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Bloodstock is an open-air alternative music festival which is held annually in Walton-upon-Trent in England. The festival features a great lineup of alternative acts, and fans have the chance to meet and greet their favourite bands and musical heroes during the daily signing sessions which the festival organises. Bloodstock is also famous for the Metal Karaoke which is held every night of the festival. The Bloodstock festival has been operating in its current form since 2005. It regularly attracts the biggest names in metal and fans come from far and wide to see the best of metal bands in one place.

Previous acts to play at Bloodstock include big names in metal such as Nightwish, Opeth, Cradle of Filth and Arch Enemy. Before 2005, the Bloodstock Open Air Festival was known simply as the Bloodstock festival and was held in Derby, England. This metal festival ran annually from the years 2001 - 2006 and featured both new acts and established main stream metal acts. The Bloodstock festival was launched as a good chance for UK audiences to get to see international metal acts which would not have toured the UK otherwise. The chance to meet bands and get them to sign merchandise was a big draw for fans, as were the number of bars which would run at night.

Bloodstock spun off the Bloodstock Open Air Festival, which has been running every year since 2005. The Bloodstock Open Air Festival keeps the features of its predecessor and is still the best heavy metal festival in the UK. Bloodstock’s motto is “by the fans, for the fans”. The aim of the festival is to showcase both local and international acts and to give fans access to a larger range of metal bands and metal music.

The Bloodstock Open Air Festival runs for three days straight in August. This year the festival is celebrating the ten year anniversary of the Bloodstock festival. The 2010 line-up features acts such as Behemoth, Obituary, Twisted Sister and Children of Boredom. Many more bands are still to be announced and added to the line-up. There will also be campfires, the famous metal karaoke and merchandise stalls. There will also be plenty of food and drink onsite for fans who want to spend a while at the festival. Fans are advised to book in advance. Cheap Bloodstock festival tickets are available to purchase online now.

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