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Asking Alexandria are British rock group who hail from Yorkshire, England. Asking Alexandria formed in 2007, following lead guitarist Ben Bruce’s move back to England from Dubai. Bruce decided to contact old friends Danny Worsnop and Cameron Lidell, and Asking Alexandria were born. The band is a new and exciting group who mix the genres of metalcore and electronica.

The beginning of the Asking Alexandria story begins in Dubai. It was here that guitarist Ben Bruce originally played in a band called Amongst Us. The band formed in 2003 and had elements of heavier rock and hardcore rock with a melodic edge. They were just starting to establish themselves when some members of the band left Dubai. The band changed their name to EndofReason. Following the name change, the group released their first EP titled Tomorrow.Hope.Goodbye. This helped to gain EndofReason recognition and things were looking hopeful for the group. After the success of the first EP the band went through yet another name change, this time landing on Asking Alexandria.

In 2007 the newly-named Asking Alexandria released their first full-length album titled The Irony of Your Perfection. The band followed this release up with a nine month tour of the UK. Asking Alexandria then embarked on a tour of Europe including dates in Sweden and Germany. In 2008 Ben Bruce moved back to England, spelling the end of the Dubai version of Asking Alexandria. However, even though Bruce had left his band and band mates behind, he had plans to reform and continue the band back in his native country. Deciding to keep the name Asking Alexandria, Bruce got in contact with his old musical friends and formed the new group. Bruce has stated that despite the name and similarities, that the two bands are completely separate entities.

The new Asking Alexandria officially formed in 2008. They toured extensively in 2008 and 2009 building up a fan base for the new project. In 2009 Asking Alexandria recorded their debut album titled Stand Up And Scream. The group followed up the release of this recording by embarking on a tour of the US.

Asking Alexandria’s most recent album is 2010’s Reckless and Relentless. The band are spending 2010 touring for the album across North America and the UK. The Reckless and Relentless tour is on now.

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