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Alter Bridge are an alternative rock band from Florida in the United States. Hailing from Orlando, the band was formed following the demise of the rock group Creed, and features former Creed members Myles Kennedy, Brian Marshell, Mark Tremioti and Scott Phillips. The band took their name from a real bridge called the Alter Bridge, which was located near lead guitarist Tremonti’s childhood home. The band’s musical style is post-grunge, heavy rock and alternative metal. The music also combines elements of blues and jazz fusion thanks to Myles Kennedy who played in blues bands before joining Alter Bridge. Alter Bridge’s music is heavier than the sound of Creed but still retains the same basic style.

After Mark and Scott left Creed in 2004 they decided to form a new band. That year they released their debut album One Day Remains. The album contained the singles Open Your Eyes, Find the Real and Broken Wings. Alter Bridge found success with this record, which was certified Gold. They then embarked on the Alter Bridge One Day Remains tour across North America and Europe.

Upon completion of that tour, Alter Bridge began work on their follow up album. Blackbird was released in 2007 and contained the singles Rise Today and Watch Over You. During this period the band toured extensively and recorded a live DVD and several music videos. During this time, Creed reformed. Despite the potential clash, the former members managed an arrangement where Brian, Mark and Scott switched between both bands, and could do both Alter Bridge tours and Creed tours.

2010 sees the release of Alter Bridge’s third full length studio album which is fittingly titled Alter Bridge III. The album was recorded during the early months of 2010 and features the band’s trademark hard rock sound. It includes the songs Zero, Slip Into the Void, and Doesn’t Matter. The recording of this album followed breaks for solo projects and Creed touring, but the band are back and very excited about touring in support of the album and playing it live for fans, who are eager to get their hands on Alter Bridge tickets. Alter Bridge will begin the tour to promote Alter Bridge III in August 2010.

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