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Midlake are an indie rock band from Texas, USA. The band was formed after a collaboration of jazz students joined together as The Cornbread All-Stars. Originally the band experimented with jazz when first formed in 1999 but later they changed their style, creating a new indie band. Their debut album Bamnan and Slivercork was recorded in Denton, Texas but later perfected in the legendary Abbey Road studios and released in 2004. With three albums to their name including The Courage of Others, released in 2010, the band have achieved international success.

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      4.5 stars, from 2 Fan reports
  • Whitley Bay - Whitley Bay Opera House


    great band from Al, 14/07/14
    Midlake seem top be in transition which occasionally leads them to shift, in my view, too far from their unique voice into something that comes over as self indulgent improvisation. When focussed on Midlake songs including excellent new stuff from Antiphon, they were excellent. The venue is not great however, (or was it Midlakes team?) sound balance was not always right. Sometimes too loud, dominated by bass drum. At least not as bad as the support: Goldlake who were so loud we had to leave and drink beer to recover.


    BRILLIANT EVENING from BILL-R, 14/07/14
    Faultless Performance/ Great Interaction with crowd/Group went to meet fans after Performance and spoke/signed autographs and posed for photographs with everyone. Nothing was too much bother for this Group, I wish more Groups could follow this example, There were 5 people in our group and each individual quoted different songs/group members as there favourites - this is an example of a top Groups performance. Hurry Back!

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