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Ivor Davies, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Beyond Description
I challenge anyone to adequately come up with words to describe how wonderful this event was. From the moment you arrived you found yourself surrounded by strangers smiling at each other in a wa that you all knew something quite extraordinary was about to happen. And then it did. By the interval those smiles were now expressions of wonder and shock, red eyes moist with tears, some still sitting in their seats gazing at the empty stage trying to take in what had just happened. The queues for the toilets were now also beyond belief with bowels and bladders pushed to bursting point, such was the power of a first half that you couldnt miss a second of it. And then came a second half of an equal but quite different power. What a performance, I just wish I could see it again but I doubt I ever will. My only complaint is that I was sold a faulty programme - the fold-out pages it should have are all glued together. I only discovered it when I got home. Im hoping that my partner who lives in London can get back to the venue to get it exchanged for a good one although Im not sure how that is going to happen! So apart from that, it was the gig of a lifetime. Congratulations to everyone who helped make it happen.
Stewart Selkirk, 08/09/14
Drinks, programmes and other merch were of quality but very pricey. Not unusual for London though. The theatre has been well restored and is a fine looking space. Acoustically, it is not the greatest theatre in the UK, by a long way, but it is better than most.
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - A Spellbinding Evening
If one came away with anything other than an amazed sense of warmth and satisfaction at the artistry involved in this spectacular show, it was probably a sense that this was a long overdue phenomenon. Kate Bush, the publicity shy musician and chanteuse, has not played any live shows since 1979. It is something regrettable that between then and now, she avoided live performance, because this was so good. Quite simply, there is no-one, remotely like Kate, who delivered a 3 hour set of some of her best music from 1985 to date, confirming her status as an unusually thoughtful artist and performer, who still takes risks with her uncompromising originality.
Stephen Ward, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Sublime
I have waited over 30 years to see Kate perform, and with all the hype around these performances I did have a few concerns that I might be disappointed ! Within a few seconds of Kate appearing on stage all my doubts disappeared and we were treated to something so magical that it will never be forgotten. Kate still sings absolutely beautifully and I cannot recall seeing any concert where the performance surpassed the recordings I have listened to for so many years. The whole audience in my view were spellbound from start to finish and both my partner and I know we were lucky enough to have witnessed something extraordinary !
graham h, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Mind Blowing!
This was more than a concert. A music and visual experience that will never leave those who were lucky enough to get tickets. Wished I could have got tickets closer to the stage – but still felt every part of the production.
BJW, 08/09/14
Fantastic Intimate venue. Took a bit long to go to the toilets, though - but thats quibbling.... Bar service great and quick. Plenty of merchandise. Lovely.
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Wow
I got to see Kate Bush live. And boy am I glad I didnt miss that chance. Im sure youve read all the reviews - assuming youre thinking of going. Well dont think, just go. and cry - we all did
Tim, 08/09/14
Nice to see the old girl dollied up a bit. Its a great space and always deserved the care and attention it has recently been given.
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Genius!
Worth every moment of the 35 years we had to wait. An extraordinary night. Hushed reverence gave over to huge acclaim which, in turn, turned into awed silence which rapidly became tumultuous applause...Ive never been to a concert like it. I doubt I will again.
Jason Tawn, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - A game of two halves
First half = phenomenal. Second half = hard work. Encore = beautiful. Overall = wouldnt have missed it for the world.
Louis Keighley, 07/09/14
More bar staff for a drink during the interval would have been great but the venue in general is excellent and the restoration looks good too
Kate Bush (07/09/14) - Kate Bush
Best show I have ever seen, never thought I would ever get chance to see Kate live but it happened and Im grateful I got tickets and have seen it
Robo, 05/09/14
What a surprise! last time I came here it was frankly a Dump NOW a great place to see a concert or play . Delicately restored to its former glory the Apollo is now a place London can be proud of!
Kate Bush (05/09/14) - Wonderful Start to a Wonderful concert!
Fantastic hamper, good wine all set in a wonderful setting. The hospitality staff could not have been more attentive, a great start to an amazing concert 5 stars all round!
Clare Meriel, 05/09/14
Only small criticism, apart from the toilets being messy and my door didnt close right, is it was far too hot!! The merch stalls could have been better organised too. Love the decor though and general vibe. the venue size is perfect.
Kate Bush (05/09/14) - Incredible concert
I have been a Kate fan since she stopped me in my 14 year old tracks when I first heard her on the radio ( singing Wuthering Heights). I have adored her since and my expectations were dangerously high for this show. It exceeded them all; she and it were utterly brilliant. An unbelievable, exhilarating and even exhausting experience like nothing I have ever witnessed. Kates voice and performance were phenomenal. The band and chorus were superb. The sets, effects, sound, props, choreography were all breathtaking. I feel so privileged to have been able to go.... if you can get tickets than embrace this with your whole being xx
Dawn Walker, 05/09/14
Fantastic - Faultless Staff were clearly visable, helpful when requesting assistance, no quing, well organised. Couldnt fault the team at all - made the night perfect!!
Kate Bush (05/09/14) - Kate Bush - Before The Dawn
What an amazing evening! Manged to grab tickets last min the night before. Arrived in time to collect from box office, the venue was amazing and well organised. No huge queues, plenty of staff on hand to help us find where we were going. Kate was fantastic, from start to finish everything flowed well, the fans loved every second and it was hard to find time to draw breathe it was that breath taking. Well worth the cost of the ticket price ~ Kate made sure every one got a huge value for money!! Love every second ~ Easy to park close to too!!
Nik Demetriades, 05/09/14
Kate Bush (05/09/14) - Kate Bush Before The Dawn
Having been a Kate Bush fan since seeing her last tour in 1979 and counting Hounds of Love and Aerial as two of my favourite ever albums, its fair to say that the Before The Dawn concert had a lot to live up to. Now, a week later and still feeling on an incredible high as a result, I have to say that this show is one of the best musical/artistic experiences Ive ever had the privilege to see and hear. Over the years, Ive seen Bowie, Sinatra and Prince to name but a few, and they are truly great and charismatic performers whos music means more than a great deal to me, especially Bowie... But, this Kate Bush show was just better! Kate Bush is on a completely different level; musically, creatively and conceptually she is way, way ahead of everybody else out there! And for sheer artistic courage, vision and authenticity, Kate has no equal. This was a truly memorable and fabulous evening and a great way to share something unique with the people / person you love most, which luckily enough, I was. :)
Stefan, 05/09/14
Kate Bush (05/09/14) - Best thing ever
Travelling from Sweden for this magical event. It was the best thing I´ve ever done. Kate is as wonderful as she can be. It was like living a dream. No one could or should be dissapointed by this performance. It was everything you could have asked for, dreamed about and wanted for.
Ed, 04/09/14
Kate Bush (04/09/14) - A Dream Come True - Amazing
I thought that I would never see Kate live and then in March we had the announcement. Then I started to worry that she could never live up to expectations but she exceeded all expectations by a mile. The first six songs were superb expecially KOTM which I had not been too keen on before but live it was out of this world. Then we had the 9th Wave and Sky Of Honey - just incredible!!
Sue, 04/09/14
Had to queue for toilets (as usual never enough). But the bar was well staffed so didnt wait long there. Easy to get to.
Kate Bush (04/09/14) - Amazing Kate
Went on the first night - what an experience! Kates voice sounded rich and note perfect and the theatrical show was mesmerising. I love the Ninth Wave sequence of songs on the Hounds of Love album so I was in my element. The Aerial songs were also very beautiful. It didnt bother me at all that she didnt sing many singles - I wouldnt expect her to do that. The love from the audience to her was incredible too! Very special night - Wonderful!
Mike Coultharde-Steer, 04/09/14
PS a quick word about the venue - I remember going to the Hammersmith Odeon many times in the 70s and 80s, and Im blown away by how fantastic the restoration of the old place is. It reminds me why its one of the very best venues in the country.
Kate Bush (04/09/14) - Beyond brilliant
Ive been a fan since Wuthering Heights first burst out of my radio, and have pretty much everything shes ever recorded, so maybe Im a bit biased, but this was way beyond my best hopes. It was a huge risk for Kate to do this series of concerts - if anything had gone wrong, it could have severely damaged her monumental reputation, a reputation no other living artist has. But she was awesome. I knew it would be huge spectacle, but what really blew me away was how good Kates voice was, and how comfortable she looked on stage - it was as if shed spent the past 35 years releasing albums and regularly touring to promote them like any other superstar, rather than confining her live work to a handful of charity gigs over two decades ago. Before the gig, some people expressed concern that she wasnt going to sing any of her hits. Well, I have to say that for me, that wasnt an issue. But in the event, she did perform several of her biggest singles, although personally, I particularly enjoyed hearing some of my favourite album tracks that, until the beginning of the year, Id had no hope of ever witnessing being performed. 35 years ago I saw Led Zeppelin at Knebworth, and no other gig ever came close to matching that for me, but now, I can honestly say that Kate Bush at the Apollo was the best gig Ive ever seen.
Huibert, 04/09/14
Drinks are too much in money. Unfair. The atmosphere of the building is wonderful. And Kate fitted in like a glove. She did so well.
Kate Bush (04/09/14) - an experience beyond any imagination
Arriving Wednesday at the Eventim Apollo I was tired and curious of what the KTFellowship would bring me and my dear friend. When inside the beautiful restored theater that started as a cinema in the 30s I felt home. This is it. The night after the premiere. As soon as Kate entered the stage 4000 man stood up as one and and energy filled the roon giving Kate a smile she could not hide..She than set of in a three hour..show presenting us 29 songs in visual that we only know of by audio or video clip. My mouth fell open and I started to wiggle a little. Absorbing all the was passing by. Did not go to the toilet. And at the end I was knocked down completely that would last another full four days. Now I am getting to my senses and make myself prepared to try and see another show from this extraordinary Lady of which there is only One who does it completely her way. And she did to a perfect extend. Thank you Kate for being around in my life for so long. And thank you Event im for helping her to fulfill her desires. Kind regards Huibert Krabbendam
Lorraine Hinchcliffe, 03/09/14
This is a great size venue, with great seating which was comfortable, there is now a good foyer and bar, nice updated refurbishment
Kate Bush (03/09/14) - Exquisite
We went to the first Saturday night performance 30th August and it was exquisite, spell-binding, awesome, amazing, breathtaking, thought provoking, emotional, inspiring, jaw-dropping and beautiful. It was a performing arts master class with a Kate Bush soundtrack produced and executed perfectly. Such class. She has not lost any of her charm or any of THAT voice. Immense.
Jenfav, 03/09/14
Kate Bush (03/09/14) - Unbelievable , unforgettable experience, wow
A totally magical concert, 100 times better then I thought it would be, no words can describe this epic concert. Kate certainly knows how to put a show on. She has blown away all others.
Deano, 03/09/14
The venue is a really lovely building with great acoustics - it felt very intimate. The sound and lighting were brilliant and very easy to get to!
Kate Bush (03/09/14) - An event like no other
I dont get excidted much these days but the chance to see a hero from my childhood really gave me that Golden Ticket feeling! I loved the venue, loved the crowds shared respect, admiration and enjoyment of the concert and just was carried away by the whole amazing spectacular. Kates voice was beautiful as is her imagination. Both of the theatrical album pieces were spellbinding - I cant stop thinking about it - thank you so much Kate!