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Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
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Jackie, 15/10/14
The toilets where alright but would have been cleaner. The food was too expensive served with small portions.
Disney On Ice (15/10/14) - Fantastice event
what a brilliant show it was!!. Me and my son thouroughly enjoyed watching different characters perfoming live. My son was singing and dancing along.
Katie, 14/10/14
EXPENSIVE FOR FOOD, DRINK AND SOUVENIRS! Fab atmosphere! Staff were quite friendly, could have been better but at least none of them were offhand or rude. Clean and tidy.
Disney On Ice (14/10/14) - Fantastic... But no Frozen????
I would have given 5 stars but so disappointed that Frozen wasnt included in the 100 year celebrations! Tangled was amazing last year so it was a bit of a shame there was nothing of similar excitement this year! My daughter was thrilled that The Lion King was part of it! Her face lit up! We had a great night! Just a shame about Frozen, especially as all the hype about it is now!
disgruntled gran, 13/10/14
Disney On Ice (13/10/14) - Wonderful show
Although we thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle of this ice show, it was spoiled by having a very small child behind us who constantly kicked and pushed us in the back. I do not think that small children under 3 should be allowed in as they are incapable of sitting on their seats for the duration of the show and thus spoil it for others who have paid good money to watch it.
Steph, 13/10/14
Excellent atmosphere throughout the show however merchandise very pricey. Very clean in the building
Disney On Ice (13/10/14) - Fab
Excellent show for all the family, would recommend. Kids absolutely loved the show! Well done Disney!
Paulusj, 13/10/14
The venue is great, easy to get to from the Metro. The Staff are absoloutely brilliant.. very helpfull, great with the bairns.
Disney On Ice (13/10/14) - Great Event.. Expensive merchandise.
Truly a magical experience..brilliant, talented Skaters, marvelous effects. Only downside was the extortionate merchandise... i truly pity families with more than one child. we had just our grand daughter. and we spent a fortune....Captive audience.. parents tortured to dig deeply into their pockets by super hyped kids....shame as it soured the event for me.
Kym, 13/10/14
Disney On Ice (13/10/14) - Amazing!!!!
The show was an amazing performance n was a joy to watch wiv my 2 year old she loved it thanks for the memory and also I havent stopped bragging about it
LABELLE, 13/10/14
Disney On Ice (13/10/14) - FABULOUS!! CANT TO BOOK NEXT YEAR!!
Wow what an amazing show! The skaters were fabulous, outfits were sparkly and shiny, the skating and songs mirrored each other perfectly. Everyone was singing along! Great event cannot wait for next year.... this was my first show and my childrens my children thoroughly enjoyed it!! huge smiles!! we got the cheapest tickets as 6 of us were going to worked out a bit pricey saying that our seats were great. Only thing I would say was the price of merchandise, with 4 children... at £8 for a bag of candy floss and a small plastic crown with mickey mouse ears was really expensive! Candy floss is only sugar and only pennies to make. All the merchandise was £8 plus cheapest food merchandise was a small box of popcorn for £3. We spent £71 on 2 small boxes of popcorn, 4 mugs, 1 programme with bag for it to go in and 2 bottles of coke! ......... it was not the venue it was the Disney Stalls. nether the less a good time had by all!!! Go you wont regret it!!!
Syed Zafar Abbas, 13/10/14
Disney On Ice (13/10/14) - Excellent event
Its for children of all ages, upto and beyond 100 years!! The only regret is that it lasted just about 2 hours! Could have included many other popular characters and musicals, e.g from Tarzan.
Lise, 13/10/14
Disney On Ice (13/10/14) - Fantastic!
Great show for all the family and would definitely go to see it again next year! My 5 year old son was mesmerised...
kayleigh james, 13/10/14
Disney On Ice (13/10/14) - magical show
I went on Saturday with my mam and my two daughters 4 and nearly 2 year old they loved it it was so magical and the seats were great will deffo go back next year and request them seats again ☺
Robin Hiles, 13/10/14
Disney On Ice (13/10/14) - Great for all ages!
Thoroughly enjoyed by a group of adults! The skaters are brilliant as are the costumes. Next best thing to being at Walt Disney world in Florida!
Maza, 13/10/14
Cost of food and drink is excruciating and merchandise is greatly overpriced. We bought a Nemo light up toy which failed in the first 5 minutes at £15 - probably would be overpriced at half that cost. Good customer service replaced it with no bother
Disney On Ice (13/10/14) - missed opportunity
I was disappointed in this latest production and felt Disney missed an opportunity to promote current successes. There was no sight of Tangled or Frozen but too much reference to the past - a whole section about Pinnochio, which no-one remembers really, for example. This was a waste of limited time. Where better than an ice rink to have used the event time for a Frozen experience. There must have been at least 100 children in the audience Elsasin costumes, who would have loved it. I thought the rest of the exeprience very entertaining. We particularly loved the multiple princesses dancing with their princes an the Nemo piece.
maggi, 13/10/14
I loved this show, the Granddaughters loved it to, from beginning to end it was fabulous, the venue was great, though felt parking could have been better
Disney On Ice (13/10/14) - Disney On Ice
This was absolutely fabulous, the Granddaughters loved it, they sat and watched from beginning to end, it was fantastic, the seats were fabulous to.
Mammy & Imani ❤️, 13/10/14
Food and drink was overpriced as was the merchandise but this was expected at such an event, Children want what they see and people would buy more if the prices were reasonable!
Disney On Ice (13/10/14) - Amazing!!
Oh my god!! First time we have ever been and will be returning every year my daughter (3) was mesmerised from start to finish and we were at the front all characters engaged with the kids and have them high 5s cuddles at the end .. Fantastic!!
Emeliasmam, 13/10/14
Disney On Ice (13/10/14) - Amazing Show
My daughter had an amazing time watching the show. The staff at the arena where helpful and friendly.
Lisa Johnson, 24/09/14
Ant and Dec (24/09/14) - Absolutely brilliant!
What a fabulous show, they never fail to entertain & great to see the boys back in town! Come back soon lads :)
Kim, 16/09/14
The venue was easy to get to, parking was good and also easy to exit. The only fault was the bar was slow we waited 15mins for our drinks and missed the beginning of the show
Ant and Dec (16/09/14) - Very entertainig
I thoroughly enjoyed Ant and Decs takeaway live at The Metro Radio Arena, there was lots going on to take part in which the audience loved. Ant and Dec were amazing, their guests were good, I cant say anything bad about my experience it was all FAB!
Karen, 15/09/14
Ant and Dec (15/09/14) - Absolutely Fantastic
We had a brilliant night everybody was in good spirits and you couldnt help but get involved with everything on the show.I would most certainly recommend the show to people.
brew18, 15/09/14
This was my first time inside the arena and I was impressed. It was spacious, with good quality lighting, sound and the atmosphere was fantastic.
Ant and Dec (15/09/14) - Great Evening of Entertainment
It was a great evening of entertainment, everything youd expect from the hit tv show. Everything was right, there was lots of audience participation and, as youd expect, lots of singing along. Especially with the return of Sing-a-long Live, which was fantastic. The special guests were amazing and were willing to take part in what the mischievous duo had in stall for them, including the very popular and extremely funny Im A Celebrity, Get Out Of My Ear!. There was a special appearance form Little Ant and Dec, to which we were told would be their only venue, but I was then disappointed to see them (or lookalikes, the picture wasnt great) at the last of the Irish shows. Overall though it was a fantastic experience and one that I will never forget.
Jussa, 10/09/14
Ant and Dec (10/09/14) - Disappointed
Due to the Sunday matinee show being cancelled and those people being moved to the Saturday matinee show the organisation of collection of new tickets was terrible! Why they couldnt email the new tickets like they did the original ones I dont know!! Massive queues around the arena caused over an hour delay to the show. Wed originally booked fab seats on the Sunday only to be given the cheap seats right at the back of the arena! Ashley Banjo had absolutely no Craic as the guest and unfortunately the show was disappointing! I think if you had seats on the floor or nearer the stage it would have been more enjoyable as that is where all the action was.