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Lord of the Dance
Have no idea from Jacqui, 03/11/14
as it was deferred one week before I was due to go and see the production much to the disgust and disappointment of my other guests. Having booked tickets in June did not receive them until beginning of October despite many telephone calls.
Barry Manilow
BARRY mANILOW from MrS Carol LEE, 19/05/14
Barry was an excellent showmanship , The sounding and view was brilliant I took my mum and she loved it . The venue was good .
Dancing On Ice: The Live Tour
Btilliant skating from Judy, 25/04/14
Another wonderful show with very talented skating - Professional and celebrities - just a shame Joe Pasquale was there - what a ridiculous sketch - cant believe anyone would have found it funny!
The X Factor Live
GREAT SHOW from west london girl, 17/03/14
Went to sunday arternoon show very well done and a really great show and would go again. Was great when the artist came to the middle stage so you could get a good look at them, also rough copy set was great.
Justin Bieber
The best from esme_esme_esme_loves_Bieber, 09/01/14
im the biggest Justin Bieber fan on earth. this was the best thing that could have ever happened in my life.
Billy Joel
My first ever Billy Joel concert. from Burbo, 14/05/13
My first ever live show was seeing Billy Joel. I just remember being astounded by the range of emotions I could feel and see others feel in one room with one man and a piano inciting it all. Ive been his biggest fan ever since. I thoroughly recommend you go and see him if you can.
Fan-bloody-tastic!!! from Tonia Clarke, 16/11/12
The whole experience was ammmmazzzzing!! The music, venue, the band. The drummers solo stint was just incredible! The support act was totally gorgeous too and cant wait to see them being supported by others too. Chris Daughtry is so HOT! Awesome mix - Daughtry and Nickleback, just the most perfect evening! Only complaint - the evening wasnt long enough lol
Marshall 50 Years of Loud Live
Brilliant, with hints of boredom. from Dan, 23/09/12
Al Murray is hilarious. He starts off the evening by bringing his comedy joy to Wembley, jesting audience members and himself alike. He explains the magnitute of today: Marshall. Satch, Gilbert, Wylde, King are all here. Along with the likes of Corey Taylor and Glenn Hughes. All performing for one magestic thing, Marshall.

We start the evening with Corey Taylor and Billy Duffy. An average start with some hints of greatness. Next up Doug Aldrich and Tim Owens, Tim hitting notes no one knew existed. A special appearance from Corey was again, great. So far the show has been interesting, not brilliant, interesting.

Before Al comes back on, Tim, Corey, Doug and Nicko McBrain play together. The highlight of the show so far. Out comes Al Murray to introduce one of his heroes Mike Portnory and headphones legend Paul Gilbert. They cover Manic Depression, a Hendrix song, brilliantly. And Paul's genius shines through above a set that doesnt show Mike's drumming capability properly. Next up comes Phil Campbell of Motorhead and (again) Corey Taylor. They sweep through a forgetable first song before introducing Kerry King. Corey, Phil and Kerry produce the highlight of the night playing ace of spades. Next up, a Pantera cover which shows them both in their comfort zones as both hail ftom heavy bands. Zakk Wyldes set is mainly shambolic. With Kerry King still on stage it's fine, but as soon as Slayers string wizard leaves, Zakks quality lapses. Boring, droning music that none of the audience wants to hear and they show it.

BUT Zakk picks up for the quality for a perfect version of Stillborn that actually wants to be heard. Maybe if he had put this in the middle of his set the audience would have been more enthralled. A 15 min break now occurs. When the audience come back, Al Murray has been going back through the alphabet. Z, Y. Y for Yngwie. The jaw dropping technique is either loved or hated. He makes every song the same by constant shred, but, it was still a very entertaining and unbeleivable set of guitar majesty. Now the moment everyone has been waiting for, Joe Satriani! Starting with Satch Boogie which is great and sounds good live. Then always with me always with you, dedicated to the late, Great Dr Jim Marshall. The studio version is perfection, but it lacks the impact live. Soon, Joe brings out his good friend Paul Gilbert and they get started with a great jam. They have a beautiful connection musically and it's even better when Nicko McBrain comes out to drum.

After this, Al Murray shows us his musical talent with a predictable drum solo. Finally, saving the very most horrific till last: comes Glen Hughes, an abysmal performace dug into the dirt by the appearance of Andy Fraser of Free.

Things begin to look up when asks yngwie malmsteen to come back, but this proves to be the worst part. The same showboating notes through about 30 minutes of droaning bass and a shreik and squeak from glenn, who you nearly forgot was there due to the cocky arrogance of ynwie next to him. The finally song takes so long to end that the show nearly runs over. When the final million notes are played in the last 10 seconds of the song the audience breathes a sigh of releif. After a minute, al introduces everyone from the night, even though kerry and zakk and corey arent there. They start smoke on th water well, but before long, yngwie has realised there is a crowd in front of his so he should play some notes. By the end of the song, a disgusting cocofony of noise is screeching throughout wembly and everyone is begging for the end. Glen takes most vocals, the keyboard drowns out the guitar, and so many guitarists all playing at the same time, probaly out of time is horrific. A woeful end to a mainly positive night.
Leonard Cohen
Do not miss a chance to see him from williekp, 18/09/12
The title says it all. If you are a fan, go now. I worried about his vocals still being good. They were great. Great mix of old and new and the backing was great.
Leonard Cohen
Fantastic from Jeanniec, 18/09/12
What a guy! I've waited along time to see him and boy was it worth it. A man of his age giving a concert of that quality and length. Old and new songs, absolutely amazing and worth every minute of the journey south. Cant recommend any more highly.
Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen_Wembley Arena from Nikol, 18/09/12
He was exceptionally good! Impressive voice, performance and person. He was so gracious to his musicians and so respectful that you hardly see people of his talent and fame behave like that. He stayed on the stage for 2:30-ish! and his voice was amazingly melodic throughout. It was pure magic and I enjoyed every single minute of it, although the audience lacked enthusiasm (they were not singing along etc). Nevertheless, I think it was one of the best gigs I have ever been to! I am so glad LC revisited the UK!
Leonard Cohen
A Master Class - by a Master from Martin C, 18/09/12
There must be NO doubt that Leonard Cohen is one of the most influential musical artistes in modern times. At the tender age of 78 he stiil Commands total stage presence yet at the same time he shows utter respect and humility for his band members and allows them as much limelight as he receives himself. This was a truly remarkable performance from a truly remarkable man.
Leonard Cohen
fantastic evening from judy, 18/09/12
Although Wembley Arena is not the greatest venue, Leonard Cohen and his musicians made up for the poor facilities there. His voice was as good as the O2 event and as always he gives the audience a full and varied show - you never feel short changed. Long may he go on perfoming live.
Leonard Cohen
Fab night from Jackie Parsons, 18/09/12
This guy never ceases to amaze me at nearly 78 yrs of age he could put a lot of younger artists to shame. Three and a half hours of pure entertainment and no disappointments. He sang everything from his early stuff up to and including his latest album. The guy is a legend and was well worth seeing - and defo not to be missed. His skipping on and off the stage tickled me. His light humour also good. FAB NIGHT!
Love Afrobeats Festival
It was great and FAB from Yas_Baby, 08/09/12
Me and my two other friends love the environment, the different cultures and countries singing. The music was wicked, even if we didnt know the song or which country the artist was from, the back up dancers were really good. Never been to wembley before but it was well orgainsed event.. All and all 5* I MUST SAY