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Dazmo2, 02/09/14
Merchandise stands were a nightmare, maybe rethink when a HUGE artist is on. 20 mins waiting, people been allowed to push in. 4 poor girls serving trying their best.
Kate Bush (02/09/14) - Mesmerising
I go to many concerts and shows and have done since 1989. I have waited my whole life for this amazing artist to announce any live show of any kind I would be able toy attend. Got tickets via fan club presage on Eventim. Managed to secure excellent seats in centre stalls. The night of the show finally arrived. Kate was superb. Her voice was amazing. The stage set was breathtaking. It was an amazing show. Both concepts of the Ninth Wave and The Sky of Honey were visually WOW. After the show I have to say I felt 2 things. I am and have been for many years a fan. The show was stunning, visually vocally and would not have missed this once in a lifetime opportunity. On the other hand i can see why some fans may have been disappointed regarding the lack of hits as it were. Only because this is and will probably be the only ever time Kate does this, but clearly with her vast albums and career she could not do everything and can relate to the fact that we may never now hear some of these amazing hits live or see then visually performed. This is not a crticism but just an observation. Loved the show and cannot wait to attend the second show we have on 17th Sept 2014. Thank you Kate for giving your fans this opportunity. We loved it very much. Worth the wait.
Gary & Tim, 02/09/14
The Apollo is a real entertainment venue, with the atmosphere you just dont get at places like the O2 or the NEC. One slight criticism.... Have water sellers at major events rather than people having to queue at the bars.
Kate Bush (02/09/14) - Truly Amazing.
I wasnt sure if this was going to live up to the hype. I neednt have worried. I was blown away by the whole set. From the musicianship to Kates vocal, from stage show to effects. We were treated to a mammoth artistic treat. I didnt even miss the early hits, so engrossing were the 3 hours. Please do more live shows Kate. Music and the arts need you.
DBTrain, 02/09/14
Kate Bush (02/09/14) - Speechless
There will have been many, many reviews about this concert. It was simply extraordinary - Kate Bush was always going to do something left of centre, eccentric, artistic, creative, bonkers and she didnt fail to deliver. OK, so she didnt do the hits which though slightly disappointing at the time, didnt matter considering the sum of all the parts of this event. Her vocal was superlative, the band tight, her presence electric, the setting and the theatrics ranging from the beautiful to the frustrating - everything was considered and beautiful... As you can tell, words elude me. I can criticise elements - the pace at times, the dreadfully mawkish solo by son Bertie being the only crushingly low point - as well as the attention to detail in the costume, set etc which didnt quite translate to the balcony - but this is nit picking - and its Kate Bush who in once asking us to be kind to her mistakes freed herself artistically and creatively because when they infrequently happen, we do, we do. Before the Dawn encapsulates perfectly everything you ever thought about Kate Bush as an artist, an enigma, a muse, a contradiction, and as someone who I have obsessively loved her all my life, she delivered, and delivered, and delivered. If you are lucky enough to have tickets, you will by now know what to expect - ignore the backlash, no-one realistically expected Wuthering Heights, surely, take this for what it is - a sonic and visual feast.
Som Morton, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Believe the hype.
I was almost sceptical of the hype surrounding the gigs, I felt that the overwhelming reviews were a product of the authors own excitement purely from being at such an exclusive event. However, as the lights went down and Kate took the stage, the crowd took to their feet with such passion and joy that it was impossible not to be overwhelmed with the gravity of the occasion. After a few songs to get everyone warmed up, the stage changed dramatically before the very eyes of the audience as she began to show us what shes been working on during her 35 year break, and it came across with breathtaking results. The 3 hour long show continued with more twists and turns, shock, drama, happiness, combined with intense beauty and theatrics which created a wonderfully unpredictable stage show unlike anything Ive seen in my life. You really have to see it to believe it, and honestly, 5 stars is not enough.
Southroad3, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Magical
Still cant believe weve been to see the Kate Bush gig, it all seems a bit surreal . The whole show was just something very special, I think everyone who attended will have similar feelings, its an event that will go down in Rock History Im sure. Fans would have been more than happy if Kate and her band had just performed her songs but Kate and her team had other ideas. Adding theatre to the music was a master stroke, a very bold move but one which worked and worked well. I have not heard of any negative reviews of her shows so far and there have been lots of them. Read any review of the show to get a feeling for what was performed. On a personal note all I can add is that Im so glad I decided to buy tickets, my son is a big fan which was the main reason for going, another friend of mine came along as well. We all agreed that it had been a Magical night, and we were lucky to be in the audience.
Sarah G, Norfolk, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Wow!
It was amazing to see Kate Bush live on stage - I had thought it would never happen and was so pleased when the concerts were announced. Nothing would have kept me away. She was amazing, her voice was crystal clear, the songs were wonderful, the theatrics were great - and it was a bonus to see her son Bertie on stage with her. I hope shell now get a taste for live performance and will do more shows (in small venues) in the years to come.
The Great WaaZoo, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - The end of my circle
The concert of the 26th was beyond words. Even sitting im my chair, looking at the stage, it was still going through my head This is NOT going to happen!! No Way !! But it did. And how, above and beyond any expectations. Breathtaking, in awe, I felt like the happiest kid in the world. Every other concert Ill go to, ever new record, reel to reel tape, even cd or dvd, theyll be great, Ill love it and be happy, but this has drawn the circle to a close.
Sonja, 01/09/14
The Hammersmith Apollo was just the perfect venue for Kate Bush without a doubt.One thing I will say though,is that up in the circle,two rows from the back,it was very warm and stuffy - uncomfortably so (for me).
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Spellbinding
I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever get to see Kate Bush live & after 35 years my dream became reality,I couldnt believe it.It was not until I had that ticket in my hand & I was through the doors that it started to sink in & I think that goes for most of the fans there on that night.I had goosebumps when the lights went down,moments before Kate appeared on stage.From that moment on,she had everyones attention & for the next 3 hours we were under her spell...focused on the stage & all the special effects & the forever changing backdrop scenery.I really loved seeing Albert Bertie McIntosh on stage with his mother, one part of the event which brought tears to my eyes - but not the only one!The whole evening,from start to finish was magical # mesmerising# enchanting# captivating#fascinating# amazing#stunning#wonderful#outstanding and I am so glad that I was able to be there to experience such an exceptional performance.
J. R. Wood, 01/09/14
The venue itself was quite intimate and suited the nature of the performance. The entrance, public areas and auditorium had a classy, pleasantly traditional feel, though access to toilet facilities was rather outdated.
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - An astonishing experience
This was not a concert. Far from it. It was instead the most spectacular of artistic performances that I have ever had the privilege to experience. And it was just that: an experience. Anyone expecting to go along to see Kate Bush play the Hammersmith Apollo clearly doesnt understand who she is. Anyone complaining that she doesnt perform anything from her earlier albums, again, doesnt understand who Kate Bush is. It would be a little like saying, that Mona Lisa painting was alright, but why didnt he paint a nice vase of flowers? Bush is an artist and her performance of Before the Dawn was an incredible experience that drew the audience into the astonishingly imaginative world of her music. Without giving away too many details, the use of live action, projection, filming and imaginative sets and performances created a truly immersive experience that was not only entertaining but, at times, truly emotional. This was an experience to treasure and one that I will never forget.
Spencer Grandiek, 01/09/14
The whole atmosphere of the theater was great. Beautifully renovated. Big enough to welcome big artists yet small enough to have the feeling of contact with the artist.
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Well worth the money.
We bought the overnight arrangement which was quite expansive. The fact the we come from the Netherlands made it easy travel because the hotel was included. All together the tickets (train, plain, subway, theater) we bought costed over £1000,- but for a once in a lifetime performance it was well worth the money.
Anouk Horstink, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - amazing
it was truely amazing, and well worth coming from Holland to see my hero. Not a false note, and still gorgeous. beautiful theatre too. If I have to mention something, it was very hot in the foyee, but of course the buildings from 1930.
Francoise, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Wow
Kate has outdone herself. I just feel so grateful being able to experience her show. It was just so wonderful to see what meaning she gives to her albums. Count me in for any next time, hopefully within a shorter time.
Chris Flisher, 01/09/14
The venue was excellent all around. I would come back again. Great service, security and acoustics.
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Beyond my wildest expectations!!!
Absolutely fabulous experience witnessing Kates return to the stage after 35 years. Too marvelous for words...
Tatu, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Perfect
The performance left me absolutely speachless. About the venue I had some concerns, how things would work with full house, but there was no problems. Staff was very helpfull and friendly , all the queing for entering, bars, toilets, merchandice etc went by very fast and smoothly. Great performance and perfect venue for it
Michele Dashwood, 01/09/14
Beautiful venue with charm drama and warmth. Staff and security were very friendly and helpful. Lovingly refurbished to a high standard.
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Spellbinding
Well what can I say!!! I have loved Kate since she first hit the music scene…when I was 16/17 The show was beyond words…just the most spellbinding amazing experience and so truly humble…Kate, as beautiful as always…inside and out! Fantastic!...but what are words…this is something I and everyone else who was there, will never regret…or forget…Thank you Kate…Mwaaaaah x
Alister Brown, 01/09/14
Stunning concert, made the 35 year wait seem worth it somehow. The only thing that could make this event better is having a couple of tickets for the final night, greedy I know but................... Impressed with the venue and with the patient helpful staff. Will be back again
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Kate Bush
Stunning concert, made the 35 year wait seem worth it somehow. The only thing that could make this event better is having a couple of tickets for the final night, greedy I know but................... Impressed with the venue and with the patient helpful staff. Will be back again
Martin Lewsey, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Best concert iv ever been to !!!
I was 16 at school when Kate toured last and couldnt go to her concerts. Saw her Saturday & it was one of the best concerts i have ever been to. I dont think she will ever tour again, so had to see her this time. If i die tomorrow at least i can say i have seen one of my all time favourite singers !!!
Thoth, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Wonderful, The Hype is All True!!!!
I have been fan of Kate Bush since 1976. It has been a long time since her last live concert in 1979, but I need not have worried. Her voice was as good and strong as ever, her band and backing vocalists were excellent. A lot of time and consideration had been put into the production which will leave those fortunate enough to see it spellbound. The sound and stage performance will blow you away. The show tears your emotions apart. It has been two days since I saw Before The Dawn, it is still going round in my head. I am now trying to recreate a playlist of all the songs Kate sang from my collection of her CDs so that I can relive the experience the best I can. I feel so honoured that I was able to see the performance. To those left to see the show just remember how lucky you are. I would go to every performance if I could.
Fitzy, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - WOW!
As a true Kate Bush fan i found the whole show completely mesmerising. Kate Bush retains her magic & mystic. True Kate Bush fans will understand this........i had to be there! Never thought i would get a ticket - but i did. I now enjoy a strange inner peace at having seen the show. Admittedly from a personal, perhaps selfish point of view i would have liked a few more of the earlier hits from the Whole Story album but on reflection they probably would not have fitted in with the spectacular production. The atmosphere in the Apollo was electric. 90 of the audience were on there feet at one time or another. When Cloud Busting came on at the end, the whole place just erupted! Thank you Kate.
Daniel Plainview, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Best concert I have ever seen!
Once in a lifetime event. Very special concert. Kate was incredible. Songs were brilliant. Great night out.