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Ana Cristina, 22/04/13
The things at the bar are so expensive, impossible to buy something there. And the space needs to be refurbished, because it´s so oldfashioned. Sincerelly, it smeels not good...
Marisa Monte (22/04/13) - Good
Marisa Monte is an amazing singer. But the quality of the sound isn´t good and the Apollo Hammersmith is not a great place to shows, because the place need to be refurbish.
Lee, 22/04/13
Drinks Typically expensive...no surprise. Got served in the interval with no problem...bar staff friendly. Decor nice, seats comfortable.
Milton Jones (22/04/13) - Brilliant
Funny as ever...maybe even funnier...never dissapointing!!! Good support acts even if one of them was him dressed as his Granddad...Wonder if he gets two fees for that. Anyway in one word...Bloody Brilliant
Mariana, 22/04/13
Marisa Monte (22/04/13) - Great artisit, horrible venue
I went to see Marisa Monte a couple of weeks ago. The show was terrific. She is a great singer, and the light effects could potentially create a magic atmosphere. However, I was deeply disappointed with Hammersmith Apollo. I was sitting in one of the last rows, and the back lights were on during the whole concert, which destroyed the magic atmosphere. We could not see all the background lights of the concert, which were part of the show. Also, because the back lights of the theatre were on, the audience was quite agitated and speaking a lot – it was quite hard to focus on the concert. I’ve asked someone of the staff to turn off those lights, but she said it was not possible. I will not return to Apollo to see a concert anymore, as I am aware that the lights will be on during the whole presentation. I am used to going to different theatres, and this was the first time such thing happened. All my friends were also disappointed due to that. Hopefully you will turn off the lights from now on and provide a nice environment for those trying to engage with the concert.
traktaboy, 22/04/13
hammersmith is a great old venue, parking is impossible, but its easy to reach by tube, there isnt a food area but they do have plenty of bars if you want a drink. a recent change of lagers was most welcome, only real problem is the size and condition of the toilets but it is a very old building.
Milton Jones (22/04/13) - so funny
milton jones is a very clever, very funny man, with his stream of one-liners you hardly have time to catch your breath, also hes very sharp at rebuffing the clever ones in the audience, a very entertaining show.
jon, 22/04/13
the venue was all right. the music was kind of loud compared two the voice of the singer. the venue was clean and easy to get to via the tube
Matchbox Twenty (22/04/13) - What a Wonderful show!
This was amazing. they did all their hits and really gave a wonderful show. over two hours of performing.
jamesh1984, 22/04/13
The venue was nice enough although I get the impression that the Hammersmith Apollo is starting to wear a bit as the seats were not particularly pleasant and the floors were extremely sticky. One had to move with regularity for fear of remaining in situ or losing the sole of ones shoe!
Matchbox Twenty (22/04/13) - Matchbox Twenty were amazing!
Id never seen MB20 before in person but I am utterly in love with their music and have all their albums to-date. They were just as good if not better live. No supporting acts, they played near enough for 2hours 30 minutes non-stop. Quite how Rob Thomas managed to sing quite as long as he did and his voice not suffer is remarkable. The guitarist and base player were superb, full of character and passionate about their pieces which was nice to see as there was enough going on on stage to draw the eye and take the pressure of the lead singer. The drummer was also superb although I would have preferred the balance to have been reduced slightly on the drums. Maybe as a result of having listened to MB20 exclusively on CD / iPod etc as left me with an aversion to excessively loud drumming. Still this is doubtless a result of the drums being the sort of instrument it is. The atmosphere was superb with no aggro - just a lot of fans enjoying the evening together. All in all, aside from the two minor complaints about the tired nature of the Hammersmith Apollo and the drums being slightly to loud (I really am an old fart!), it was utterly superb.
Karin, 22/04/13
Matchbox Twenty (22/04/13) - Fab Evening
Been wanting to see Matchbox for so long and they did not disappoint. Had a great night with my friends and a lost voice the next day was a result. If you havent seen them I would recommend going highly. Rob Thomas is as sexy as ever.
Matthew Currey, 22/04/13
Good Venue, Great Bar and Great Visability for a large venue but seats are very tightly packed together
Milton Jones (22/04/13) - Oh what a Night, Late in April 2013
Milton Jones, what can be said, A superb night of Comedy and Creativity. Great material as well as playing off the crowd, so much riffing off but no ripping off! Visuals, Music, so many classic one liners and some great material. We laughed so much and also loved the 2 support slots but Milton was the main man, superb
CC, 22/04/13
fun. (22/04/13) - Simply AMAZING!
Absolutely brilliant. Great evening. Fun put on a great show, great voices. Perfect. The venue was perfect, really good setting for FUN. I much prefer the intimate gigs than a big event. I saw them at Birmingham before Christmas and were so good I got these tickets to see them again in London. Amazing.
Becky, 18/04/13
Emeli Sandé (18/04/13) - Wow What a Voice!!!!
We all know Emeli Sande is an amazing artist and as expected she was as amazing; better than expected!! Brilliant performance and it wasnt too crowded, only one moan; there seemed to be quite a few tall people at the front not giving a care for us shorties behind them! Other than that it was a fantastic night and would definitely go again!!
Becky, 18/04/13
Emeli Sandé (18/04/13) - Wow What a Voice!!!!
We all know Emeli Sande is an amazing artist and as expected she was as amazing, even better than expected!! Brilliant performance and it wasn't too crowded, only one moan; there seemed to be quite a few tall people at the front not giving a care for us shorties behind them! Other than that it was a fantastic night and would definitely go again!!
Ahijah, 16/04/13
The Venue was pretty good and getting out was easier than you would imagine despite how packed it was, lead out through side door the atmosphere was superb although after the opening act had finished we were waiting around for a bit for her to come on. The drink was crazy prices so overcharged for the little drinks we had
Emeli Sandé (16/04/13) - Superb
She was simply amazing Me and my girlfriend both loved it when she hit the stage it was so surreal, the thing that stuck out for me was when she brought out labrinth you could hardly hear yourself everybody was going insane. I couldnt believe how easy it was to get so close to the front of the stage only 4 rows from the front of the stage.
jem goddard, 15/04/13
Emeli Sandé (15/04/13) - Great artist but less cheese please & NO video
Undoubtedly, Emeli could become an all time great. She is a highly accomplished and professional performer and at £27 for a circle seat- brilliant value. However a few gripes ..... please cut out the-- this is for my husband and my friends and uncle charlie-- and that cheesy stuff. Emeli - you are too good for that.. Secondly can we have a longer set. Thirdly ( & not Emelis fault), the people queuing in the aisles to video are inconsiderate , rude and cannot be appreciating the music. Get up and dance, sit down and listen or buy the video and stay at home- dont spoil for the majority who want ot hear great live music- Jem.
Sue Coates, 15/04/13
Drink and food well crisps and sweets far to expensive, helpful staff, never enough womans toilets, always leave home early so I can park
Emeli Sandé (15/04/13) - Great voice
A night of two halves didnt like the warm up singer grace jones wannabe, got fed up and restless listening to her, by the noise in the crowd all chatting guess they felt much the same.... Then came emeli she was fantastic a wonderful powerful voice, had the audience eating out of her hands, well worth standing up for , my friends also loved her.
Annette Campbell, 09/04/13
Wallace & Gromit (09/04/13) - WALLACE & GROMITS MUSICAL
The way the show was advertised, we thought it was a musical play and not a concert, but we enjoyed it nevertheless. My 3 year old did however get a little bored and irritated, so I would say it was definitely for 5 years old and older.
BettyB, 08/04/13
Lovely traditional theatre, bit tatty but great atmosphere. Lots of leg room and good Access in/out. Snacks awful though
Wallace & Gromit (08/04/13) - Had more fun then the children!
Initially we were a little anxious that our uncultured children wld be asking to go home after 5 mins of this concert but as it progressed we were reassured. The bits where the orchestra played pieces to clips of favourite W&G baddies and romantic scenes were brilliant. It got even better in the 2nd half where we watched a film with the orchestra as an accompaniment. Seats were fantastic and venue too.
M. Thomassen, 08/04/13
Have been going to this venue for over 30 years. Its always been an great venue and adapts well to the event being held.
Wallace & Gromit (08/04/13) - Highly recommended event
We booked tickets for a 5 year old, 10 year old, 15 year old and 3 adults to see this event a the Hammersmith Apollo. It was very well arranged event and good value for money. The adults enjoyed it as much as the children. The orchestra were wonderful and the conductor particularly pleasant. He was informative and engaging and made it so much more interesting for the younger children. A great Easter day out.
chris, 08/04/13
Wallace & Gromit (08/04/13) - Excellent Ebvent
I took My 5 Year old nice to see this, she enjoyed it very much, however I feel that more could have been made of the projection or more participation with the audience to help them feel more engaged. I myself enjoyed the musical side of it and the orchestra played beautifully.

I think this event was maybe a little old for a five year old but i think I slight older child could enjoy it very much.
Larraine Harper, 08/04/13
I liked the venue but unfortunately I was sitting on a broken seat. However I had a good view and this did not stop my enjoyment of the show. I could not give an accurant review of parking or on-site service as we did not use these facilities
Wallace & Gromit (08/04/13) - Fantastic day out
I went to see the Wallace and Gromit musical marvels at the Hammersmith Apollo with my son, daughter in law and grandson aged 12. We all thoroughly enjoyed the show. The new Wallace & Gromit film 'A Matter of Loaf and Death' was fantastic, very funny. We also enjoyed the music played by the orchestra. We had a very enjoyable day.
Olly, 27/03/13
Very nice place. Liked it alot! Easy to find, very friendly atmosphere. The staff also very friendly.
Louis C.K. (27/03/13) - amazing
Best stand up comedian. Amazing show, incredibly funny. Amazing that I have seen this guy live. Incredible expierience.