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Cornishmermaid, 20/05/13
Joe Cocker (20/05/13) - Ruarri joseph was brilliant
We only bought the tickets as we heard that Ruarri Joseph was the opening act and he was absolutely brilliant, as always. Wonderful songs, beautiful lyrics, fabulous guitar, gorgeous voice! How does one man make such a beautiful sound? I just wish he could have had longer. We then stayed for 5 of Joe Cockers songs and then walked out. No charisma, couldnt hear the words, the bAnd was too loud for his voice. He didnt engage with the audience, it was boring! Bring back Ruarri!
JackieG, 20/05/13
A decent little venue where, even in the seats high up in the circle, a good view is still to be had. You need to split the review for the acoustics and sight lines. Sound was very good. Seating could be staggered for a better view; my friend spent most of the evening trying to see past the head of the lady in front.
Joe Cocker (20/05/13) - Good overall
This was a bit of a trip down memory lane for me; Im a big fan of my fellow Sheffielder and saw Joe at the Sheffield City Hall years ago when he was absolutely mesmerising. I wasnt expecting him to be the same performer given the passage of the years, and it must be said that the voice has dimished somewhat. However, I was very glad I went; it was good to see Joe still doing his thing and the band were amazing! They would get five stars from me any day of the week.
Bodge, 20/05/13
I wish venues would get away from the protracted delays between support acts and headline artists... I know the intention is for the venue to maximise its food and beverage sales but the result is a boring delay for those who have driven and cannot partake in a drink or two... I also wish venues would stop the Booking Fee rip off. What is this actually for? If its an admin charge, why does it have to be applied to each ticket on multiple ticket purchases? The Apollo is not alone in this practice....
Joe Cocker (20/05/13) - Joe Cocker
Great gig.... Voice not quite what it was but still blows the majority out of the water to this day... Great band but the mix wasnt brilliant where we were sat at the front...
Peter, 16/05/13
Steve Hackett (16/05/13) - Stunning
Great music, fantastic playing, wonderful value. Audience was enthusiastic and it was a great night all round.
daggers999, 16/05/13
Steve Hackett (16/05/13) - Musicianship of the highest order
A simply amazing show. Not only was Hacketts guitar playing exceptional the band around him are top quality. The singer sounds more like Gabriel....than Gabriel. The drummer chips in as well. Excellent flute and soprano sax. Guest musicians Nick Kershaw and Steve Rothery. I saw cameras fliming, I cant wait for the video.

Since their is no Genesis reunion planned this is the next best thing. A memorable concert.
Dallas, 14/05/13
Love Hammersmith Apollo, world famous venue, excellent facilities, easy to get to, great staff, well looked after, on stage set was fabulous, I would love to return there. Simply the best!!
Jack Dee (14/05/13) - Jack Dee
Absolutely brilliant, first class. Jack Dee is my all time favourite entertainer. Seen him 3 times now, and want more!!! I have pre-ordered his DVD already, and cant wait for its release in November.Thanks.
Lee, 13/05/13
Great venue, really good sound. It wasnt too loud and you could hear every note from each one of the fantastic 6 piece band.
Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell (13/05/13) - Perfect country
This was the first time Id seen an artist like this and it definitely didnt disappoint. Emmylous vocals are outstanding and the backing band were very impressive. We had great seats too, only a few rows from the front. A really wonderful show
Neil-on-sea, 13/05/13
Steve Hackett (13/05/13) - 3 hours of prog heaven!
Steve Hackett and Genesis fans left Hammersmith Apollo on Friday with a smile on their faces as wide as Hammersmith Flyover after Steve and his band gave us almost 3 hours of the most sublime prog- rock favourites in the repertoire. From Watcher of the Skies, through Dancing With the Moonlit Knight, Afterglow and Entangled; to Suppers Ready, Firth of Fifth and Los Endos, this was one of the best concerts Ive been to in ages. Special guests included Marillions Steve Rothery, the incomparable John Wetton in fine vocal form and the talented and lovely Amanda Lehmann. The bands performance drew standing ovations many times throughout the evening and I just wish I could have done it all again on Saturday. Ill just have to wait till October.........
Edward Pennings, 13/05/13
Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell (13/05/13) - Great overall performance
It was great a great experience to see these two artists perform together. It looked like they truly enjoyed being on stage. They are true quality with the focus purely on the music. It was a good set list with a good combination of old and new material. It seemed that the quality was even better in the second half and I suspect this was because the sound technician got a better handle on things as the show progressed. Especially in the beginning I thought that the sound was not that great but as mentioned, this improved. I dont think the fact that the sound quality was not a 100 had anything to do with the band but rather reflected some shortcomings of the sound technician or perhaps the acoustics of the venue (essentially the singing was a bit too loud compared to the music if that makes any sense). All in all a great show and very worthwhile! Regards, Edward Pennings.
Jon, 13/05/13
The Hammersmith Apollo is one of the best venues in London. I will definitely go and see another comedy show there again.
Jack Dee (13/05/13) - Wonderfully Miserable
Jack Dee is very funny. We had a great night. The show was filmed for a DVD so I will definitely look out for it. I like the Hammersmith Apollo too.
David Wood, 08/05/13
Mick Hucknall (08/05/13) - Hucknall at the Hammersmith Apollo
I traveled from Canada to see Mick and he was on fire. Mick and the band were outstanding. Micks voice was better than ever and the band was spot on. The sound at the venue was really good. It looked like they were having a lot of fun. Nice to see Dave and Kenji getting jiggy on a few songs and the appearance of Ian Kirkham at the end was a great surprise. All in all a great evening. Really glad I made the trip.
Jamie, 07/05/13
A good night out, but certain people in the crowd at the front were to brazen and kept going onstage. Not enough security guarding the stage!
Trailer Park Boys (07/05/13) - As real as TV show
A great bunch of Pros, was good to see them outside at the beginning as well. They did well considering the security was poor letting too many nutters on stage.
London City Chick, 07/05/13
The venue is small enough for it to feel personal, but large enough to cater for the fans required for the artist. The only let down were the seats which were looking a bit out-dated. I know that you dont intend to seat during a performance, but not all performances are concerts.
Michael Ball (07/05/13) - Great Entertainer
Michael started off doing some great cover versions plus some stuff from his new album. The second half was totally dedicated to musicals (half of which he starred in, including Sweeney Todd, and Hairspray). There were a few classics (such as Love Changes Everything). He finished off the night with a 6 song encore. A great night. Even more of a fan of his music than I was before!!
Trailer park fan ian m, 07/05/13
Trailer Park Boys (07/05/13) - Excellent show!!
So the venue was good. I had a VIP pass that was amazing, loved the show, nice break in the middle too. Top quality would defiantly go again and recomend to friends
Chopper., 07/05/13
Trailer Park Boys (07/05/13) - Very funny
Great show and very funny. We turned up a little early and was pleasantly surprise to see the shows stars come out to meet the fans. Hammersmith Apollo was a great venue with friendly staff. The constant stage invasions by drunken fans became a bit tedious but i thought the Trailer park boys stars dealt with it very well.
HalzN, 30/04/13
Train (30/04/13) - Fantastic!
The crowd was kept engaged and Pat interacted a lot with the audience. There were great surprises along the way. A really nice, genuine group of guys doing what they love and sharing that love with the audience!
livvy, 29/04/13
Counting Crows (29/04/13) - Unbelievable...again
As always the Crows blew me away, outstanding set with creative takes on a number of their classics had the whole of Hammersmith Apollo enthralled. Probably the most talented live band in the world right now, seamlessly flirted through dozens of different instruments and a great variety of powerful rock anthems through to melodic masterpieces.
theasturian, 23/04/13
I think this venue is perfect for a concert like this not too big, not too small just the right size. There was a bit of overcrowding at the entrance I think most of us came kind of last minute.
Marisa Monte (23/04/13) - AMAZING EVENT!
I loved every minute of it! she was amazing and so was the band, the whole show was great, the projections on the walls were just so beautiful. The atmosphere was incredible. Im just lost of words to explain what it was really like!
D T, 23/04/13
Marisa Monte (23/04/13) - Great Concert
My wife introduced me to Marisa and I was pleasantly surprised by what a lovely creative concert this was. The music was beautiful, the visuals stunning, and the atmostphere more relaxed than at most concerts I've been to. I recommend seeing her, and will do so myself again.
lisa, 22/04/13
fun. (22/04/13) - brilliant
we all had a great night....they are fantastic, i am 44 and my partners 51 we took our 21yr old daughter and we all said its the best gig we have been too.