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Bournemouth International Centre - Windsor Hall
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Kaye Lee-Wright, 19/02/13
Have been to the BIC many times over the years and the venue is good for parking. The facilities are good for food, drink and toilets, but as always, the ladies area is crowded ~ made worse at Donny concerts! The size of the venue makes for an impersonal concert and as the stalls area is flat, customers have to stand up if the people at the front do so. Not always a good thing as I get older!! Sightlines have never been an issue for me, but the accoustics are sometimes problematic. The staff are in general friendly and helpful. I did send a letter to Donny and Marie via your Stage Door, and would like to know if it were received as I have not heard from them. I understand they must have got a lot of mail, but as I included a stamped, addressed envelope, I had hoped to have had a reply. Perhaps I was over~optomistic!! I am certain I will visit the BIC in the future.
Donny & Marie (19/02/13) - Dynamic & Magnificent
Having seen Donny at Bournemouth many times and he is an amazing artist, seeing him with his sister, Marie, I was so impressed with them both! I had the most wonderful evening. How can one family have such talent? It is now no surprise that they have had extended contracts in Vegas! Donny & Marie, you were Dynamic and Magnificent, I hope I get the chance to see you again ~ maybe in Vegas sometime!