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Dubjit Gill, 08/01/14
The Bhangra Showdown (08/01/14) - Great Show
Well done on this show last year. There was a tremendous array of talent and the quality of the show (lighting and sound) was pleasantly surprising. My family enjoyed it loads and the show has come on leaps and bounds since I last saw it in 2007. Definitely attending again this February. I would also have to say that the other review I have read below is certainly not an experience I or anyone I know had at the show. The organisers deserve more credit than what is mentioned below. But each to their own, for me it was a fantastic showcase of Punjabi culture fused with great variety
Lee, 08/01/14
Rihanna (08/01/14) - The Waterboys
Great night seeing one of the best live bands around at the newly refurbished Eventim Apollo (which is looking great by the way). I would definitely recommend The Waterboys to anyone and the Apollo is well worth a visit.
Inspirit, 06/01/14
Infinite (06/01/14) - Unforgettable Event! Infinite One Great Step!
Infinite One Great Step was an unforgettable concert. I feel so privileged to have been able to see my favourite Korean pop group perform live in London, as an Inspirit (Infinite fan) since their debut.

My most memorable moment was when us fans were kept in suspense until that moment when the white curtain was pulled to the ground to reveal the members ready to perform their first song of the night Destiny, the crowd went crazy and I have a fond memory of the immense screams of the fans!

Furthermore they did not disappoint, the whole duration of the concert consisted of astounding performances from their most recent dance track Destiny to their sweet ballad, Mom.

I was overwhelmed with joy when the members all spoke to us fans in English, they all expressed their love and gratitude to us with much sincerity and gave lots of fan service to us fans such as throwing out stuffed animals and walking up to the balcony near where I was sat to propose to a lucky fan as part of their performances.

Their vocals were outstanding and their dances were synchronised perfectly as usual! I was slightly disappointed as at times, the audio of the band overpowered the members vocals but they tried very hard to overcome this problem with utmost professionalism.

Overall, I am very proud that this stop in London could contribute to the world fame that Infinite has been receiving recently and I hope to see them perform again soon in London!
Harish, 03/01/14
The Bhangra Showdown (03/01/14) - Annoyed from Brunel
This show made many people at my university think of the Imperial students (the Punjabi society) as annoying due to their in-your-face marketing and we felt that they were pushing it down our throats. People who went (me included) expected a lot more after such a bold campaign. The sound was poorly set up. Although the performances were of high standard (in no part thanks to Imperial, but collectively with other universities) the night was let down by everything else being poorly managed. The people in charge were rude and abrasive. When I asked about where my seat was an directions to a toilet, I was brushed aside and there was a distinct lack of professionalism.
Linda, 02/01/14
Brian Cox and Robin Ince (02/01/14) - Best Show Ive seen this year.
As advertised and so much more. Science, comedy variety show hosted by Robin Ince and an amazing, exciting array of guests. I have already booked for both dates this year.
Bexsta, 24/12/13
The Apollo is a fantastic venue, cosy enough to feel close to the action on stage. Since my early teens going to pop gigs its come a long way, cleaner and generally more swish! Some 25 years later theres still serious overcrowding in the Ladies - the queues were huge! Please can you relieve the pain for us girls and get some more Ladies toilets?!
Michael McIntyre (24/12/13) - The Amazing Michael McIntyres Christmas Show
This is the best comedy show I have been to. The line-up was brilliant, McIntyres mates(!) are so talented-not forgetting his perfect compering. I just felt sorry for the accountant and his briefcase - haha! The balance of comedians was spot on, apart from a little disappointed by John Bishops familiar words. The surprise appearance of Tom Odell was breath taking. There is no excuse as to why this show isnt televised - come on guys! I will definitely go again and just feel disappointed I hadnt discovered this gem until now. Spread the word - this is Christmas must!
Martin Vennard, 23/12/13
Coldplay (23/12/13) - Kids under one roof
A fabulous event organised by remarkable musicians and human beings in Coldplay and particularly Chris Martin. Both the above exceeded my expectations. I applaud all the other artists for there time and effort. I loved the Lilly Allan and Tim Rice Oxley duet particularly. Contrary to reports, any Coldplay fan would have noticed Jon Buckland with Lilly Allan and Robbie. Coldplay are in a league of their own , as muscians and one of the few bands/muscians that I can actually say I can connect with as people. They have gone from stunning to exceptional in my estimation. I would love to meet them just to shake their hands , particularly Chis. Bloody well done everyone. I suppose the pinnacle of the evening was Atlas after Chris endearingly f-c--d it up.
Juan dela Cruz, 23/12/13
good service, fantastic place, highly recommended place, i will definitely watch more concerts here at apollo hammersmith. very clean rest room, fully renovated venue, lovely atmosphere
Eraserheads (23/12/13) - Brilliant Event for the Filipinos in UK
I am Eheads fanatics, where ever you go guys, i will watch you, im avid fan. The best Filipino band, same age as my dad, everybody knows them in the Philippines.
Elron Hudson, 19/12/13
The Waterboys (19/12/13) - Gig Of The Year
This was, without a shadow of a doubt, gig of the year 2013. The Waterboys are the best band in the world right now. No messin. What a cracking venue too!
Jonathan, 18/12/13
Clean, friendly and large enough to create a good atmosphere without being overwhelming. Car parking is a little expensive nearby, but there is a bus station and underground station very close by.
Brian and Robin's Christmas Compendium (18/12/13) - Compelling stuff.
An amazing show, full of laughs and ideas. Robin Ince was a perfect host, using comedy to maintain momentum and bringing the guests together. Prof. Brian Cox was engaging and has a good sense of humour. The best thing in the show for me was the appearance of Commander Chris Hadfield, who fit in well with the other guests and shared some amusing stories and thoughts of the ISS. I can not recommend this highly enough.
Joshua Moreton, 17/12/13
Brian and Robin's Christmas Compendium (17/12/13) - Wonderful evening
A fantastic event full of intelectually charged comedy, wonderful short lectures by some of the most passionate and enthusiastic minds I have ever witnessed on stage, and an astounding atmosphere. I would recommend both the venue and the performers in their entirety!
Linda, 16/12/13
Brian and Robin's Christmas Compendium (16/12/13) - So much more than I ever imagined it would be
It was the most amazing event. The mix of science, mathematics, comedy, music and an astronaut! The pace of the event was so thrilling because of the mix of the set. The event was so amazing that I came back to London for the second day. This is my new Christmas tradition
Beno, 16/12/13
Brian and Robin's Christmas Compendium (16/12/13) - Brilliant!
Amazing night for all. Great mix of science and entertainment. The length of the show provides excellent value for money and all for great causes
AARSEE, 09/12/13
Trevor Noah (09/12/13) - Excellent South African Comedy
I loved the general vibe, being woth fellow South Africans and Trevor Noahs intelligent political satire. The venue itself is great with excellent acoustics.
Amused, 09/12/13
Getting in was quick and easy not too many queues. Bar Service was good and quick although a bit pricey. Leaving the venue was easy too.
Trevor Noah (09/12/13) - Hilarious
The show was brilliant - amusing from the start all the way through would definitely go and see him again!
1698andrew, 09/12/13
Russell Brand (09/12/13) - Great night out
We dont often write reviews and werent sure whether or not wed enjoy the evening, but this was comedy at its finest. One of the best acts weve seen all year.
Matt, 09/12/13
J. Cole (09/12/13) - Excellent night
Excellent night. We had great seats. Tim Westwood as a warm up act was decent. JCole put on a great show and finished in enought time for people to get home without the mad rush for the tube which can happen on a Sunday night. Easy to get a drink too.
Ivan Carrasquel, 07/12/13
Pixies (07/12/13) - Pixies, muy buen concierto
Pixies, muy buen concierto, comenzo a tiempo, buen ambiente, seguridad, acustica, el area de merchandise buena, la salida si fue muy lenta.
Bri, 02/12/13
Infinite (02/12/13) - Daebak!
Everything was so amazing, I was so close to the band, and I was in the circle! The atmosphere was amazing and it was great to be around so many fans. Infinite - SARANGHAEYO! The sound could have been slightly less distorted though...
CarolB, 02/12/13
Reginald D Hunter (02/12/13) - Amidst the Crackers
Wasnt as funny as I thought he would be, but still an enjoyable evening. Thought the support act (Pete Johansson) was good so overall well worth the money.