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Rolo Tomassi are a punk band from Sheffield, England. The band formed in 2005 and they play in the genre of jazz punk and experimental rock. After releasing a demo and EP under different labels they finally signed with Holy Roar Records and released a self titled EP. In June 2008 they were given an amazing break when they were offered a place at the Download Festival. Many other festivals followed, with the recording of an album and on September 22 2008 their debut studio album Hysterics was released. Later in 2010, they released their second album Cosmology.
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Rolo Tomassi tickets at - your link to everything Rolo Tomassi - concerts, tours, tickets, news and reviews.Rolo Tomassi are a band from Sheffield in the United Kingdom with a unique style of punk jazz and mathcore. Their name is taken from a fictional character from the film LA Confidential.In 2005 the band formed with Edward Dutton ...
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