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Geoff Dominy, 03/11/14
Steve Hackett (03/11/14) - B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T
An absolutely brilliant performance in a wonderful venue. Magical renditions of classic early Genesis by arguably one of the best guitarists in the world. So happy to see Steve still flying the Genesis flag although lets not forget the brilliant work he has done since leaving Genesis. A virtuoso performance by Steve and the rest of the band. Cheers
Soroush, 03/11/14
Maestro Shajarian (03/11/14) - Brilliant experience
I was waiting for this event very long time. Fully satisfied with everything and I really enjoyed it!
Nerolia, 03/11/14
Pink Martini (03/11/14) - Great music with charm and wit
What a blast! First Pink Martini performance for me but will not be the last. Wonderful energy and superb musicianship; I could have danced all night to the music.
Happy, 03/11/14
Great venue, very comfortable seating, cant comment on the food, drink or the toilet facilities as we didnt use either.
Pink Martini (03/11/14) - Fantastic Event
Im a great fan of Pink Martini, they certainly were just as terrific this time as they have always been in the past and I look forward to their next concert. The Von Traps were also most enjoyable and entertaining, they were the perfect act to prepare us for Pink Martini.
Mr Grumpy, 03/11/14
Great venue although with lots of character having been a music venue for many years. One minor issue I found the seats a little uncomfortable after an hour or so!
Steve Hackett (03/11/14) - Great Show
If you like the older Genesis prog rock music this show is for you. Great versions of the old songs well performed by Steve and the band. A truly memorable experience for those who were too young to see them perform this stuff in the 70s or for those who just want to hear it again and again. Great stuff Steve I hope you continue to perform this era of music and keep it alive.
wingcommander, 03/11/14
Steve Hackett (03/11/14) - Musical Box Do It Better
I am a huge fan of Steve Hacketts solo work. Unfortunately the concert on Saturday was below par, you could hardly hear his playing at times and some of the songs leant more to the keyboard player rather than the guitarist. Its time to close the museum Steve and let reimaginers like Musical Box keep the dream going. I got a little bored half way through and I was sober, I just thought the playlist was unimaginative. It does not detract from the genius that is Steve Hackett, its just time to let it go.
Bren, 03/11/14
Steve Hackett (03/11/14) - Great concert
Travelled from Ireland for this show.Brilliant to hear the old stuff played in its original form. Sound mix was a bit off - bass too heavy and couldnt always hear Steves guitar. Not like in the Royal Albert Hall last year where the sound was impeccable.
Kambiz, 03/11/14
Maestro Shajarian (03/11/14) - It was great
we really enjoyed it. it was excellent event! we attended in a group and everyone of us enjoyed it. I think they should arrange more often such event and should better advertised.
Anousheh, 03/11/14
Maestro Shajarian (03/11/14) - Memorable Performance
even though almost all the performance by Mastero Shajarian was new, at least to me, I found the whole performance overall great, memorable, and delightful. Great choice of poems. The Acoustic at the venue however was NOT at all fit for such instrumental performance, the lights at the very back was on, making it difficult to ficus on the stage, and not much strict control of audience preventing them form walking constantly on the stairs making noise.
Meike, 23/10/14
I especially liked the welcoming, relaxed and friendly atmosphere in spite of all those excited teenagers.
The Vamps (23/10/14) - unforgettable event
We came specially to this event from a small town in Germany, because my daughter had been a fan of the band for a long time, already. And as the date of the concert was during our Autumn holidays we were able to go. It was nerveracking booking the tickets: first there were 2 seats in the second row near the stage - but as I pressed the button, they had already gone! But in the end we were lucky to get seats in the first and second row in a circle block and had a good view of the stage! All in all it was a great experience! We enjoyed the concert, the venue and were even estonished by the relaxed, funny, helpful and well organized security! Thanks a lot to everyone!!! And last but not least: I think we were very lucky to have seen the band in this location rather than in one of the arenas on their next tour!
08vlaker, 23/10/14
Really pretty venue with a really good atmosphere and you can see and hear the bands for the very back, ticket were good value for Money and was easy to reach by tube! The straff were friendly but not that many about however there was a good level of security!
The Vamps (23/10/14) - Wow such an amazing show
The vamps sound great on a CD but live they sound amazing they really interact with the audience and put on an amazing show!! Really wish I could go back and watch them all over again! With such an amazing opening to the show it was a great experience and a great night loved by all ages!!!!!
Becky, 22/10/14
The Vamps (22/10/14) - I had a fantastic time!
I admit that I wasnt expecting much but boy was I wrong! Tristans drum solo and the accompanying music and lighting actually blew my way and it was absolutely unforgettable. Their interaction with the audience was second to none and the atmosphere was electric. The staff on the doors were lovely and wonderfully friendly faces. Congratulations all around :)
Anita, 21/10/14
Just had a little trouble hearing the fast talking comedians as the sound system wasnt quite right. As we were seated quite close we were able to hear directly.
Roar With Laughter (21/10/14) - What a laugh!
Great comedians and brilliant compere and all for a good cause :-). Ed Byrne was hilarious but could have listened to Lucy Porter all night!
Sharon, 21/10/14
The Vamps (21/10/14) - Fab night out
Great night, the sound was brilliant. Excellent view from 2nd row of circle. Good lighting. Playes loads of songs and interaction with the crowd.
Sadi79, 21/10/14
John Legend (21/10/14) - Pure Class!
What an amazingly talented man! Classy show with an equally talented warm up act and band. Sang all the faves and then saved the best until last - All of Me. Love Love LOVED it! Best shared experience with my bestie whos emigrating x
Rita, 21/10/14
The layout of the venue, its location, which is right next to Hammersmith tube station. The facilities where very good. We were sitting at the back, but we still had a good view.
John Legend (21/10/14) - John Legend
Just Brilliant! No gimmicks, just pure music in a wonderful venue. Would highly recommend the venue and those that havent seen John Legend in concert to do so!
Love a Northern comedian, 20/10/14
My partner couldnt see the stage clearly because of the person in front. It was uncomfortably hot in the auditorium.
Lee Mack (20/10/14) - Loved it
We were really looking forward to the show and Lee Mack did not disappoint! Loved the audience interaction and the picked on people made for some amusing material. Thought the Irish spelling of names bit (grab a handful of letters out of the Scrabble bag!) was the most memorable for me.
Mike, 20/10/14
Lee Mack (20/10/14) - Really poor
Really looking forward to Lee Mack but was a total disappointment - the bulk of the act was spent ogling a girl in the front row who nobody in the audience could see (there were no big screens). His delivery was poor, half of it wasnt audible because he was screeching or rushing through it but the jokes were so simple, immature, hastily written & poor quality they werent worth hearing anyway. Big fan of his previous stand up & of not going out but this was a total waste of time & money. However, the support act Mike Gunn was really impressive - clever, funny, controlled delivery and a total contrast to the headline act.
angeleyes68, 20/10/14
The Vamps (20/10/14) - Great Concert!
Had a great time at The Vamps with my 2 girls! Great view as the venue is not too big, not too expensive either. Lovely surroundings and exciting, up-beat concert. Thank you to The Vamps :)
JMan, 20/10/14
John Legend (20/10/14) - Great Gig, but
Great to see such an outstanding artist as John Legend. He is truly one of the only artists around today with real talent. On a down side, there was far too many people trying to film the gig via mobile phones, why you would want to do this, I do not know. Surly the management at Hammersmith should deal with this issue. There were also a lot X-Factory type fans attending, far too much screaming and crying going on.