Royal Academy of Arts London

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Royal Academy of Arts London
Burlington House,
W1J 0BD London

Venue information

The Royal Academy of Arts was founded by George III in 1768. Governed by artists to 'promote the arts of design', the Royal Academy of Arts was the first institution in Great Britain devoted solely to the promotion of the visual arts. It has held the annual selling Summer Exhibition since its formation and now enjoys an unrivalled reputation as a venue for exhibitions of international importance.

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Royal Academy of Arts London

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Access guide

Contact information
General enquiries 020 7300 8000
Disabled parking and wheelchair booking 020 7300 8028
Disability access enquiries (limited service) 020 7300 5732

Access for people with visual impairment

Audio guides
Audio guides are available free of charge for visually impaired visitors to use in exhibitions. Descriptive audio is available for exhibitions in the Sackler Wing of Galleries. Please ask at the audio desk at the entrance to the exhibition. Large print list of works and gallery guides Large print list of works and gallery guides are available free of charge to use in exhibitions. They are available from the wall holders in the galleries. Large print gallery guides are available from the entrance to the exhibition.

Guided tours

A trained volunteer can be booked for a one-to-one tour to describe the works in the exhibition. Please allow two weeks notice for your booking as this is a volunteer service. Touch facilities Every year a number of sculptures in the Summer Exhibition are available for visually impaired people to explore by touch. These works are identified by Braille labels and a large print list which are available from the Information Desk. Touchable facilities are also available for most exhibitions. Please telephone in advance of your visit to inquire about touchable resources.


An album of thermoform images of our Permanent Collection available is available. You're welcome to borrow the album during your visit. This should be booked in advance and we request that you bring your own tape player and headphones.

Guide dogs

We welcome all dogs for disabled people, including guide dogs. Please ask a Red Collar security guard if you require a dog bowl for your dog.

Access for people with hearing impairment

BSL & Lipspeaking tours
We run a series of events for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. These gallery tours have British sign language and lipspeaking interpretation. For deaf or hard-of-hearing children, Art Detective worksheets are available for all exhibitions from the Information Desk.

Audio guide

Audio guides are available free of charge. A portable hearing loop is available from the audio desk for use with audio guides. A transcript of the audio guide is also available from the audio desk.

Access for people with mobility impairment

Disabled parking
We have two disabled parking spaces available for badge holders. The available time slots are 10am to 2pm, 2pm to 6pm and 6pm to 10pm. Please telephone 020 7300 8028 or email to book a parking space, giving your name, vehicle registration number and a contact telephone number. We recommend that you book at least one week in advance of your visit as spaces are limited.


We have five regular size manual wheelchairs available for hire at the Royal Academy. Please telephone 020 7300 8028 or email to book a wheelchair. Wheelchair escorts If you need someone to assist you in a wheelchair, or lend a supporting arm, you may wish to contact the organisation Access2Art regarding their ‘Meet You There’ service. Email or telephone 020 8761 4875. Please note this is an external organisation which has no connection with the Royal Academy of Arts.

Accessible toilet

A unisex accessible toilet is available on the right-hand side of the staircase in the Front Hall as you take the entrance towards the gentlemen’s toilets.

Seating: portable stools

Black portable folding stools are available from racks outside he Sackler Wing of Galleries and the Main Galleries. Please return the stools to the racks after use.

Permanent seating

There is currently extra permanent seating in the following areas:
Black wooden window seats in the Front Hall
Black wooden bench on the far right in the Front Hall
Single seats in the Fine Rooms
Benches and seating in the exhibitions (variable for each exhibition)
A stone bench on the far side of the Sackler Wing, in front of Michelangelo’s Taddei Tondo.

General disability access information

Alternative routes
If you suffer from vertigo and cannot use the glass lift or stairs, please ask a member of staff to escort you via the back stairs.

If the lift is out of order, there is a goods lift to the first floor but not to the Sackler Wing of Galleries. Please ask a security guard in the Front Hall to escort you.

Facilities for babies and young children

There is a baby changing facility inside the accessible toilet (see above for directions). High chairs are available in the restaurant and café. For breast feeding, the most comfortable area may be leather seats by the entrance to the restaurant.


There are two red telephone boxes under the arch in the courtyard. Disabled visitors can use the phone at the Information Desk to ring for a taxi.

First aid

There are a number of trained first aiders in the building. Please ask the nearest member of staff for help.

Security alerts

In the event of a fire alarm or other security alert please follow instructions from security staff. Trained staff will use evacuation chairs for people who are wheelchair dependent to exit via the stairs.

Contact details for information and bookings

Disabled parking and wheelchair booking 020 7300 8028
Disability access enquiries (limited service) 020 7300 5732