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Edinburgh Playhouse
3.7 (3 Reviews)
Acoustics & sight lines
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Bob Miller, 05/10/13
The venue was attractive enough with good accoustics, but with only a gradual elevation of the seating the sight lines were not very good. The bar was also slow with limited choices, and this is the first time I have had to que for mens toilets! I was surprised at the number of people getting up and down to the toilet during the concert.
Joe Bonamassa (05/10/13) - Fantastic Concert!!!
This was the first time I have seen Joe live, and was not disappointed! His concert was full of energy, variety and interest, and they played non stop for 2.5 hours to a full house (no support band)! Joe is a brilliant guitarist and was accompanied by other excellent musicians and a decent light show. He played a wide variety of music, including accoustic, blues, rock and roll and funk with some fabulous extended versions of old and new songs. Although Joe is on tour so much, he stills puts everything into his concerts. I very much enjoy Joes music, and certainly hope to see him again.
choclab, 01/10/13
Very good central location. I prefer this kind of theatre venue compared to soulless arenas. We felt a little bit squeezed in, but that all added to the atmosphere.
Joe Bonamassa (01/10/13) - Everything we expected
This concert from Joe Bonamassa was everything we expected, he was fantastic. The venue was great, the slopping floor meant everyone had a good view. Sound quality was spot on. The highlights for us were, Driving towards the daylight, Sloe Gin and the simply amazing Mountain Time. 2 1/2 hours of sheer joy, can hardly wait to see him again. The downside is the amount of people who get up to go to the loo/bar when they have paid to see a concert!
Steve Brennan, 01/10/13
Its good to be able to get nearly 3,000 fans in but theres no way an audience for Joe Bonamassa should be in a fully-seated venue.
Joe Bonamassa (01/10/13) - Magnificent
Bonamassa is probably the finest guitarist of our time and possibly ever. Do not miss the chance to catch him next time around. Fabulous. A 45-minute accoustic session proved you dont need power to rock and for the rest of the two-hour extravanganza he showed just what can be done when hes plugged in.