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229 London
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maybe, 04/07/14
The venue is small, with a low stage and good sight lines. the added bonus is that it has chairs (if you get in early) and some of the nicest bar staff Ive ever had the pleasure to deal with.
Shaolin Afronauts (04/07/14) - Fantastic London debut by the band
There was 10 of them crammed on the tiny 229 stage and despite that, they delivered a show that was top notch. If you like jazz fusion and can cope with the outfits, youre in for a great night. It was hard to tell who had the most fun, the band or the audience!
BlackHaddock, 31/03/14
Eddie & the Hot Rods (31/03/14) - Unbelievable
Just awesome. Saw this band back in the day and 30 odd years later they are better than ever. Me and my mate were jumping around like lunatics. See them!!!!!