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Bushfan, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Great!
I managed to get a return ticket for last week (at face value) on the afternoon of the show so I was extremely delighted. I was very excited in anticipation of what was come. Even though I was there on my own I did feel as if the audience were as one so I did not feel lonely. I am the same age as Kate and have been a big fan since Wuthering Heights. During the show it was a great plus that no one was using any devises to record/take pictures so waving arms holding i phones aloft was not an issue! The gig started and we were off. It was all beautiful and by the time the first section was over and we had the screen showing the clip of a man notifying the coastguard that a boat had gone down at sea I was by now mesmerized and I felt really in the zone . Unfortunately everything suddenly stopped and the lights came up with an announcement that there were technical issues and hopefully they would be sorted soon. After about half an hour we got an announcement to say the show was going to restart. Hooray!! I couldnt believe it when the 2 seats right next to me (middle of the stalls) remained empty! I guess they just left - why?? The Ninth Wave was fabulous and my favourite part of the show. I do wish there had been no break before that section but it was one of those things that happen when its live. After the interval we had the third act. I enjoyed the staging, mood and musicianship but some of the time I couldnt follow the story. However, I was still enthralled by the performances. About half way through the third act the man next to me started looking at his phone (and after having talked with him during the interval I think he was hoping for more of the hits so I think he was a bit bored - sadly). During the encore he took a couple of pics - annoying!. All in all, it was 3 hours of brilliant performances and Kates voice is incredible live. Even better live than on recordings. She definitely has the voice and the presence of a great artist and icon. Thanks Kate, it was worth it!! xx
Terry Best, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Fabulous!
We made the long journey from Canada to see Kate perform, and the show was even better than we could have hoped. I have been a huge fan since I was a teenager so the expectation level for me was very high indeed. The show was very theatrical using her music primarily from Hounds Of Love and Arial. The music, stage and performers all blended perfectly as the story moved from song to song. I only wish I had was that the encore has lasted longer. I would have liked to hear a couple songs from The Dreaming and Never Forever. But if I had it my way, the show would never have ended. Please Kate dont let this be the last time we get to see you and. Please dont leave me Suspended In Gaffa.:)
Massimo, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Best Gig of my life.
I was really excited and happy to attend the concert of her that I consider an absolute genius in the panorama of contemporary pop music, but I was not totally prepared for what I witnessed last Friday and not just because I appreciate the enormous talent of this artist out of the ordinary. I was completely blown away by the size of the show is absolutely perfect in every prospectus, musical, stage, theater, etc. It would be too complicated to describe all the nuances of emotions that the three-hour show sent to me, I can only say that her voice remains the most interesting of all, and that the second part in particular The Ninth Wave is even more the figure of a true masterpiece of the whole Rock music of the last fifty years. Welcome back Kate.
Wim Clynhens, 08/09/14
I found the Eventim Apollo to be a very intimate venue, and it has all the more charm because of it. It was a perfect setting for a show like Kte Bushs, which would have gone lost if it was held in a huge, faceless concert hall or stadium.
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Not just a concert, but an experience.
Upon entering the Eventim Apollo - my first time there - I was struck at how intimate it is. Even sitting at the back row in the stalls, the stage felt very close by and we had a great view over the entire stage. I still couldnt believe that within a few minutes, Kate Bush would be standing on that stage. Anyone disappointed that Kate didnt put on a Greatest Hits-jukeboxshow probably had no idea what kind of artist she is. If that would have been what she did after 35 years away from the stage, now thàt would have been a disappointment. Instead: we were transported into her unique world with a show that was just as much theatre as it was concert. After a conventional opening where Kate performed five songs in front of her terrific live-band (Running Up That Hill beging a first highlight) the stage literally was taken by a storm and the audience swept into The Ninth Wave, the song cycle that makes up the second half of the Hounds of Love-album. With film, projections, lights, a helicopter searchlight sweeping over the audience and Fish People at one point carrying Kate off the stage, we were witness to the dreams and nightmares of a woman drowning in the ocean. After a 20 minute break, A Sky of Honey of her 2005 album Aerial made up the second half of the show. This cycle of songs tells about a beautiful day, the changing of light and color, the songs of birds, a painter - played by her son Albert - trying to capture it in his art. Again, the beautiful sets and lighting enhanced the great music and it all ended with a climax that had the audience gasping. then Kate returned to the stage alone, sitting at the piano for an emotional Among Angels, followed by a roaring Cloudbusting that had the audience go wild. And then it was over, three hours after at all began. I could go on but will leave it at this: This was a show and a night to remember. Forever.
Phil Wise, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Kate Bush
Absolutely Sublime! Despite a few technical difficulties, the show was even more than I expected, with Kate on top form, yet a little overwhelmed with the response of the audience. Would go again if I got the chance!
Daniele Pecorelli, 08/09/14
The theater offers a good reception service and organization as well as all the facilities. The sound and vision of the show are great from any seat. Hope to see other shows as soon as possible.
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Great Event!
This was not just a show but a true landmark event. I hope that Mrs. Bush does Passari too much time yet again to meet his fans.
Annie, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - The greatest experience
Went to see Kate on 3rd September. What a show. Kate can do wrong in my eyes anyway, but even if you werent a big fan it was a spectacle to behold. Her voice is just beautiful and the rest of the gang were awesome. We had seats in circle 8 in the front row and the view was great. Lovely theatre.
Stuart worth, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - fantastic
Food very good set in stunning St Pauls church. Catering staff very helpful. Concert itself absolutely amazing. Kate was fantastic my love. WOW. EVENTIM Customer services were very quick and responsive when I Emailed the with a query. The Apollo is the same lovely Theatre that its always been, no matter what its called. Lets hope Kate will delight us again sometime.
Trude Norway, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Fantastic!
Beautiful, nostalgic, emotional, ALL my favourite songs. So fantastic to se her live in London and her amazing show. Tru(d)e fan
Lani Smith, 08/09/14
The venue was just the right size for the atmosphere of the show staff helpful at all times The place was very clean considering it is being used nearly every night
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Show of the Century
From start to finish the ease of entry to the magic of the show and the chance to see Kate Live again This is a must see for any Kate Fan out there and any budding ones she was great the artistry of the women is there for all to see Taking you on a journey of wonderment Thankyou Kate
Patrizia, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - A night to cherish!!! 3
Kate was beautiful and her singing was impeccable! Loved the show and the songs! I will remember this gig with great joy!!!
Giverney, 08/09/14
It is really small and intimate and easy to get to. It would have been helpful if we had known there were other merchandise areas upstairs as it was chaos downstairs as everyone scrambled to get their t shirts etc.
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Simply Stunning!
I still feel speechless almost a week after seeing this show. Kate the Great - I never thought this day would ever come. I flew down from Inverness and absolutely loved every moment from start to finish. I couldnt help myself from bursting into tears as soon as she appeared. And from then on she had me spellbound. I had read the fantastic reviews but none could compare to actually being there in the moment. She sounded so much better than her recordings, if thats at all possible! I was literally on the edge of my seat - I had to keep pinching myself. I couldnt believe I was seeing Kate Bush! I havent been able to think about anything else since I come home. I havent even been able to tell my husband or friends about all the fabulous moments of the show as I just cant find the words. Sorry, I know Im rambling but I still feel a bit spaced out! At the age of 58 and having been to many shows in my life I can honestly say this was Very Special and the Best Show I have ever seen. I wish I could have gone to another show as Im sure I missed a lot of what was going on behind her, as I never took my eyes off her! Lots of people around me were crying again when she sang Among Angels which was again much better than the cd. I felt touched and so full of emotion. Its clear that only Kate can make grown men cry! I feel extremely lucky to have been a part of history.
Ferruccio, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - A dream gone real
I came from Italy, It was the best concert i saw in my life. So emotional great voice wonderful musicians i will remember this date for all my life.-
BLAKJAK, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - STUNNING RETURN!
J.K., 08/09/14
Its a right size and shape for this kind of concert. Not too big, not too small. Everybody has a great view, Im sure.
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - A dream come true
I literally waited 35 years to see Kate Bush live and I cant think of a better place than Hammersmith Apollo for it to finally happen. The atmosphere was just tremendous and so intimate. The loudest middle aged crowd Ive ever seen. There was a technical glitch that caused an extra 30 minute break in the programme but nobody seemed to mind. I didnt. I had the best time in my life.
KB Addict, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Great show
Kate really outdid herself. Great band, super voice and amazing show performed. Personally. Since I like Kates other work better I would have preferred a simpler (no) show and just listen to her older work and let my imagination do the work. Still best show ever.
Ivor Davies, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Beyond Description
I challenge anyone to adequately come up with words to describe how wonderful this event was. From the moment you arrived you found yourself surrounded by strangers smiling at each other in a wa that you all knew something quite extraordinary was about to happen. And then it did. By the interval those smiles were now expressions of wonder and shock, red eyes moist with tears, some still sitting in their seats gazing at the empty stage trying to take in what had just happened. The queues for the toilets were now also beyond belief with bowels and bladders pushed to bursting point, such was the power of a first half that you couldnt miss a second of it. And then came a second half of an equal but quite different power. What a performance, I just wish I could see it again but I doubt I ever will. My only complaint is that I was sold a faulty programme - the fold-out pages it should have are all glued together. I only discovered it when I got home. Im hoping that my partner who lives in London can get back to the venue to get it exchanged for a good one although Im not sure how that is going to happen! So apart from that, it was the gig of a lifetime. Congratulations to everyone who helped make it happen.
Stewart Selkirk, 08/09/14
Drinks, programmes and other merch were of quality but very pricey. Not unusual for London though. The theatre has been well restored and is a fine looking space. Acoustically, it is not the greatest theatre in the UK, by a long way, but it is better than most.
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - A Spellbinding Evening
If one came away with anything other than an amazed sense of warmth and satisfaction at the artistry involved in this spectacular show, it was probably a sense that this was a long overdue phenomenon. Kate Bush, the publicity shy musician and chanteuse, has not played any live shows since 1979. It is something regrettable that between then and now, she avoided live performance, because this was so good. Quite simply, there is no-one, remotely like Kate, who delivered a 3 hour set of some of her best music from 1985 to date, confirming her status as an unusually thoughtful artist and performer, who still takes risks with her uncompromising originality.
Stephen Ward, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Sublime
I have waited over 30 years to see Kate perform, and with all the hype around these performances I did have a few concerns that I might be disappointed ! Within a few seconds of Kate appearing on stage all my doubts disappeared and we were treated to something so magical that it will never be forgotten. Kate still sings absolutely beautifully and I cannot recall seeing any concert where the performance surpassed the recordings I have listened to for so many years. The whole audience in my view were spellbound from start to finish and both my partner and I know we were lucky enough to have witnessed something extraordinary !
graham h, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Mind Blowing!
This was more than a concert. A music and visual experience that will never leave those who were lucky enough to get tickets. Wished I could have got tickets closer to the stage – but still felt every part of the production.