Capital FM Arena Nottingham - Parking

Capital FM Nottingham Arena does not have an on-site car park, but its city centre location means there are plenty of car parks nearby.

Our top tip is to not necessarily head for the car park nearest the Arena as this is what everyone else will do! An extra five minute walk could save you 30 minutes at the end of an event.

Car parks within a five minute walk
Fletcher Gate (City Council) - 1,200 spaces
Stoney Street (NCP) - 350 spaces

Car parks within a ten minutes walk
Broadmarsh Centre (City Council) - 1200 spaces
Huntingdon Street (Metro Car Parks) - 250 spaces

Car parks greater than a ten minute walk
Mount Street (NCP) - 500 spaces
St James Street (NCP) - 275-475 spaces
Royal Moat House (part of Crowne Plaza Hotel) - 625 spaces
Talbot Street - 440 spaces
Victoria Centre - 1050 spaces
Trinity Square - 425 spaces
Euro Car Park - 220 spaces