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Blur are an alternative rock band from the UK, famous as one of the leading bands of the Britpop era.

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      4.3 stars, from 7 Fan reports
  • Plymouth - Plymouth Pavilions


    A Scandal from Squidge, 21/08/12
    I would love to use this review to say how good Blur were, a band I have seen on several occasions, but alas, despite having tickets with my name on, a system which has got me into gigs over the last 20 years including Live 8, The Stone Roses, Multiple Glastonburys etc etc (I go to on average 20 gigs a year my first being in 1992) this was not to be my experience, thanks to the good people of Eventim and who can forget the jobs worths at Plymouth Pavilions.

    To put this in perspective myself and a good friend booked time off work, a hotel in Plymouth and proceeded to drive from Bournemouth to Plymouth in anticipation of seeing Blur and generally having a good time. In my possession I had the two tickets I had been issued, with my name on and as a gig go-er of 20+ years (I think I mentioned that already) was sure that this would be enough to get me in to the venue, I mean why wouldnt two tickets with my name on, paid for in May be enough??

    So we turn up at the venue after a 3.5hour drive (and a spot of lunch) when to my horror I hear people asking for ID and bank cards. Now to muddy the water somewhat I had lost my wallet on a bus in London a few weeks earlier and had cancelled all my cards and ordered replacements (all with my name on) so in my possession I had two bank cards and another credit card, oh and being 36 I hadn't thought to bring my passport to Plymouth. I explained all of this to the security/event manager basically to be told that I wasnt getting in and there was nothing they could do!!!

    Further to that I am told that this is being done at Blur's request to prevent touting! Well that is all well and good and something I believe in, I have never done anything other than buy tickets through legitimate means but this falls down in two ways in my story: 1) It was pretty clear from my reaction I had not bought my ticket from a tout, what tout goes to the trouble of also producing bank cards, in someone else name, to sell them a ticket and how exactly did they do that?? 2) On leaving the venue I was approached by a guy who had two spare tickets (as friends couldnt make it) who had ID and would be happy to walk me and my friend into the venue with his spares for a fee of course.

    Now my understanding is that this is touting, is it not? Needless to say we did not accept his kind offer as we'd had enough for one day! In total it cost my friend and I about £300 to not see Blur that night and whilst I don't expect to get a refund (terms and conditions mate) some kind of recognition of how bad this service was would go a long way (oh and of course I would accept a refund!). Also I would like to make some suggestions on how this could be improved (I will refrain from calling it a service as that implies I received something!)

    1) Nobody reads terms and conditions ever, terms and conditions are designed for people in the wrong to hide behind. If you are going to insist on this kind of system why not print this information on the ticket?

    2) If you are going to ask someone for everything short of their DNA why even print tickets? A ticket in the minds of most people will signify entry regardless of small print. Instead why not issue a reference number and state that supporting ID is required.

    3) Employ staff who are humans and can be a little flexible in their decision making so that legitimate fans are not made to feel like criminals. Any one of the three things above would have meant I saw the event I had paid for and I am sure would of contributed to a much more positive review, so can only be positive changes. I hold out very little hope of hearing back from anyone on this matter, but appreciate a forum in which to share my displeasure.

    A total joke and I can only pray dear reader that you think better of ever using eventim or visiting Plymouth Pavillions. It will be more than your jobs worth!!
  • Margate - Margate Winter Gardens


    simply electrifying from Laura McNamee, 17/08/12
    Like many people at the Margate concert, I had spent considerable money travelling to get there. I would easily pay 10 times that amount to see that concert all over again. An insane amount of energy, with the crowd giving as good as they got from the band - the only downside being that as so many people wanted to get up close and personal at the stage, I didnt have the room to mosh! Come to think of it, I didn't even have the room to breathe, but the adrenalin rush kept us all going (that and Damon incessantly baptizing the crowd with an endless supply of water :D).

    A very intimate gig (their first in 3 years) which was all the more special for it. I think everyone in that room (hopefully the band included) know that they have to tour again. My preference is the more intimate venues - somewhere where you can really share the moment... and somewhere a bit closer to home so I can spend more money on merchandise as opposed to travel ;-)
  • Margate - Margate Winter Gardens


    Fab Venue, Fab Gig from NGGB, 14/08/12
    I had never seen Blur before this week but was really impressed by the the show they put on. It was a very hot night and the band and crowd were really up for it. Damon Albarns singing has got better over the years and his choice of material - which were mainly the hits of the band went down well. The whole band were great and Im sure any other band playing this Venue would have a great time.

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