The Brook Southampton

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The Brook Southampton
466 Portswood Rd,
SO17 3SD Southampton

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The Brook Southampton

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There is plenty of street parking on Portswood Road and in the Industrial Estate behind us. We have a good relationship with our neighbours, and the People who run the industrial units behind us do not mind our customers using their car parks in the evenings. Despite this - the road is used by large lorries 24hours. Don't park on the corners, don't block gates. Or we may have an irate lorry driver interrupting the show - reading out your number plate!

Do not leave your car overnight in anyones car park. They may clamp it or remove it. If you are planning to leave your car overnight, leave it in normal street parking (watch out for permit parking) or ask the doorstaff if you are not sure!! Clarke Lane's car park (the rough gravel one) is available, they clamp cars between the hours of 7:00am and 7:00pm, so you can park there during a show - but don't leave your car!

We have a good relationship with local Police, and their advice is as with any city centre, do not leave anything valuable on show in your car when you park it. On the rare occasions when there has been a break in, it is when someone has left their mobile phone on the dashboard - and the kids just can't resist.


We now have a wheelchair-friendly front door and a new disabled toilet downstairs. We are regularly visited by wheelchair users. If you have any comments to make you can make them via the contact :: page, or you can chat to one of the staff or managers when you visit The Brook. Most of the changes that we have made to The Brook, have come from customer suggestions. If you don't tell us - we won't know.