the songs of Michael Jackson this is for you! They sang almost every one of his most popular songs from his beginnings with the Jackson 5 through to the end of his career. The songs I missed that were not included were: Jam, Remember the Time, Scream
Holly, 27/05/14
Great atmosphere and comfy served at the bar really quickly and staff were lovely and helpful.
Thriller Live (27/05/14) - Thriller live show
This show was amazing.i just wanted to see it again as soon as it was finished.the cast were fantastic.they had so much energy and talent .the show was spectacular from start to finish.the singing and dancing was absolutely made my trip to London.totally wonderful-would thoroughly recommend it -completely loved it and want more tickets to see it again.
Orton, 03/02/14
The drinks are expensive and not much variety, toilets are like old school toilets and could do with being updated.
Thriller Live (03/02/14) - Fabulous Evening that went too quickly!
We went to see Thriller Live with some friends on Saturday 1st February 2014. We have been to see many musicals and productions over the years and I have to say that this is definitely one of the best and would highly recommend it to anyone who recognises the slightest tunes from Michael Jackson. The cast were outstanding and a real credit to themselves. Normally I would not go back a second time to see a production as there are so many to see and like to have variety, however I will be booking to go back with my mum and daughter. Thank you for a fab evening x