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Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
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sarah mae macmaster, 18/11/14
WWE Live (18/11/14) - amazing!
greats show! took my boyfriend to the see the stars as an early birthday present and it was fantastic, I think I enjoyed it more than him haha
MOJOJOJO, 18/11/14
Plenty of food and drink stalls around, normal prices for venue. Lots of people wanting to be in and out of seats all the way through, lots of us getting fed up with missing some of the moves and dancing.
Kylie Minogue (18/11/14) - Fantastic Event
The whole concert experience was fantastic, Kylie came over as a really friendly person, who actually was interested in her fans. The lights went up twice in her concert for her to see us, she went round the crowd to see what was going on and what banners where around. Kylie picked out a few people to talk too. The main 2 I remember was a man who wanted her to sign his tattoo. After taking him on stage she was flabbergasted to see her on his tattoo and she happily signed it. The other was a girl who was turning 16 in 2 weeks, Kylie invited her on stage and took a selfie with the shaking and tearful young girl, who Kylie hugged and spoke to. For me this added to the amazing night of old and new songs, great costumes, dancers and a lot of bopping about by me. I went with my daughter, who tagged along for company and she is now a fan. Well done Kylie. xx
louise smillie, 18/11/14
WWE Live (18/11/14) - great night
the show was fantastic great seats merchandic reasnable programm fair price food good venue 5mins from the hotel great as my wife not good at walking
Lissles, 17/11/14
Kylie Minogue (17/11/14) - Fab
Kylie has still got it! Last saw her in the 80s and I swear she hadnt changed. Whats not to like? Shes a professional and sounded great. good crowd interaction which I think is really important as well. Well worth it and would recommend.
Jolly Julie, 17/11/14
Kylie Minogue (17/11/14) - Disappointiing
Was really looking forward to Kylie but was left disappointed with this show. The sound didnt seem right in Metro Arena and there was just no atmosphere, almost all the fans were sat down!! Didnt know many of the songs, would have preferred more of her hits. Some songs were too sexual, a lot of young girls at the show and it all seemed a little too OTT. Strobe lighting was a bit too much at times, could hardly look at the stage they were that blinding. All in all was expecting a better show
Darren, 17/11/14
great night spoiled by security guards getting in the way and refusing to listen to reason. We pay extra for the close seats and yet feel like it was not worth it at all.
WWE Live (17/11/14) - Amazing night, shame about the security staff!!!!
The WWE show was amazing, my 9 year old son thought it was great like the last 2 times we have been. We always get the seats right next to the barrier where the wrestlers enter the ring so he can see them up close and even get a high five from them. This time we were met with a very stern security guard who refused to move when they came past so that my boy and the surrounding kids could get in to high five the wrestlers and even stood in front of them while the show was in the ring blocking the view of the action. I asked nicely more than once to which each time i was answered with a shook head. its not as if my 9 year old was a security threat. I do understand the need for security but when the show is mostly for the kids its also nice to have an understanding. I,m not sure i will be paying the extra for the close seats in the future.
rosiek1, 17/11/14
WWE Live (17/11/14) - Great event
Got my 8 year old son tickets for his birthday. This is the first time hes been to watch wwe live and he absolutely loved it. He cant wait to go to the next event.
funmum, 17/11/14
Kylie Minogue (17/11/14) - Amazing night
ive been to load of concerts over the years and kylies was definatly one of the best,brilliant concert sang all of the favourites,would definatly watch kylie live again.
Steven, 17/11/14
The arena keeps it simple but is expensive - The merchandise is geared towards adults and not kids - Get the kids size tops in. How hard can it be lol
WWE Live (17/11/14) - This Is Awesome
Kids and Parents love it... Seeing the Usos was the highlight of the night for my Boys - aged 5 and 7. However it always seems there is a second WWE event lined up on the same night as Newcastle. This time in Paris - No John Cena again for his Geordie fans - cant help but think Newcastle are getting the short end of the deal when it comes to the Roster.... Still a great show though!!!
Jim, 13/11/14
Lee Evans (13/11/14) - Class act
Have not laughed so much in years, would highly recommend seeing Lee Evans to anyone enjoyed it more than any other comedian
Michael Barron, 13/11/14
Lee Evans (13/11/14) - Amazing!!!
The night was fabulous! Lee Evans was amazing from start to finish! Absolutely hilarious! Never laughed so much in one night before!!
Rebecca, 12/11/14
Great venue, great atmosphere at the metro arena . Live in north of Scotland love visiting Newcastle to see a show.
Lee Evans (12/11/14) - Great show
Seen most of the big comedians on tour. But I have to say Lee Evans is the best!. He was laugh out loud funny all the way through. I was in tears most of the time. He spends so much time on the stage and puts so much effort into his show. You can tell he loves what hes doing and appreciates his fans. Even taking time out at the end to shake hands with the crowd at the end. Which is a nice touch when all he probably wants to do is collapse backstage. He is well worth the money and I hope to see him on tour again soon.
lisa, 11/11/14
The venue is great apart from the seats are far to close together alot of people were squashed in. Toilets were clean but no toilet roll in the first one I went to and that was only 45 mins after the place opened. All in all the the venue is good.
Lee Evans (11/11/14) - amazing event
The event was great he was so funny was a fantastic place to take my brother for his suprise birthday present. The tickets were alot cheaper here than other places I had looked. All round fantastic
snakehips, 11/11/14
Lee Evans (11/11/14) - lee evans
Show was brilliant from start to finish his stories and mannerisms were brilliant also.He certainly loves playing to a big audience and they luv him too and he always thanks them for coming to see him. He also makes time for the audience at the end of the show shaking their hands or signing autographs and having his picture took good on him unlike some so called artists. He finished the show off doing his version of Queens Bohemian Rhapsody which I have always enjoyed seeing him do.
glenn sword, 10/11/14
The metro radio arena is a great atmospheric venue . It just a shame about parking and quality and price of food and drink to expensive .
Lee Evans (10/11/14) - best show yet
The lee evans monster show was 3 hours of non stop laughter .well worth the price we paid definatley go again as lee is the best comic by far . The atmosphere in the arena was electric from start to finish .it was my best experience at the arena great value for money.
Jacques, 10/11/14
The Metro Radio Arena stadium has to be one of the easiest to navigate, and if you do get a bit disorientated there are always plenty of staff around to assist. All amenities are out of the way from the standing area and there is plenty of room to move around prior to the shows.
Lee Evans (10/11/14) - Excellent night of face ache
Lee Evans never failed to have me in hysterics yet again. I had heard some poor reviews - but he certainly put them to shame as he was as hilarious and full of noises as ever. My face was still aching the day after with smiling and laughing. Looking forward to his next tour.
Mark, 10/11/14
Lee Evans (10/11/14) - Great Night....Very Very Funny
Seen Lee Evans a few times now...very funny man!!! All new material and always connects with the audience, great atmosphere at the gig!!!!
Julie, 10/11/14
Lee Evans (10/11/14) - Amazing night
Lee Evans was simply amazing the full show kept me fully engaged and most importantly laughing all night.
Jules, 10/11/14
Lee Evans (10/11/14) - Absolutely Fantastic!!!
My son and his friend saw Lee Evans in November which I had bought as a Christmas present the year before. When asked if they had enjoyed the show my son absolutely Fantastic ..the best yet from Lee Evans
ceejay, 10/11/14
Third time at this venue, pleasant staff great atmosphere, seen wrestling, band tour and now comedian perform. All round great venue for every event
Lee Evans (10/11/14) - great laughs
Took kids for their birthdays,he never fails to make us laugh, awesome night, would definitely see again and knows how to thank a croud.