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Marrs Bar
Fri, 03/10/14
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When’s The Fun Begin?

From the Westway to the West Midlands and further beyond to Tyneside, the jungle drums have been beating for some time of late. But the suspense is finally over and speculation can stop. Yes, it's true – for the first time in nearly 25 years, those legendary Pink Fairies of Ladbroke Grove are reforming for one last-throw-of-the dice and embarking on what has been referred to, with tongue perhaps not so firmly in cheek, as 'The Pension Credit Tour'. Who was it that said ‘Pigs might fly?’

With much regret Paul Rudolph had to decline due to logistical reasons, but he’s wished the others well. Larry Wallis has been ruled out of the equation due to health reasons, whilst the ever Marmite-like Twink (you either love him or hate him), is firmly ensconced in Morocco.

So, that leaves originals Russell Hunter and Duncan ‘Sandy’ Sanderson, along with guitarist supremo Andy Colquhoun from the ‘Kill ‘Em And Eat ‘Em’ line-up to spearhead the outing, lavishly assisted by Jaki Miles-Windmill, their co-member in the most recent incarnation of the late Mick Farren’s Deviants, along with ‘Previously Unreleased’ George Butler, a stalwart of the Ladbroke Grove music scene and currently drummer with the Keith Richards-endorsed West London rhythm & blues combo, The Dirty Strangers

– yes, the two-drummer format returns! They all unite in barely cohesive glorious chaos for The Pink Fairies’ final hurrah! The best of luck to them – they deserve it.

Although leaning towards a Rudolph-orientated catalogue of delights there will be appreciative acknowledgements to Larry Wallis, as well as Andy Colquhoun’s own input on a couple of numbers.

So, there will be enough variation to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Hell, they might even throw in a couple of Deviants’ numbers too if you’re lucky! This may well be your last chance to see the legendary British underground rock institution in action, so don’t waste this golden opportunity to catch them live – Do It! Oh, and don’t forget to boogie!

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