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Eric Clapton has earned himself the nickname “Slowhand” due to his proficiency and expertise in playing the Fender Stratocaster guitar. His name is synonymous with the greatest guitar players of all time. He was also famously a member of such rock bands as the Yardbirds and Cream.

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    Eric Clapton
      3.1 stars, from 24 Fan reports
  • Leeds - first direct arena


    Clapton at Leeds - disappointed ! from RWL, 21/08/14
    A massive disappointment. Clapton looked like he could not be bothered and did not want to be there! His attitude toward his paying audience, the fans like me who have followed him and bought his music for decades and made him the wealthy man that he is, was atrocious, we deserved more. People stood up and left within 20 mins of the start of the concert, the row in front of me all 8 stood up and walked out in disgust. The lighting was poorly thought out (at least I hope it was not intentional), a bank of white spot lights at the back of the stage were shone straight out horizontally in to the audience. Resulting in everyone having to close their eyes or try to peer through fingers! What a completely stupid idea. Poor set list, stupid lighting, abysmal attitude from Clapton. A total waste of money. If it we possible to get a refund I would. Needless to say I shall not bother with Clapton or his music again. Shame really as I have followed him since the sixties. Mr Clapton - if you cant be bothered, stop touring and taking our money under false pretences! Thank goodness that the support act was brilliant. Hunter and the Bear. They really were good.
  • Leeds - first direct arena


    A Lacklustre Performance! from John, 10/07/14
    Never having been able so see Mr Clapton before (although I have seen his compatriots in Cream at other times) I was very much looking forward to seeing the great man himself. What a disappointment! Although he had a great band with him - they were full of life, enthusiasm and musicianship - the great man just seemed to be going through the motions, despite his virtuosity on the guitar. He began with a couple of potboiler 12 bar blues (one recalled his longstanding affection for the blues) which did nothing to raise the crowd. The best section was that in which he took to his acoustic guitar, when something approaching emotion seemed to stir. This was just an interlude however, as the remainder of his electric set didnt build on this. He played a few favourites, but probably not many that his undoubted fans were hoping to hear. He hardly said a word all through, didnt introduce the band, and only acknowledged after a fine performance of one of his own songs. He played for only 90 mins, and the highlight of the evening was the performance of the support band - Hunter and the Bear. They showed him how to bring an audience to life, playing some great numbers! Fortunately, we saw The Eagles on the next evening. What a contrast - interested, communicative, lively and some great music. My brother had seen Mr Clapton a little while ago in Melbourne (Oz) and had made similar comments to mine. I had hoped he had just been jet-lagged there, and that we would see a different side - but it was just more of the same! We wont bother to line his pockets next time he tours!
  • Leeds - Leeds Arena


    Clapton disappointment from Loiner, 07/07/14
    Im sorry, but 1 and a half hours of Eric, including his one-song encore was a bit poor. What he did play was good, with a great lineup. Pity half of them were not introduced. Clapton does not work with his audience any more. He seems to come on stage, play and then leave, without much of a thank you. I have been watching him since 1990 but after this no more.

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