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Will Young is a British singer and actor. He catapulted to fame after winning the inaugural UK Pop Idol contest in 2002. Young was born in Wokingham, Berkshire, UK, with a non-identical twin, Rupert. He was educated at Horris Hill preparatory school and Wellington College. He then attended the University of Exeter where he read Politics. At univers...
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    Will Young
      1 star, from 1 Fan report
  • Swindon - Oasis


    Poor Venue - feature artist good from Jay, 03/11/11
    The Oasis at Swindon was a poor venue for this event. We had to suffer bench seats and this was not made clear when the £35 tickets were purchaced.

    The warm up act, if that's what it can be called, was a reasonably good singer from Wales but the songs chosen were dreary and by the time she had completed over an hour of pain the bench seats had caused all our joints to cease.

    When Will Young finally appeared, and gave a great performance, we were too uncomfortable to stay and unfortunately we had to miss most of his show. In my opinion, the venue could not be evacuated safely if there was a fire because of the cramped seating and no clear walking space between benches.

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