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benbooafrica, 23/09/14
Great venue second only to the RAH, easy to get to, well organised, love the art deco bar areas but air conditioning could do with an upgrade as it gets hot and humid as the night wears on.
Kate Bush (23/09/14) - Lived Up To Expectations and Then Some!
We lived overseas when Kate did her tour in 1979 and must admit as the years went by we had given up on ever seeing her live so it was with great excitement when she announced her dates at the Apollo but then despair as we failed to get any tickets when they went on sale in March. However the moral of the story is never give up as in the last two weeks we managed to get tickets from Eventim to see her on not one but two nights 10th & 19th. People raise their eyebrows when the hear we went to see her twice in close succession but without giving anything away to those who are still to see the performance (and I choose that word carefully) Before The Dawn is not just a concert it is an experience which you could watch any number of times and still see something different or new - that is the magic of Kate, no ordinary performer/song writer - an original one off backed by a great band of musicians and singers Thanks Kate for making the long wait so worth while but please dont make it another 35 years before we get to see you again!
Dave, 21/09/14
I liked the Apollo a lot. Didnt rate the parking because I dont drive. For acoustics and sight lines I only gave two stars because while the sight line where I sat was a four star rating considering the distance, the acoustics at the venue were absolutely awful! I think it might have something to do with the way the sound man set up the PA system. It was too loud when the tempo of the music started picking up with very-very bad, almost ear damaging levels of splashy treble and very little bass. I could barely understand her at all sometimes! At least where I was sitting. I had to cover my ears when it started getting loud! I have a friend who is a professional sound man and he wouldnt of stood for this - sorry. But apart from that (quite important) gripe it was an enjoyable evening at a very nice venue.
Kate Bush (21/09/14) - Kate Bush at the Apollo
It was great seeing KB perform live after all these years. The first time Ive actually seen her live and in the flesh. Her voice was as good as ever. The sets were great with the video part being particularly well implemented here and the puppetry amusing. The Ninth Wave section of the show was the best part I think. There were only a couple of negatives. Firstly and Im not the only one who thought this from what I was hearing from others. It would of been nice if she had performed more of her better known songs from the back catalog. There were a few but not enough - Wuthering Heights wasnt performed at all for instance. I know she might be a bit fed up with it, as its from so long ago, but it did jump start her career back in the day and is still the song shes best known for. The other problem I had was with the sound quality at the event, it was just awful! Ive gone into more detail on that subject in my review of the Apollo itself below. But despite those two gripes I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was worth every penny!!
Wilfried, 20/09/14
Kate Bush (20/09/14) - We were lucky to be there
Hi we came from Paris last weekend to see the show and my only regret is that I could no go again! One week after I am still on my cloud :))) the show was totally unbelievable, Kate has still her amazing voice, it was amazing to hear all those songs on live... There is no adjective to qualify my feeling how it was so uncredible. I was a little bit frustrated because the public didńt move when Kate danced. I hope we have been able to communicate to Kate how we love her. She is unique...
Lewis, 19/09/14
A beautiful venue. The atmosphere was electric, fantastic seats too. Cannot fault it! The merchandise stand was a bit crazy but apart from that everything else was fabulous.
Kate Bush (19/09/14) - Amazing, fabulous, incredible, stunning!
When Kate announced these shows, I had no idea what to expect. I neednt have worried. Before the Dawn was like an outer body experience. The minute Kate walked on stage she had the audience in the palm of her hand. She OWNED that stage and hearing gems such as Hounds of Love and Running Up That Hill live was simply incredible. The technical fault that lasted for half an hour didnt dampen my spirits either. The Ninth Wave segment was breathtaking, funny and emotional. Same with A Sky of Honey, two beautifully crafted pieces of art. The encore was emotional yet uplifting. Every single person in the Apollo sang along to Cloudbusting. Simply stunning and fantastic! The Apollo itself is a beautiful venue, and the atmosphere was ELECTRIC! Kudos to everyone involved in this once in a lifetime event.
bunny, 19/09/14
Kate Bush (19/09/14) - awesome
an outstanding performance and show. Never seen anything like it in my life.So glad to have experienced it. Everything in the show went well, Kates voice was amazing and pitch perfect. The venue was great and staff helpful but it was very hot in there! Just wish I could go again.
Anne, 18/09/14
Kate Bush (18/09/14) - WOW!
The staff at the hospitality event were very welcoming and helpful. The vegetarian hamper was delicious, especially the desserts! The church created a great and interesting atmosphere The show itself was fantastic and amazing, well worth the wait!
Jeremiah, 18/09/14
Kate Bush (18/09/14) - Wonderful Return
Before the Dawn was an amazing performance by Kate Bush and her band. Im glad I had the chance to see this in such an intimate setting. I doubt Ill ever see such an interesting mix of music and theater again. Bravo to all the performers!
Paulo Amorim, 18/09/14
Kate Bush (18/09/14) - AMAZING
Totally worths two trips from Brazil to England within a month. I had been to the opening night on Aug-16th and returned to 2 more shows, on sept-9th and sept-12th. The opening night was absolutely amazing and I thought Id would never feel such emotion again, but her performance has grown so much as the days go by that the last performance Ive seen impressed me lots more than the first one! Kate is more confident, more relaxed at stage - shes now showing all she is! Wish I could get more ticket to see it one more time, closer to the end of the show.
Peter musty, 17/09/14
Kate Bush (17/09/14) - An unforgettable evening
What a wonderful evening we had and it started with the hospitality. Neither of us knew what to expect so when we arrived we were pleasantly surprised. We thought we were going to a church hall but instead we were shown to this beautiful church which was tastefully decorated. The hampers were lavish and very filling. All the staff were pleasant and very helpful. Thank you very much.
LisaPops, 17/09/14
Not enough womens toilets like the rest of the world! Bars and merchandise stands would have benefited from more staff. Beautiful sound quality and graphics.
Kate Bush (17/09/14) - I put this moment ... here
It was a night I will remember forever and one of the highlights of my 51 years on this earth. Seeing Kate Bush walk out on stage (from the 6th row helped tremendously) right there in front of me, actual Kate Bush! - smiling with joy and singing exquisitely, brought tears of disbelief and delight that would not quit. Its hard to add to the superlatives offered by so many other appreciative fans, but it was a phenomenal, spine-tingling, heart-warming event bursting with creativity and vision. Kate was fully in command of her art and that was wonderful to see after the acres of newsprint speculation about her return after 35 years of absence from the stage. Something that aided my enjoyment (as if it needed any help!) was the TOTAL absence of smart phones or cameras held aloft during the show. Not a single glow of a screen marred my experience, something that has become unheard of on the London gig scene in the last 5 years or so. Kate asked her fans not to put any devices between themselves and their experience, and it worked. Arguably most Kate Bush fans seeing her live after 35 years probably would have kept the digital distractions to a minimum, but the total respect and rapt attention to the stage made my enjoyment all the sweeter (and made me even sadder and angrier about the opposite experience which has practically ruined most of the concerts I have attended in recent years). So thank you everybody, and bring back old-fashioned focus and attention I say! I feel incredibly blessed to be one of the lucky ones who got tickets to this (yes I have to say it) once in a lifetime experience. Thank you Kate.
LizLucy, 17/09/14
Kate Bush (17/09/14) - Simply brilliant
Am amazing event that will remain a rare treat for all her fans and live forever in our hearts and that room in my mind. Am still blown away - she is an artistic genius, an acoustic goddess.. I could go on. The audience were also amazing, they were electric! Not a phone or camera in site once Kate was on stage. Id like to thank Eventim for putting tickets back up on sale as otherwise I would not have made it and now I know what I would have missed! Thank you Kate for giving us this gem.
Mark, 17/09/14
Kate Bush (17/09/14) - Fantastic
As with so many others, I never expected Kate to tour again...but lo and behold we got tickets to row E for Saturday 13th September. What a delightful surprise to find out we where on the the front row :-). What an incredible show and hats off to Kate, her family and all the crew. She was so warm and appreciative to the crowd and her voice is as beautiful as it ever was. It was fantastic and left us hungry for more. I would lobe to see the show again and really hope the rumours that the performances 16th and 17th Sepember are being recorded for release on DVD......there will be a disc with my name on it ...lol
Tim Lloydsmith, 17/09/14
Cant rate the parking as I came up on the train, but it was a brilliant venue, having sympathetically restored Art deco architecture, and great acoustics and it added massively to the atmosphere of the night. Well chosen by Kate. (Of course)
Kate Bush (17/09/14) - One of the best nights of my life....
And I am 53, so I have chalked up a few in my time....cannot really add much to what everyone else has said about the show - all the reviews have it nailed.. As well as being an artist beyond compare - Kate is also a lovely person, she has shown many kindnesses to her fans in the past. The combination of her friendliness, incredible voice, powerful and moving work, brought to life by being staged so lovingly - made this an unforgettable experience! Oh and Eventims service was very good too. Big lasting smiles here :-):-)
Gill, 17/09/14
A lovely place to see a band, small and intimate just about the right size so you can hear and see the artist. Some places I have been to especially in Birmingham they are just too big and you dont get the right atmosphere - small is much better!
Kate Bush (17/09/14) - Brilliant
Saw kate bush 12 September it was a wonderful night I will remember for ever, brilliant seats 3 rows from the front on the end where she passed by has part of the show just wonderful and very emotional.
Sunfire1977, 16/09/14
Kate Bush (16/09/14) - Kate Bush Eventim Apollo
the show itself was unbelievable. from start to finish. it didnt bother me that there were no songs for the first 4 albums. and i understand why. if people are going to the shows expecting a greatest hits show. then theyll be disappointed. I for one wasnt. The down side of the whole evening was the apollo itself. the lack of venue staff was an eye opener, there was a big problem with the humidity.and directions to facilities were terrible. however this didnt detract from my enjoyment of the show itself
Gary Parker, 16/09/14
The Apollo Setting/venue made it a more personal experience 10/10, we were lucky enough to be in the Stalls Row U, but can see where ever you sat, it was a good view/experience. the sound and setting was superb
Kate Bush (16/09/14) - Kate Bush Concert 13th September 2014
This has to be classed as one of the best experiences of my life ! such an amazing show for anyone who is lucky enough to go. I took my Wife and 16 Year old daughter(Her Birthday Present :)) an amazing, once in a lifetime event to see and hear Kate. the whole show, was superb, music, story and the band/crew were pure perfection ! adding the Apollo setting, making it a more personal experience for ALL that was there 10/10 !!!!!
From San Francisco, USA, 16/09/14
The lines to the toilets were maddening because there werent enough toilets. The ratio between number of attendees versus toilets was off. There needs to be a way to add more toilets to each floor of this venue.
Kate Bush (16/09/14) - I Flew 5350 Miles to See Kate Bush in Concert!
I was fortunate enough to purchase one hospitality ticket on the Eventim UK Web site on March 28, less than 10 minutes before all the tickets had sold out. The hospitality ticket experience was both magical and memorable as I dined inside the Hammersmith St. Pauls church with fellow Kate Bush fans. The food was excellent and the venue was pure heaven. I also appreciated having the ability to purchase merchandise without wrestling through long lines. Fortunately, I was able to purchase limited items that sold out within the first week (I was lucky to attend the 3rd day of Kates residency). I also had the ability to enter the Apollo from a separate entrance so as to avoid the large crowds. The 3-hour performance itself was AMAZING...Without giving away any spoilers, I felt like I was watching a theatrical performance/rock concert/dance performance. When it comes to vision, creativity, and talent--Kate Bush is unsurpassed. The visual spectacle included great costumes, fabulous musical performances, and well-choreographed routines. The special effects were equally dazzling (sights, sounds and touch!). I just hope that this performance is released on CD/DVD so that those who were unable to attend can watch in the comfort of their homes. I live in San Francisco, USA--so I traveled more than 5000 miles to see Kate Bush in her first tour in 35 years. Not only was it well-worth the wait, but it was also worth every quid (414 quid to be exact)! I would do it again, if I only could...Mmmh yes!
TraceyR, 16/09/14
Kate Bush (16/09/14) - Incredible
Fantastic mesmerising performance. Pitch perfect. The Ninth wave was exceptional, clever choreography perfectly executed.
Fabrice Peyri, 16/09/14
Kate Bush (16/09/14) - Masterpiece!!!!!
Seing kate bush on stage was a dream becoming reality... everything about the show was perfect... From the setlist to her incredible and unique voice. The audience and the place were just amazing...
vicky, 15/09/14
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - fabulous kate!
Amazing performance from kate bush- shes still got it! Amazing voice and great show. Loved the story lines and effects, staging very creative and accomplished band. All fantastic! Thank you kate