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Holmfirth Picturedrome
4.9 (13 Reviews)
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Phil (from Buxton), 01/12/14
Venue gave great view of the stage, no matter where you stood. Good acoustics and fair beer prices- also enough staff on serving.
FM (01/12/14) - Rock Band FM give a great performance
FM delighted the audience at their recent gig in the wonderful Picturedrome- Holmfirth. Playing with gusto I heard songs from nearly every album of theirs. Decent support band as well. Looking forward to the next tour.
CalF, 08/09/14
This is my ideal venue, just a nice size to get close to the band and feel part of the event. It has a well-run bar with a good choice of beer and friendly, efficient staff. Its not the poshest of venues but its clean and homely, lets hope it can hold on in these difficult times for live music venues.
The Quireboys (08/09/14) - A fantastic night
No -one could leave a Quireboys gig without a smile on their face;Spike and the boys have so much fun and the crowd does too. Great musicianship from the band and Spikes gravelly vocals make every song enjoyable , be it a real rocker or a moving ballad such as Mother Mary. A band not to be missed!
clecky69, 01/09/14
The Temperance Movement (01/09/14) - AWSOME
my first visit to the Picturedrome - and it will not be my last. What a superb place, good views from everywhere, an open bar, great sound and lighting..........what more could anyone wish for :-)
Julie, 08/07/14
Easy for small people like me to be able to see! Just big enough for a great atmosphere, plenty of vantage points, good sound, good stage height. Bar in the main room, could do with better loos esp for the girls, like most places!
Gary Numan (08/07/14) - exceeded expectations!
Excellent venue, great atmosphere, superb performance, could not believe how good he was. Stunning reworking of some old favourites and I really got into some tracks I did not know. The music is heavier than you might expect but in a good way and the unspoken warmth between performer and crowd is something to behold! One of the best gigs I have ever been to Numan was very cool and gave a totally committed performance. No We Are Glass, boo hoo, but Down In The Park and Are Friends Electric were off the scale
Richard Wood, 08/07/14
Superb intimate venue. Plenty aspects to choose from. Nice, well stocked, well patrolled bar area. Took my 14yr old, she loved it. Would definitely recommend both the venue and Peter Hook and The Light.
Peter Hook & The Light (08/07/14) - Wonderful!
Great concert packed full with great songs! Hooky never disappoints! The Joy Division set was great, although I would have liked more.
NigeDi, 23/12/13
Fab venue B-) cozy, buzzing, easy to find would recommend to friends and would almost definately will ne visiting again.
Bad Manners (23/12/13) - Awesome.!!
I bought the tickets for my partner and he thought they were awesome amd so did I........we went to be entertained and we certainly were a big thumbs up. B-)
Zippy, 02/12/13
A great, intimate little venue with good visibility and OK acoustics (not sure what it would like on the balcony) that serves REAL beer :-)
Joanne Shaw Taylor (02/12/13) - Shes great, but...
Im fairly new to Joanne Shaw Taylor... listened to her albums a few time, thought they were pretty good but just a tiny tad lackluster. Saw the gig advertised and thought bet shes good live though... as is so often the case with good blues performers. Along with her band, she delivered a solid, powerful and polished performance, and was clearly enjoying what she does. Yet for some reason I came away slightly underwhelmed by the whole experience. For some inexplicable reason, there were a few rows of seats at the front - for an event where people should have been up & dancing/moshing. Indeed, the dancing was something the support act (King King, who were very good) achieved, yet JST didnt. Perhaps the support were too similar in genre. Perhaps the lack of power in the vocals was down to the mix. Perhaps she didnt quite engage the audience enough. Perhaps (having recently seen some exceptional artists like Beth Hart, Martin Harley, BRMC, RUSH, Robyn Hitchcock, Shpongle, and few others) I have very high expectations. Perhaps there was a lack of dynamic, Perhaps... But after a few songs I found the twiddly, twiddly guitar solos rather predictable - JST, youre very talented and I would love to be able to play as well as you do, but do please remember that your guitars have ~24 frets to them, a solo doesnt HAVE to all be up at the top end. As my guitar tutor keeps telling me, soloing is about the quality of the notes, not the quantity. Dont get me wrong - shes good. Very good, and some of here slower blues numbers were great. She deserves a following, and I hope she does well. But sadly, overall, it didnt quite do it for me
Michelle T, 01/11/13
Beer expensive! Great atmosphere and can get right to the front with no problem at all. Moshing in my mid 40s, is that allowed!
Big Country (01/11/13) - Big Country hits Holmfirth
Fantastic gig with old faves and some new stuff too which wasnt out of place. Problem with the sound though - quite muffled through some of the numbers. Winter Wonderful and Chance were good for me!
JanLan, 05/08/13
We had a brilliant night from start to finish! The Picturedrome is an excellent venue and considering its an old building the acoustics were great! The support act Tristan Mackay was very good and Heaven 17 were simply brilliant! Top entertainment and clearly their fan base is very important to them. Couldnt have been any better so thank you for a memorable evening!
Heaven 17 (05/08/13) - Fantastic!!
We had a brilliant night from start to finish! The Picturedrome is an excellent venue and considering its an old building the acoustics were great! The support act Tristan Mackay was very good and Heaven 17 were simply brilliant! Top entertainment and clearly their fan base is very important to them. Couldnt have been any better so thank you for a memorable evening!
Jerryco, 29/07/13
The scores reflect the ongoing work and will improve over time. It is by far the best in the area as it retains an intimacy that is lost in bigger venues. The owner has invested much over the years and should be congratulated for creating a great venue that is appreciated by bands and fans alike.
Saxon (29/07/13) - Stone cold sober!
Thanks to the medication Im taking, I think its the first time in my 50 years of watching gigs that Ive not had a bad head the next day! The Picturedrome at Holmfirth is a great venue and all credit to Pete for the ongoing work that will hopefully keep it that way for years to come. Crime of Passion were first on, not that we needed warming up as it was a hot and sweaty night anyway. Vocals were very strong and the band roared through their set with power and energy. They were one of the best opening acts Ive seen. Saxon were a set apart of course, as Biff was only born down the road and he seemed to relish it as much as the crowd did. It was supposed to be a warm up opener for their tour, but with the number of bum notes at a minimum, they delivered and should go down a storm at the rest of their dates. The Picturedrome is a small venue by most standards, but the atmosphere is fantastic and everyone went home very happy and very damp!
Jools, 27/07/13
Theres always a great atmosphere, the sloping floor is a boon for short people, efficient bar staff, interesting building.
The Beat (27/07/13) - Excellent night out
The Beat were fabulous - the support band weren't bad either - we really enjoyed it.

Holmfirth is a favourite venue, always lively & friendly & good for short people as the floor slopes so you can always see! Rankin Roger is in excellent shape, very entertaining.

Save It For Later was a highlight!
Teresa141, 29/05/13
Lovely intimate venue that oozes character have been quite a few times, always memorable! Sound usually great and the whole area and setting Id lovely. You usually see the stars having a drink in the Nook or in fishes case hotel nearby.
Fish (29/05/13) - Brilliant!
Fish has really polished his performance! Gone are the days when he relied on fans to know the lyrics, when he would constantly forget. All in all a really fabulous gig and I didnt even mind him shaking his head at me for shaking my camera on his face, his words not mine. Fab to hear old and new tracks equally and loved the war related trio. Very interesting when you could hear what with someone nattering through it to my right. He knows you know was a real treat! I still have the fully signed 12 on my wall! Ive been a fish company and dare I say Marillion web fan for years. After this show???? I always will be! Great show Derek W Dick! Please come back soon! Leeds maybe?
jools, 20/08/12
This is a really lovely venue in the centre of Holmfirth. This is a beautiful little town with lots of pubs, bars, shops, easy for parking. The picturedrome is intimate & has a great feel to it. The sloping floor means that even if youre short you can still see the stage!!
Toots & The Maytals (20/08/12) - Toots was great
We had a really good time. Seeing Toots was just brilliant. He is so on-song. The atmosphere was great in such a lovely venue.