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The Waterboys
Gig Of The Year from Elron Hudson, 19/12/13
This was, without a shadow of a doubt, gig of the year 2013. The Waterboys are the best band in the world right now. No messin. What a cracking venue too!
Brian and Robin's Christmas Compendium
Compelling stuff. from Jonathan, 18/12/13
An amazing show, full of laughs and ideas. Robin Ince was a perfect host, using comedy to maintain momentum and bringing the guests together. Prof. Brian Cox was engaging and has a good sense of humour. The best thing in the show for me was the appearance of Commander Chris Hadfield, who fit in well with the other guests and shared some amusing stories and thoughts of the ISS. I can not recommend this highly enough.
Brian and Robin's Christmas Compendium
Wonderful evening from Joshua Moreton, 17/12/13
A fantastic event full of intelectually charged comedy, wonderful short lectures by some of the most passionate and enthusiastic minds I have ever witnessed on stage, and an astounding atmosphere. I would recommend both the venue and the performers in their entirety!
Brian and Robin's Christmas Compendium
So much more than I ever imagined i... from Linda, 16/12/13
It was the most amazing event. The mix of science, mathematics, comedy, music and an astronaut! The pace of the event was so thrilling because of the mix of the set. The event was so amazing that I came back to London for the second day. This is my new Christmas tradition
Brian Cox and Robin Ince
Bit of a waste of time from Not Happy, 16/12/13
We went to see Brian Cox and thought it would be a fun night, we hardly saw Brian, the astronaught was good, and Robin kept things going was funny, but the commedian with the black woman, irish woman, was useless, we watch comedy all the time and not funny. We gave up and left before the end when RAAAAAAA came on the screen, my misses fell asleep she was that bored, I have studied science for 20 years and the experiments the woman did, my misses is a school teacher and has saw better experiments, was broing and did not hold us very well. Dont think ill be doing that again, also the beer was too expensive
Brian and Robin's Christmas Compendium
Brilliant! from Beno, 16/12/13
Amazing night for all. Great mix of science and entertainment. The length of the show provides excellent value for money and all for great causes
J. Cole
The best concert ever! from Mo, 10/12/13
J. Cole is a brilliant performer and i loved every second of the concert. The atmosphere was amazing and he rocked the crowd! Id definetly advised people to go see j. Cole next year at the o2. COLEWORLD
Trevor Noah
Awesome event from Pet, 09/12/13
Trevor is a complete package, he has got style, stage presence and amazing sense of humour. To top it all up, you do intelligent comedy which is why you appeal to people from all continents. You make us proud to be African/Southern African to be precise. Dont stay away for too long. You were the ray of sunshine that we miss so much in the UK this time of the year (December). God bless you.
Trevor Noah
Excellent South African Comedy from AARSEE, 09/12/13
I loved the general vibe, being woth fellow South Africans and Trevor Noahs intelligent political satire. The venue itself is great with excellent acoustics.
Trevor Noah
Hilarious from Amused, 09/12/13
The show was brilliant - amusing from the start all the way through would definitely go and see him again!
Russell Brand
Great night out from 1698andrew, 09/12/13
We dont often write reviews and werent sure whether or not wed enjoy the evening, but this was comedy at its finest. One of the best acts weve seen all year.
J. Cole
Excellent night from Matt, 09/12/13
Excellent night. We had great seats. Tim Westwood as a warm up act was decent. JCole put on a great show and finished in enought time for people to get home without the mad rush for the tube which can happen on a Sunday night. Easy to get a drink too.
Pixies, muy buen concierto from Ivan Carrasquel, 07/12/13
Pixies, muy buen concierto, comenzo a tiempo, buen ambiente, seguridad, acustica, el area de merchandise buena, la salida si fue muy lenta.
Daebak! from Bri, 02/12/13
Everything was so amazing, I was so close to the band, and I was in the circle! The atmosphere was amazing and it was great to be around so many fans. Infinite - SARANGHAEYO! The sound could have been slightly less distorted though...
Reginald D Hunter
Amidst the Crackers from CarolB, 02/12/13
Wasnt as funny as I thought he would be, but still an enjoyable evening. Thought the support act (Pete Johansson) was good so overall well worth the money.
Reginald D Hunter
Shame about the venue from Jules, 02/12/13
Reginald D Hunter - absolutely hilarious, and his support act Pete Johannson was superb. Unfortunately ruined by Eventim staff trying to move equipment through a set of doors at the rear of the stalls half way through, creating a right racket.
London Apollo Thetre from Mireille FANTON, 29/11/13
A GREAT CONCERT with a great sound and a choice of the most beautiful songs (so that it was actually the end before we were aware of it!) Marvelous voice of the singer, as usual,,with an incredible presence on stage , communion with the audience and an enjoyable touch of humour -Scottish or not-in those sometimes frustrating times!!!Everybody was dancing right to the top of the theatre steps. Really, my visit to London was worth while and I wish to see Texas again in concert in the future.
Not as good as I hoped from Samantha Ferguson, 25/11/13
I was really excited to see Jimeoin but I thought the show was lack-luster and relatively unprepared. It felt like he was making up jokes on the spot, the jokes he had prepared werent fall-off-your-seat funny as I had expected and there were toooooo many references to his wife (who everyone in the audience now thinks is a terrible person with split personalities). There were a few funny moments but they were few and far between. It was also freezing cold in the stalls!
BBC Children In Need Rocks
Super! from Malin, 18/11/13
Loved the artists and the variousity. Bought the tickets from Sweden and had no problems geting them delivered home.
The Killers
Amazing show from Tash, 12/11/13
I have seen this band now 10 times and they just keep getting better and better. They genuinely look like they have the best job in the world when they are on that stage and the mood is contagious. The only criticism is that I wish they were on stage for longer (earlier start time) as it just flew by. With me being from up north, we have to leave at 2230 in order to get the last train, so an earlier start time and a longer set would be heaven. This band do not disappoint