Asia is a progressive rock supergroup formed in the spring of 1981 by bassist and vocalist John Wetton (from King Crimson and UK), guitarist Steve Howe (from Yes), drummer Carl Palmer (from Emerson, Lake & Palmer) and keyboardist Geoffrey Downes (from The Buggles and Yes).

The band sold over nine million albums worldwide with their first self-titled Asia, that include the singles Heat Of The Moment and Only Time Will Tell.

In 1990, Asia released its 4th album called Then & Now and only Geoffrey Downes continues with Asia along with bassist, vocalist and producer John Payne until 2004 when they published their 11th album Silent Nation, along with guitarist Guthrie Govan and drummer Chris Slade (from AC/DC). The band emerged from its ashes commemorating the 25 anniversary of the original formation that brought it success in 1982 with a tour of North America, a DVD and a promotional CD.

Asia returned in 2008 with its first original album from the original line-up with “Phoenix” April 15, 2008, which was followed by a well received tour.