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Greystones Sheffield
Greystones Rd,
S11 7BS Sheffield
David Ford

David Ford

04/06/17 / 19:30

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Greystones Sheffield
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Gergle, 14/10/14
Wayne Hussey (14/10/14) - Swoon!
Always a rare treat to catch Mr Hussey in an intimate environment and the Backroom at the Greystones certainly provided that. Obviously a partisan Missionary audience (older, wider, balder) so wed have lapped up anything the bard threw at us. But what makes an evening with Mr Hussey exceptional entertainment is the unexpected - a cover of Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnyment, All Along the Watchtower, and the fact that Mr Hussey has the brilliance of restoring these to their rightful glory. Even more unexpected was the appearance of Missionary sparring partner Simon Hinkler. We went moist to the duet of Tower of Strength but positively swooned when they did Deliverance. A Hussey or Mission gig for that matter wouldnt be complete without a bit of audience participation and we even got that. Unfortunately the pissed chap who was obviously Waynes greatest ever fan was met with a very determined FUCK OFF! from Mr Hussey! Quality as always! Personal highlight for me? Mr Hussey asking Mr Hinkler what key they were playing in to which Mr Hinkler responded the right key. Just like old times.


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Greystones Rd, S11 7BS Sheffield