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Marie, 01/10/17
I would like to say a huge thank you to the staff. I am disabled and the tickets I managed to get for my favourite comic were up in the circle when I got there my son asked if there was an easier way to get up there and unexpectedly they changed our tickets for ones near the front it was a fantastic night thank you so much.
KingstonBear, 21/08/17
I attended the venue on 19th of August to see Johnny Clegg, I booked a wheelchair space and Carers ticket and was granted permission by the manager for my Assistance dog Kingston to stay with me in the auditorium (Kingston wore ear defenders for the concert) . All the staff were wonderful and extremely helpful and attentive. Gareth checked on us on a regular basis . I had a truly wonderful night and made some new friends with a lovely couple we sat next too. The staff are all very friendly, and curteous and make your visit one to remember . Im planning my next visit .
Doug, 17/02/15
So easy to get to, great acoustics, friendly staff. And the bar prices were not to bad either. Noticed disabled access was good too, so would consider bringing wheelchair bound pals.
Elbow (17/02/15) - Fantastic gig, great venue
Saw Elbow for my first time, at my first visit to Hammersmith Eventim Apollo. Wont be my last time at either. The band were superb, and Guy Garveys laid back banter had the crowd in the palm of his hands. Vocally and musically superb - personal highlights were Grounds for Divorce, Lippy Kids and Sad Captain. Have seen a few great gigs over the years, and this is up in my top 3. Support act were good too, set us up for the main event rather nicely.
Neil Solman, 17/02/15
Jason Mraz (17/02/15) - FANTASTIC
Ive seen jason mraz at the O2 a while ago,had reasonable seats ,and was a good concert But seeing him and Rainin Jane at hammersmith.Was a master class in music ,he and 4 very talented ladies gave a terrific nights entertainment, pretty much on stage for 3 hours ,and every minute was great,A modern day poet with song,cant wait to see him again!BUT NOT AT THE O2
SeanB, 17/02/15
Elbow (17/02/15) - Brilliant
So nice to see Elbow in a smaller venue, the sound was so much better than the O2 where we saw them before.
Lou, 16/02/15
Elbow (16/02/15) - Awesome
What an amazing gig. Elbow as always delivered with a stunning set list, great crowd interaction and all in a beautiful venue. Incredible night.
Laura B, 16/02/15
Elbow (16/02/15) - Gorgeous
Beautiful shimmery evening. I cried as they came on stage. Third time Ive seen them in 14 years and they remain as wonderful as the first time.
Jules, 16/02/15
Jason Mraz (16/02/15) - Incredible
Ive seen Jason a couple of times now and he is one of those artists who keep surprising you. The quality of this show is amazing and Raining Jane compliment Jason perfectly. The entire show was such a treat. They played for more than two and a half hours, besides some of the favorites like Im yours and I wont give up he always changes the setlist around from show to show, which keeps it interesting. He jokes around and is very down-to-earth, but is also capable of moving you to tears with a performance. This show is a must-see!
Lee, 28/01/15
All the staff are incredibly helpful, the sound is great and the venue looks really nice since its been refurbished.
First Aid Kit (28/01/15) - Great Show Again!
I saw First Aid Kit perform at the Royal Albert Hall last year and thought it was excellent and they didnt disappoint again at the Eventim Apollo. What a great venue too!
Mahbubeh, 26/01/15
Maestro Shajarian (26/01/15) - great and unforgettable event
It was a great and unforgettable night. I had the chance to buy 2 front row ticket which was definitely worthwhile. I will definitely buy this event ticket in future again.
Frank Reunaldo REUNBROUCK, 03/12/14
Fantastic venue ! Worth coming over from Belgium ! Not over-crowded. Nice talking while having a drink.
Gary Numan (03/12/14) - LOUD AND CLEAR !
I came from Ostend, Belgium, to the event with my brother, as we were here also at the last passage from Gary (then the Hammersmith Odeon). Our hope was that he kept his promis to make it a long show with everything in it. Well, he played everything in a well organised show and as we wanted it : LOUD and CLEAR ! Till the next time Gary !
GaryB, 02/12/14
Gary Numan (02/12/14) - Lost MY voice too!
What a fantastic evening. Despite Garys vocal problems he provided us with a first class show, mixing old and new songs and the crowd loved every single minute of it I am so pleased that I was able to be there to witness it first hand Thank You Gary
Tony C, 02/12/14
Gary Numan (02/12/14) - Wow- Truly Amazing Night-Numan you are a legend
Gary Numans return to the Apollo certainly did not disappoint. Despite Garys cold, loss of voice the day before and his own self confessed stress trying to get fit on the day to perform the gig was amazing. In a smouldering atmosphere 23 tunes + were delivered with terrific energy accompanied by a spectacular light show. Having seen Numan live seven or eight times this topped the lot as his best gig ever.
Dave M, 02/12/14
Oh for some decent beer at a gig instead of multinational corporate fizz, the only blot on a super night.
Gary Numan (02/12/14) - What a night!
Gary Numan must have been shattered after this marathon gig, especially given that he was under the weather to start with - those of us in the crowd were certainly drained physically and emotionally at the end. Its great to see an artist at the same venue 30 years and doing new original material rather than just a retro show - especially when that new material is a good as the songs from Splinter.
Dimitri BE, 02/12/14
Gary Numan (02/12/14) - Gary Numan
We came specialy for this concert from Belgium! I would do it immediately again, this was one of the best concerts if have seen! Thanks!
Dean Hazell, 02/12/14
Gary Numan (02/12/14) - Triumphant Homecoming Gig!
On the day of the gig Garys twitter was all about his voice being non-existent and replies of Dont worry Gary, well sing it for you!. After an injection in the arse the next 2 hours were pure Numan gold where you just didnt notice anything substandard about what was going on. The lights were fanstastic, the sloped floor of the venue meant that everyone could see and the sound mix was perfect, I could even hear basslines! And for 2 hours were were treated to a Numan tour de force, all the standards were there, all the expected Splinter tracks were there, Berserker was there and so was Jo the Waiter. Everything was note perfect and the crowd were suitably loud and energetic all the way through. A Numan chant even stopped Gary on stage until he was forced to just accept that he was being adored for a minute or two by his biggest crowd since 81. This was two hours of my life extremely well spent, if he comes around again, go and see him, you absolutely will not regret it.
mart, 02/12/14
plenty staff on so getting drinks was quick security staff were good and help full plenty of room to stand around before going in to take my seat
Gary Numan (02/12/14) - great show
Another great show by the one and only gary numan i have been a fan since 77 and that show was one of the best for a while the lights and sound was amazing so keep them coming gary
Tina and Jonas from sweden, 01/12/14
Gary Numan (01/12/14) - Absolutely fabolues
The guest band was OK. We did not like that they had a big light turned right in our eyes. It would have been nice if the light was turned towards them instead so we could see what we payed for. It took ages for Gary to come on stage but it was worth waiting for. He was great. First time we saw him perform and I who is not a regular fan thought it was great. The audience really made it rock in there.
kevin a long life Numanoid, 01/12/14
Gary Numan (01/12/14) - Excellent show
Having been a fan of Gary Numan since the Tubeway Army days, he still has the power to deliver an excellent show (despite not feeling great). brilliant event and because of the size of venue (Apollo) you get a great feeling of a personal show. well done Gary - cant wait for the next album and next show
james277, 01/12/14
Gary Numan (01/12/14) - Amazing
Numan was amazing and the sound was great. Unfortunately the seats in the area I was sitting in were obviously made for people who were about 5ft 5 and after a while it became very uncomfortable. It is though the best venue in London and the atmosphere was brilliant!