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first direct arena Leeds
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shepstwo, 23/12/13
André Rieu (23/12/13) - fantastic concert
Have got to admit it was one of the best shows my Wife and I have seen, non stop entertainment from start to finish,and what a finish,the 20minute encore was the Icing on the cake.Thank you Andre.
stephy, 16/12/13
great view from where we were. cant wait to use this venue again for other things. never used the parking as got the train to the event.
Boyzone (16/12/13) - AMAZING NIGHT!!!!!!
the first direct arena is an amazing place for anybody, great view. the night was amazing. loved every minute of it.
Kirsty150, 16/12/13
Boyzone (16/12/13) - Amazing
Took me back to being 16 again. Awesome. We could see everything clearly and was best concert Ive been to
Janice Adamson, 09/12/13
New Jersey Nights (09/12/13) - New Jersey nights
Group were very good, but sound was very poor up on level 2 Seats were very packed in together, was hoping for a little more room in the new arena
Amy, 09/12/13
Xmas Live (09/12/13) - FAB
This was an absolutely amazing event. All of the acts were brilliant the lineup was chosen, I want to see Mcfly, The Vamps and The Saturdays but everybody else was fab too, The seating area was clean and well set out, the lighting and the staging was set up well too. the staff were friendly although when buying drinks you werent allowed to have the lids and I my bottle got knocked over and ruined my coat which I though was a bit silly.
Debs, 09/12/13
New Jersey Nights (09/12/13) - Jersey Nights
Fantastic show, very enjoyable and uplifting. Brilliant singers and dancers. Defo 10/10. Could go and watch all over again!
Donna Jow, 08/12/13
Nickelback (08/12/13) - Fantastic Concert
First of all it was the first time we had been to Leeds First Direct Arena and was pleasantly impressed with the venue. Its not too big, city centre location, smoking areas, plenty of refreshment areas. Only two downsides, ladies toilets are quite small and it took us 1 and half hours to get out of the carpark after the concert!! Next time we are going to get the train or park away from the venue. Nickelback were fantastic and did not disapoint as we had seen them before at Sheffield so we knew what to expect. They are fantastic live and will definitely go see them again if they play at Leeds or Sheffield. Really enjoyed the supporting act too Skillett and we would go see them if they tour over here in the future.
Carolyn Gowers, 02/12/13
Could not give more than 3 stars for parking as I walked from my hotel but noticed the usual car park congestion on leaving.
Andrea Bocelli (02/12/13) - Andrea Bocelli in Leeds
Absolutely fabulous concert. Andrea had excellent orchestra and guest artistes. Travelled to Leeds from Berkshire and this concert was worth every mile !
TommyP, 02/12/13
Nickelback (02/12/13) - Excellent
The whole event was amazing and the venue is incredible!! The security and first aid staff were amazing also when needed on the night! The lighting at the venue was good and the sound quality was brilliant!
Jan, 26/11/13
Andrea Bocelli (26/11/13) - Andrea Bocelli. Leeds Arena
This evening was something I had waited for a long time. He is so amazing, his voice is beautiful and especially when singing with Heather Headley. I have watched performances on the television but to see him for real was just brilliant. If anyone likes Andrea as much as I do they should try to get to see him live. I sat there stunned on Sunday at the way the audience applauded him and standing at every song ending. Thank you Andrea for such a wonderful evening.
Woody, 19/11/13
Depeche Mode (19/11/13) - you rocked
Great venue and bars around the venue a plenty, Depeche Mode rocked the house, hope they come again next year
chris744, 19/11/13
Depeche Mode (19/11/13) - Incredible show!
That was unbelievable and unforgettable evening. Depech Mode and their outstanding performance, left me with open mouth! I was shocked! I always know they are great band with great songs, but when youll see them live youll never forget it!
Ricardo, 18/11/13
Great staff, acoustics, facilities, location and access. The drink is quite pricey but to be expected when its a captive audience.
Stereophonics (18/11/13) - Top band, top arena
The Stereos rocked the First Direct Arena on Friday. Always had their music but never seen live - changed the music forever. Kelly Jones is one amazing singer and guitar player ....... and piano despite him denying it! Will be at the FDA again soon.
Guy, 18/11/13
The venue gave you perfect viewing and sound no matter where you were stood/sat. It was well organized with no long queing. Toilets were clean, food and drink was reasonably priced. Excellent venue. would recommend
Stereophonics (18/11/13) - Outstanding
From start to finish, every song was played to perfection, effortlessly. It was also nice to hear Kelly interacting with the audience. Probably the best concert I have been. Venue was spot on!
Nettie, 18/11/13
Depeche Mode (18/11/13) - amazing gig
I have been a fan for many years, it was a truly amazing gig, such a great night. I have been playing Delta Machine loads since its release, so glad they also added some of their classic tracks, everyone of my friends who went appear to be of the same opinion.
frankie smales, 18/11/13
what a great evening and the atmosphere was out of this world and with pure energy and the roof got blown off with euphoria. five stars.
WWE Live (18/11/13) - wwe live at first direct arena
the night was excellent and the atmosphere was pure euphoric energy with great rapturous delight and the whole experience of wwe was like no other and if I had the chance I would definatley venture it again that why im giving it a five star rating.
James Smith, 18/11/13
WWE Live (18/11/13) - Fantastic evening
loved the evening, Leeds Arena has an amazing atmosphere. The superstars on show gave great value, overall would recommend this family night out.
Frank V, 28/10/13
Chap with the refreshments inside the arena near our seats looked bored rigid and was almost invisible. I very much doubt that he would have sold very much yet so many people found difficulty finding their seats that they stayed sat where they were during the break.
Cirque Du Soleil (28/10/13) - Act superb - admin teething problems
I would recommend the event to anyone - exciting and very professional. The admin before the start of the event could be improved. There were numerous elderly people who struggled to find their seat and received little or no help from the staff. The arena was also very dark, making the seating problem worse. I dont think the staff were deliberately unhelpful, but a bit more supervision would have paid dividends to make it a location that people would return to again and again
Graham, 28/10/13
This fantastic new Leeds venue shows that fact that its been purpose built for the modern day. All amenities are well laid out and seating is designed so as to provide everyone with great experience.
Cirque Du Soleil (28/10/13) - Stunning!
Whatever your taste you wont fail to be impressed! If you think this show is like a traditional circus, think again! The skill of the artists and standard of choreography was amazing.
Fan, 28/10/13
The venue is quite small comparing to other arenas in the UK, but it makes things easy on the way out. We did not stuck in traffick which was great.
Cirque Du Soleil (28/10/13) - Great event
I have not been so impressed with a show in a long time and I am going to concerts and theatres quite regularly. That was something extraordinary!