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Liquid Rooms Edinburgh
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Ausmalle, 04/12/14
Hugh Cornwell (04/12/14) - Back to the Good Old Days
It was like going back in time, Hugh was on form Hazel was excellent. They both looked like they had fun, if Hugh ever looks like hes happy. The range of songs was good, acknowleging the majority of the crowd were Stranglers fans so they wanted to hear the standards, Hugh didnt disapoint. This was so much better than the acustic session last year at the Arches. Hugh keep on rocking and thanks for the autograph, have personally waited 37 years to speak to you, top man.
Judith, 24/05/13
Didnt drive so no need to park and didnt buy food either, the loos are nice though! Toilet Attendent very sweet.
Then Jerico (24/05/13) - Phenomenal!!
Went to the gig in Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh on 8th May 2013, part of the Reprise Tour and it was no less than phenomenal!! Then Jerico are a fantastic band live, an extremely talented group of guys. Got a place right in the middle at the front of stage, prime spot, enjoyed every minute, great, classic, energetic music as always. Mark is a superb front man and made my day by singing happy birthday to me. Great to meet the band outside for pics and autographs, they were all as friendly and happy to chat as always, love you guys. xx Judith.