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Royal Albert Hall London
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J-Mitch, 05/07/13
Bonnie Raitt (05/07/13) - A Night To Remember!
Seeing Bonnie Raitt at such a plush venue was wonderful. She has been performing for over 40 years but she has a refreshing shyness and humbleness about her and she shows an appreciation of her audience as if it was her very first performance. A grand night and definitely one for the memory box!
HantsBoy, 01/10/12
Parking - in London? Do you even need to ask the question... The free upgrade was brilliant though.
Mick Hucknall (01/10/12) - Mick was great, support act was appalling
So long as youre not expecting to hear many Simply Red songs and expecting more like the Tribute To Bobby album then you will love this. Mick was full of energy and his support group (2 ex-Simply Red and 3 new members) was excellent. But dont bother to listen to the support act, Ren Harvieu, she is the WORST support act we have EVER heard at any concert - she was off tune, her diction was so bad she was unintelligible and she sang so close to the mic it was distorting.