Eric Clapton is best known as a blues-rock guitarist but he is also a singer-songwriter and composer. He is generally considered to be one of the most influential rock stars of our time.

Eric Clapton has experimented with many musical styles throughout his illustrious career bur he is primarily a blues-rock performer, having credited the blues as being his salvation throughout his often troubled life. Such high regard amongst his contemporaries and fans ensure that Eric Clapton tickets always sell out.

Eric Clapton joined The Yardbirds in 1963 and stayed with the band for two years. Within this period his guitar playing was already being hailed as legendary due to his influences from the great blues guitarists including BB King and Buddy Guy. He left the band due to a disagreement regarding their side step into pop music.

Following his Yardbirds’ departure he joined John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers but this only lasted for a few months. He left the band and rejoined again a few months later but this was also short-lived.

It was with his band Cream that Eric Clapton's career skyrocketed. He had previously been virtually unknown in the United States but Cream elevated him to his worldwide star status. It was also during his time with Cream that Clapton honed his skills as a songwriter. He was still regarded as the best guitarist of our generation but then Jimi Hendrix came along to rival that title. The shared love of guitar playing led to the two forging a special friendship and Clapton was devastated when Hendrix died.

Clapton sold out venues throughout his time with Cream. Eric Clapton tickets to see the greatest guitarist alive perform were at a premium. Despite Cream disbanding some time later, Clapton has continued to record throughout the decades and he tours on a regular basis. People jump at the chance to purchase Eric Clapton tickets.

With such a huge back catalogue, it is unlikely that any Eric Clapton tour will satisfy every fan in terms of the playlist but there are some classics which most fans will go along hoping to hear including; Crossroads, Layla and, of course, Tears in Heaven, which Clapton wrote as a tribute to his young son who died tragically in the late eighties.

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