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Dominik Chelminski, 29/11/14
Kate Bush (29/11/14) - No words to describe
This show was better than anything I have seen before, and I have seen The Wall, King Crimson, Tool, Rammstein, and many many more! The artistic quality was so high it somehow exceeded the limits.. I had a feeling that I am one of the few chosen ones who could see it live, because this is a once-in a lifetime experience. Impossobiel to describe to somebody who has not witnessed it. Kate Bush is the Queen of music.
Adriana, 20/11/14
First time on Eventim Venue and It is a Nice venue , but car parking very difficult to find..hours to get a parking space around..
Billy Idol (20/11/14) - Great event
Had a great time! Great event!!! Love Billy idol concert ...Very entertenement. Great atmosfere. Need to have car parking for events though
Charlotte, 18/11/14
It was really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really great
Band of Skulls (18/11/14) - Mega night!!
Every part of the evening was brilliant! Band of skulls set was amazing, they played a mix of new songs with their older popular ones which was fab. The atmosphere in the venue was great, cant wait to go again!
Tony, 18/11/14
Perfume (18/11/14) - Amazing
Great atmosphere. The show was awesome. Perfume are full of energy. I hope ill show them again
mc, 17/11/14
Sam Smith (17/11/14) - gutted
waited ten months for this , then could not go as close relative taken ill.been told it was fab .cant wait to get tickets again.
Tal49, 17/11/14
Billy Idol (17/11/14) - Brilliant Event
What an absolutely amazing concert - Billy Idol was absolutely awesome and what a show he put on. A 2 hour extravaganza of all his old hits and fabulous new songs had an amazing time.
Scoutman7, 17/11/14
Easy access, good staff, good vibe, good view (Circle Block 4 Row G), good sound (this time), overpriced drink and if youre an ale drinker - tough luck!
Band of Skulls (17/11/14) - Awesome, just awesome!
DZ were fine, Bo Ningen - well, whatever lights your candle and overloud so distorted for their equipment, but that just made Band of Skulls sound even better. There was a really good vibe about the place from minute one - the sound really was well balanced and pretty clear - not over-amped (please take note other much better known bands), so you could actually hear the harmonies and Russells guitar really did cut through. Top marks sound crew. The Band were awesome - they just get on and play their socks off. Best gig Ive been to in years. Highlights? There are so many - I feel like 10 men, Diamonds and Pearls - they both crunched - everything just came together - thank you!
Gish, 17/11/14
i was standing on the ground level, towards the Exit to Men toilet and the sound of the speakers at times was a bit too hard, kicking directly to my stomach and hurting ears... i do go to the concerts quite a lot, like 1-2 per week and i dont think this is how it should be... but still love the venue as i live close-by
Lykke Li (17/11/14) - Super!
I dont follow music of Lykke Li that much, just knew a few songs, but I was quite impressed with the performance, both visual and audible, I really loved how her voice sounded
Chen, 17/11/14
Near the tube - perfect location ! Atmosphere at Apllo is great. Cool, still feels safe and trendy. Billy idol is a great performer, his voice still great and it seems that time has stopped for him. Steve Stevens gave a hell of a show as well.
Billy Idol (17/11/14) - Energetic, exciting, all fun event with real pros!
Billy idol knows how to rock. His band was great, sound was fantastic, show was fantastic. Set in row Z and still had the time of my life. Love the Apollo and will always wanna go back.
Helen, 17/11/14
Dont like this venue. It gets really scummy & everyone is drunk. It does not get managed at all by security once inside the concert area.
Billy Idol (17/11/14) - True entertainment
Excellent gig. Excellent musicians. My only criticism is White Wedding was not long enough! There is not enough security within the concert area though. The drunk people need controlling because they spoil it for others.
Julia, 17/11/14
Dave Gorman (17/11/14) - So so
Expected much more, seems like the content was for mass produced fan base to make sure everyone got the humor (jokes were too obvious)
jbevans, 17/11/14
Billy Idol (17/11/14) - simply fab
best looking 59 year old ever !!!! He has lost nothing of his voice and charisma either and him and Steve Stevens are almost like Jagger and Richards, great combination of songs new and old and really old (from Generation X days)
steve, 14/11/14
note above comments ..maybe keeping the bar closed during performance time would be better but not for the venues revenue ...but there lies the dilemma... nice touch by the way of creating an an enclosure outside of the venue during the interval !
Yusuf Islam / Cat Stevens (14/11/14) - fantastic night
After waiting 40 years to see the man live what a thrill! Yusuf/Cat gave the most wonderful show and retained all the magic and power of his fantastic creative work and performing abilities while connecting with his audience in the most positive and relaxing way. Congratulations to Alun too and the band who were superb !!! ok now for a couple of negatives ...understandably it was clearly stated that photography and recording was not allowed...pity many members of the audience could not respect this ..causing the ushers much work whizzing about (as discreetly as poss) . Also why do people need to leave their seats as early as 10 minutes into the performance {presumably for a refill) ...all very distracting and unfair to the artist and fellow concert goers. (Rant over :-)) ) Looking forward to seeing cat outside of London next time !
Nadine, 12/11/14
Sam Smith (12/11/14) - What Happened with the Acoustics?
My partner and I have between us seen a number of artists at the Apollo Hammersmith /eventim and it is one of our most favoured venues. However we came to see Mr Sam Smith on 7th November and were bitterly disappointed with the quality of the sound. We were only standing in the stalls fairly close to the back, in front of the bar and it may have been our location with the circles being directly above us but even still, the sound reverberated in our chests in an annoying and not pleasant manner. It truly felt that the sound/mics/speakers had not been adjusted to Sams vocal which was such a shame as we were actually pleased when his set had come to the end and we left swiftly. We stayed because we hoped that it would be adjusted but it never was. We only hope that when we return in February for Jason Mrazs return to Hammersmith that it is so completely different.
Bill, 11/11/14
Only downer was the District line not running and missing the last train out. Our fault, should have payed closer attention to the time.
Video Games Live (11/11/14) - Great music and funny too!
Attended not knowing fully what to expect. Well put together show with a fair amount of throw back game music for those of us who were playing 30+ years ago. The filler group, Random Encounter, were a lot of fun. Rockin accordion, who knew?
Barans, 11/11/14
More seating could be provided in the theatre foyer, or we could be let in to the auditorium seating earlier. Since there is no re-entry (why?) I eventually sat on the stairs, if I had known I would have gone for a drink somewhere else first, will next time.
Yusuf Islam / Cat Stevens (11/11/14) - Cat Stevens
I had given up hope of ever seeing the great man live, but it was well worth all the travelling and lack of sleep! Spellbinding from start to finish. Three encores and then we did not want to leave! Pity I was not allowed to even get a quick snap on my phone though...(with no flash!) like I am going to sell that! I have my memories though...they cannot stop me storing those...yet! Curious to know what they are going to do with all the video they shot at the venue though.
Tim H, 11/11/14
Yusuf Islam / Cat Stevens (11/11/14) - Brilliant Yusuf!
Having been a fan of Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam for more years than I can remember it was a joy to at last finally see and hear him for real. A wonderful show, wonderful voice and very tight band behind him; playing a superb selection of old and new songs. Great too to see one of his oldest collaborators Alun Davies there too. The Venue was very plush and easy to reach via the tube network for me. Acoustics were great. I hope he returns here again one day soon. So my sincere thanks to everyone involved and of course particularly to Yusuf, without whom....
2211dee, 10/11/14
Yusuf Islam / Cat Stevens (10/11/14) - Brilliant
Cat Stevens was absolutely brilliant. Didnt want it to finish. Was a big fan in the 70s and had every album. Wasnt sure what to expect but he was brilliant. Would def see him again.
Rob R, 10/11/14
It is a great venue, comfortable seating reflecting its ex-status as Londons premier concert hall, but now overtaken by bigger venues such as O2. Entry was a bit chaotic, shuffling through busy bar areas to get into the circle. Its a bit tired, but wouldnt take too much to lift it further. But I do wish you had a better booking system Eventim, I find yours very frustrating!
Yusuf Islam / Cat Stevens (10/11/14) - Great opportunity to see a legendary performer
This was a well presented set combining old, familiar favourites with his new album. Nicely staged set with moody, subtle lighting rather than a dramatic, spectacular light show. It was a very laid back performance, which was well appreciated by the audience and I think deserved another encore song. If I have any criticism of the set it is that all of the new material was bunched together at the beginning of the 2nd half. I think it would have been better to have input some of this into the middle of the 1st half. I think some were disappointed about the duration of the new material in one lump and concerned that some of the favourites which he started with would be sacrificed. It was a shame that his new album wasnt released a little earlier to get a chance to familiarise oneself with his new material before the show. It wont stand the test of time of his classics, but is nevertheless very listenable. Yusuf/Cat Stevens - Thanks for the opportunity to see you perform some old favourites.
RL, 10/11/14
Yusuf Islam / Cat Stevens (10/11/14) - Amazing concert, amazing memories
Great concert, full of memories and amazing songs of all times. I think the timing was right and that it was punctual. The inclination of the scenario, however, is not the best. But, in general, it was pretty good.