Brighton Dome

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Brighton Dome
29 New Road,
BN1 1UG Brighton

Venue information

With three historic spaces under one roof - Concert Hall, Corn Exchange and Pavilion Theatre - Brighton Dome is one of the most versatile and stylish venues in the south.

All three venues are linked to the rest of the Royal Pavilion Estate by an underground tunnel to the Royal Pavilion in Pavilion Gardens and through shared corridors to Brighton Museum.

Brighton Dome is a registered charity and run by Brighton Dome & Festival Ltd. As well as the year round programme, events and conferences at Brighton Dome, we also run the 3 week annual Brighton Festival.

Currently there are no events for the Brighton Dome .

Brighton Dome
5 (1 Rating)
Acoustics & sight lines
On-site service

Selected reviews for this venue:

Paul M, 17/10/13
Not enough toilets or bar staff, there was a queue for the gents something i have never experienced before.
Jason Manford (17/10/13) - Jason Manford was sssssooooo funny
he made me do a Poo in my pants! This was a great show we had great fun throughout the show and the vampire heckler was a comedy legend!
Address: Brighton Dome
29 New Road, BN1 1UG Brighton
Public transport
Public Transport

Brighton railway station is 10 minutes' walk away, with fast, regular services into Brighton from London (from 52 minutes for Southern trains from Victoria and London Bridge) and elsewhere. To book tickets and for travel updates visit or call National rail enquiries on 08457 484950. There is a frequent bus service from all areas of the city. For information on frequent local bus services go to



On-street parking is very limited, but more plentiful after 6pm and on Sundays. However there are a number of car parks nearby.

Car Park Offer

You can take advantage of a special evening rate at the NCP Theatre Car Park on Church Street of just £4.50 for parking from 5.30pm – midnight if you pre book your car parking online in advance. Bookings must be made at least a day in advance. The standard evening parking charge is now £5 if you pay at the Car Park on the day. The Theatre Car Park is 2 minutes from the venue.

Additionally Members can save 30% on standard parking charges when attending events at any time (so pay just £3.50 from 5pm - midnight) simply collect a follow on Car Park ticket at the venue after the performance. This does not apply to pre booked online parking.

There will also be a limited number of £5 tickets available for some matinee performances where the rate does not apply.


We are committed to making our venues easy and enjoyable places for all to visit. We aim to do more than the minimum required by the Disability Discrimination Act and work positively to improve the experience of our disabled visitors. Our Ticket Office Staff will be able to assist you with booking tickets for our performances 01273 709 709 / Our Visitor Services Team are here to ensure that your visit is easy and enjoyable and to discuss any complex requirements that you may have. For advice and information from the team Please telephone 01273 261 516 / 01273 261 525 Or email

Concessionary priced tickets, where available, are offered to disabled people. Additionally, each disabled customer who would otherwise not be able to attend may apply for one free ticket to bring an ‘Access Assistant’ with them to the venue to make their visit possible. This offer is open to all disabled people who would otherwise not be able to enjoy events here at Brighton Dome, not just those with mobility issues. Access Assistants should be able to sit in a seat next to or very nearby the disabled customer. Please note that free tickets are subject to availability so please book early to avoid disappointment.
We encourage our disabled customers to discuss their particular needs with Ticket Office staff when making their booking in order that their specific requirements may be established. Anyone with complex needs should speak with one of the Visitor Services Department at the time of booking who will be able to offer additional advice plus arrange for assistance from staff on the day of your visit. Wheelchair users and those with Mobility Issues
The Brighton Dome Concert Hall, Brighton Dome Corn Exchange and Brighton Dome Pavilion Theatre are fully accessible to people with mobility difficulties and wheelchair users. The entrances to all three venues are non-stepped and lifts where required can be used to access all public areas. Low level service counters are provided on all Bars and at the venue based Box Office areas in the Dome and Pavilion Theatre.
The entrance to the Dome Box Office on 29 New Road is also non –stepped with an automatic door and there is a low level counter where wheelchair users may get access.

Access Lifts
Pavilion Theatre
Lift to Foyer Bar, lift calling at bar and Auditorium
Corn Exchange
Lift from Foyer to Auditorium level
Dome Auditorium
Lift calling at all floors, Stalls, Mezzanine and Circle

Accessible Toilets
There are accessible toilets in all venues;

Pavilion Theatre
inside Main Auditorium

Corn Exchange

Concert Hall
Inside the lobbies to the auditorium. In order to ensure that accessible toilets are prioritised for disabled patrons, most require a RADAR key to gain access. RADAR keys can be requested from FoH staff located nearby.

Positions & Maximum Number of Wheelchair Users
Each venue has been licensed by the Fire Authority to hold a maximum number of wheelchair users in line with normal venue activity. This number represents the number of wheelchair users we could safely evacuate from the building in the event of an emergency such as a fire. Brighton Dome Concert Hall : 12 Brighton Dome Corn Exchange : 7 Brighton Dome Pavilion Theatre : 2

On some occasions it may be possible to increase the number of Wheelchair users who may safely attend the Corn Exchange and Pavilion Theatre by putting in place additional safety controls. This would need to be discussed in detail with the Visitor Services Department before bookings are confirmed.

Wheelchair Users attending seated events

Brighton Dome Concert Hall
There are several positions designed for wheelchair users in the stalls area of the Concert Hall. The seats located in the Centre Stalls row Q are on a slight slope and provide excellent viewing of the stage. The seats in Row Z are at the rear of the auditorium, providing additional space for deeper wheelchairs or mobility buggies and ease of access to the toilets and foyer facilities.

Brighton Dome Corn Exchange
As the Corn Exchange has a variety of seating layouts, please discuss your requirements with our Ticket Office Assistants when booking. In the larger format there are seats at the front of the auditorium in the flat seating area and in the smaller seated format there are seats nearest the door just infront of the raked seating block.

Brighton Dome Pavilion Theatre
Wheelchair users will be seated at the front of the bleacher seating unit in the Pavilion Theatre positioned in easy reach of the lift and toilet facilities. Please note that when booking you should notify the Ticket Office staff if your wheelchair is any larger than a standard seat as we may need to make special arrangements to accommodate you in our smaller venues. If you have the measurements, this is very useful. Transfers
Those customers who use a wheelchair but who prefer to sit in a standard theatre seat may choose to ‘transfer’ and store their wheelchair with staff in an agreed place. In the interest of the safety of the person transferring, and the audience as a whole, unless customers can walk well enough without assistance to evacuate themselves from the venue transfers should only be made into seats in Row Z where evacuation will be safest . In the event of an evacuation the stewards and access assistant would bring the wheelchair to the seat following the main flow of the evacuation and help the customer to safety. Sitting in the Circle Whilst there is a lift to the circle level seating in the Concert Hall please note that the staircases down to the seats are steep and we do not recommend those who have balance problems, vertigo or issues negotiating stairs use this area. Should you require any help when you attend, our Front of House staff will be happy to help as much as they can.

Wheelchair Users attending standing events
The Concert Hall has a designated wheelchair viewing platform which can seat 2 wheelchairs users and their assistants. In this case access assistants can sit in individual chairs behind the wheelchair user. Wheelchair users or those with serious mobility issues cannot access the large standing area as there are steps down from the rear stalls. However there is lots of space at the back of the auditorium to stand or for additional wheelchair users not using the platform plus unreserved seating for those who are unable to stand. If your disability requires you to have a seat but you do not use a wheelchair our Visitor Services Team can be contacted to reserve seats on your behalf. Whilst the Pavilion Theatre and Corn Exchange do not have designated viewing platforms, we can arrange for you to have a sectioned off area near the front of the auditorium so that you have the best chance of seeing the stage. Please contact our Visitor Services Team to arrange this.

Putting Seats out at standing events
For the majority of standing events it is not safe or practical to allow seats in the standing areas. Exceptions may be made at certain events and under certain circumstances. Each event would be accessed for suitability and every effort made to assist disabled customers. Please contact the Visitor Services Team to arrange this. Borrowing Brighton Dome Wheelchairs Brighton Dome has two wheelchairs which are available to customers for short term loan during events. Specific requests should be directed to the Visitor Services Manager.

Temporary Disabilities
For those people who may have a temporary disability (such as a broken leg) we will endeavour to find seating which is most comfortable for you, please speak to the Ticket Office. Please note that free access assistance tickets are not available to those with temporary conditions such as these.

Hearing Impaired Customers
The Concert Hall has recently been updated to include a Sennheiser RADIO FREQUENCY System which provides coverage to all areas of the Concert Hall as well as exceptional sound quality. Visitors should reserve the units via the Ticket Office when they book their tickets. Please tell us if you require either a neck loop (which is used in conjunction with a hearing aid) or earphones to use with the pack. If you prefer you can even bring your own earphones to plug into our units. Simply collect the unit (as you would a ‘tour guide’ radio pack at a Gallery or Museum) and a headset from the Ticket Office upon arrival at the venue. We politely request that you arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes before the performance to allow us to issue your unit in good time. We will take your details, along with a cash deposit of £20 which is returned to you when you bring the unit back to the Ticket Office following the performance.

Brighton Dome Corn Exchange and Brighton Dome Pavilion Theatre
The Corn Exchange and the Pavilion Theatre are now fitted with Sennheiser INFRARED systems allowing us to offer both Infrared Hearing Assistance and traditional T Loops in these two venues. Please reserve your Sennheiser unit when you book your tickets. To book tickets without assistance you can contact the Ticket Office on

Visually impaired customers
Access dogs are welcome in all Brighton Dome venues, please let us know if you are bringing your dog along so we can find a seat that’s comfortable for you and your dog. Printed materials are available in large print format from the Marketing Department on 01273 260825. Our signage is designed to maximize visibility. Should you wish to have the venue or directions to the venue described, please contact our Visitor Services Team who will be happy to provide you with information.

Involuntary Noise Issues
Customers who make involuntary noise, or use noise to communicate rather than words, are welcome to attend performances in all venues at the Brighton Dome. We are committed to ensuring that visits are enjoyable and easy – please speak to our Ticket Office staff when booking to discuss your requirements and the seating available. Our Managers need to balance the enjoyment of the audience as a whole and therefore if disturbance is judged to be unreasonable for the nature of the event and prolonged, it be may necessary ask you to take a break from the auditorium or in extreme circumstances for customers to be asked to remain outside the auditorium for the rest of the show. We aim as much as possible to avoid this. We are currently working with Carousel, an organisation which supports access to the arts for learning disabled people, to increase the accessibility of our venues to customers with learning disabilities. We also welcome input from Access Assistants bringing individuals or groups to the venues. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your visit.

Personal Evacuation Plans
If any disabled customer wishes to discuss a Personal Evacuation Plan with the venue’s Manager before the visit we would be very happy to help. Please contact the Visitor Services Department in order that we may relay information to staff on duty that day. Where there are second floor areas in use by the public we have staff trained in the use of Evacuation Chairs which allow the safe descent of stairways in the event of an emergency as it is not possible to use the lifts.

Personal Needs
Please note that our staff are not trained to lift or carry people who may need help or to assist with other personal toilet or medical needs. We provide a free access assistant ticket in order that customers with these needs may be able to attend. If you require a quiet space in which to spend some time during your visit, please speak to our Management staff.

Disabled Parking Bays
There is no on site parking available for customers of Brighton Dome, however, there are a limited number of public disabled bays allocated for blue badge holders in the following places near to the venue.

• 4 disabled bays at the bottom of Church Street (just before the Dome Concert Hall). No Time Limit
• 4 disabled bays opposite the Pavilion Theatre in New Road (take first left after the Dome on Church Street). These are marked by symbols painted on the granite. 3 hour limit – No return within 1 hour
• 5 disabled bays in Jubilee Street (take first right after the Dome on Church Street) 3 hour limit – No return within 1 hour
• 2 disabled bays in Regent Street (second right after the Dome on Church Street) No Time Limit
•1 bay located in North Place behind the Prince Regent Swimming Pool (Drive down North Road, turn right into North Place) No Time Limit

Blue badge holders may NOT park in the loading bays in Church Street.

BHCC tell us that Badge holders also have unlimited access to park in Pay and Display bays but NOT in Residents Permit only Parking bays.

Badge holders may park on single and double yellow lines for up to 3 hours. (There are common sense limitations on this related to safety, access for emergency vehicles, suspension of bays, other parking signage and road markings etc)