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Jordan, 10/11/14
Sam Smith (10/11/14) - Great performance Sam.
Couldnt of wished for more - Sam catered for all his fans and his voice couldnt of sounded any better, great quality, just like listening to a Cd at home.
Dene Rosewarn, 10/11/14
Fantastic nights entertainment, Cat Stevens/Yusef Islam lived up to and beyond expectations. The venue was great, as were the staff and tickets affordable. Thank you very much, Dene Rosewarn
Yusuf Islam / Cat Stevens (10/11/14) - Absolutely fantastic evening, in spite of drama !
Hi, I attended the Tuesday the 4th date with my wife and Daughter. We all really enjoyed the show which was a life long ambition fulfilled to see Cat/Yusef who in our opinion is one of the most iconic singer/songwriters alive today. We can not speak highly enough of the staff either, who came to my aid when I collapsed around 10 minutes into the second set after the interval. Sofie the medic was wonderful, as was the lady on the doors to the gents which had been closed due to a blockage. I am ok luckily, and I got to see the rest of the show after taking in some supplied water and rest on the exit steps. So thank you, and we will be back. All the best, Dene Rosewarn.
Hassan Bachani, 10/11/14
Yusuf Islam / Cat Stevens (10/11/14) - THE VOICE OF A GENERATION
The voice was beautifully preserved throughout and the melody was gorgeous to say the least!! Brilliant and highly professional performance. Loved it :D
Matt B, 10/11/14
Very impressed with the venue! Great sound and atmosphere. Friendly staff and a superb stage to accommodate the amazing set. Exemplary!
Yusuf Islam / Cat Stevens (10/11/14) - Superb Show!
A truly splendid time had by all - those of us in the audience and on stage. From the solo start to the three standing ovation encores, this was the perfect show in every way. Beautiful set and excellent sound plus a magical performance from Yusuf and the band. Note perfect and full of humour also, it was a wonderful evening.
Helen, 10/11/14
We came by train so cant score the parking. Our taxi had difficulty stopping to pick us up afterwards due to the road works outside.
Yusuf Islam / Cat Stevens (10/11/14) - Fabulous!
What a brilliant show, Yususf was in fantastic voice and performed a wide mix of old and new numbers. The stage set looked lovely and the lighting effects were great.
Tony G, 07/11/14
Plenty of bar staff - an important element of the evening. However, it is a large venue and the Grand Circle is a long way from the stage.
Pink Martini (07/11/14) - As always a great show
This band is quite unique and can always be relied on to provide a great evenings entertainment. Its a pity the audience dont realise that chatting amongst themselves is not the done thing - but you cant blame Pink Martini for that.
Will, 05/11/14
Hans Zimmer (05/11/14) - Fantastic Concert
A fabulous night watching the great Hans Zimmer. Great venue, well organised at the Apollo did not even have to queue to get in. We were lucky to get tickets well in advance and the theatre was full. The seats we had on the left hand side were great and we had a good view of the stage. The acoustics and music were brilliant. Cannot wait for the next concert by Hans Zimmer!
BCFC Tim, 04/11/14
Excellent acoustically, the Apollo is a great venue for gigs of this stature. Only real fault is that there are no food facilities and way too much bar capacity. People jumping up and down for drinks and later to relieve themselves becomes highly irritating.
Steve Hackett (04/11/14) - A Flower?...
Absoulutely stunning. I have seen Steve many times since first watching Genesis in 1974 and this was an immensely powerful show, with an outstanding group of musicians. Nad Sylvan sounded unnervingly like Peter Gabriel throughout. Fountain of Salmacis and The Musical Box exemplified this with the latter bringing the huge audience to their feet. The whole show was a high spot and rolled back the years, but with more power than originally. The Knife was as brilliant as it was unexpected and even predated Steves time with the band. His wonderful guitar solo on Firth of Fifth has never sounded better but best of all was the flawless Suppers Ready, still majestic after all this time. To those who think this was just a trip back to yesteryear, wrong. It was a showcase of stunningly good rock music that had the hall in raptures and endures undimmed. I am now off to California to see it all over again in December. Thanks to Steve and his superb band!
Jockabroad, 04/11/14
Parking nearby is always a pig. Local street parking is OK after 6.30pm on weekdays but you have to hunt round for a space.
Pink Martini (04/11/14) - Fabulous band
Thoroughly enjoyable evening. Plenty staff at the bar and plenty security staff on duty. The venue was warn and clean and the seats more comfortable than most West End theatres. Support band The Von Trapp family were good but were only on stage for 30 min. Pink Martini were simply fantastic. China Forbes ( lead vocalist) has a world class voice that just gets better and better, and a support band that are all individually brilliant and together even better. Go see!
GR10, 03/11/14
Steve Hackett (03/11/14) - Superb as always
Great band, great lights, great sound and a terrific set of many old Genesis favourites. Ive seen Steve lots of times and this performance scores 10. Just like the rest. Havent been to the Apollo in a very long time, but its charm remains, just like the Genesis back catalogue that Steve still loves playing.
Geoff Dominy, 03/11/14
Steve Hackett (03/11/14) - B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T
An absolutely brilliant performance in a wonderful venue. Magical renditions of classic early Genesis by arguably one of the best guitarists in the world. So happy to see Steve still flying the Genesis flag although lets not forget the brilliant work he has done since leaving Genesis. A virtuoso performance by Steve and the rest of the band. Cheers
Soroush, 03/11/14
Maestro Shajarian (03/11/14) - Brilliant experience
I was waiting for this event very long time. Fully satisfied with everything and I really enjoyed it!
Nerolia, 03/11/14
Pink Martini (03/11/14) - Great music with charm and wit
What a blast! First Pink Martini performance for me but will not be the last. Wonderful energy and superb musicianship; I could have danced all night to the music.
Happy, 03/11/14
Great venue, very comfortable seating, cant comment on the food, drink or the toilet facilities as we didnt use either.
Pink Martini (03/11/14) - Fantastic Event
Im a great fan of Pink Martini, they certainly were just as terrific this time as they have always been in the past and I look forward to their next concert. The Von Traps were also most enjoyable and entertaining, they were the perfect act to prepare us for Pink Martini.
Mr Grumpy, 03/11/14
Great venue although with lots of character having been a music venue for many years. One minor issue I found the seats a little uncomfortable after an hour or so!
Steve Hackett (03/11/14) - Great Show
If you like the older Genesis prog rock music this show is for you. Great versions of the old songs well performed by Steve and the band. A truly memorable experience for those who were too young to see them perform this stuff in the 70s or for those who just want to hear it again and again. Great stuff Steve I hope you continue to perform this era of music and keep it alive.
wingcommander, 03/11/14
Steve Hackett (03/11/14) - Musical Box Do It Better
I am a huge fan of Steve Hacketts solo work. Unfortunately the concert on Saturday was below par, you could hardly hear his playing at times and some of the songs leant more to the keyboard player rather than the guitarist. Its time to close the museum Steve and let reimaginers like Musical Box keep the dream going. I got a little bored half way through and I was sober, I just thought the playlist was unimaginative. It does not detract from the genius that is Steve Hackett, its just time to let it go.
Bren, 03/11/14
Steve Hackett (03/11/14) - Great concert
Travelled from Ireland for this show.Brilliant to hear the old stuff played in its original form. Sound mix was a bit off - bass too heavy and couldnt always hear Steves guitar. Not like in the Royal Albert Hall last year where the sound was impeccable.
Kambiz, 03/11/14
Maestro Shajarian (03/11/14) - It was great
we really enjoyed it. it was excellent event! we attended in a group and everyone of us enjoyed it. I think they should arrange more often such event and should better advertised.
Anousheh, 03/11/14
Maestro Shajarian (03/11/14) - Memorable Performance
even though almost all the performance by Mastero Shajarian was new, at least to me, I found the whole performance overall great, memorable, and delightful. Great choice of poems. The Acoustic at the venue however was NOT at all fit for such instrumental performance, the lights at the very back was on, making it difficult to ficus on the stage, and not much strict control of audience preventing them form walking constantly on the stairs making noise.
Meike, 23/10/14
I especially liked the welcoming, relaxed and friendly atmosphere in spite of all those excited teenagers.
The Vamps (23/10/14) - unforgettable event
We came specially to this event from a small town in Germany, because my daughter had been a fan of the band for a long time, already. And as the date of the concert was during our Autumn holidays we were able to go. It was nerveracking booking the tickets: first there were 2 seats in the second row near the stage - but as I pressed the button, they had already gone! But in the end we were lucky to get seats in the first and second row in a circle block and had a good view of the stage! All in all it was a great experience! We enjoyed the concert, the venue and were even estonished by the relaxed, funny, helpful and well organized security! Thanks a lot to everyone!!! And last but not least: I think we were very lucky to have seen the band in this location rather than in one of the arenas on their next tour!