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Shane Taylor, 13/09/14
Did not park there or eat there. Had a meal provided by the venue in the church opposite and it was excellent.
Kate Bush (13/09/14) - Absolutely Brilliant
Saw Kate Bush concert on 9th September. It was everything and more that I had read about. Her voice was brilliant and her concept for the concert was very brave. But nothing less than I expected from Kate Bush. Her son sang his song and the talent runs in the family. If I could get more tickets I would see it again. I had tickets that came with a meal provided in the church across the road. I had normal concert tickets, but the bank (Halifax) lost them for me. Another story. After that we could only get very expensive tickets, as said with a meal provided. We decided to pay the money just to see Kate Bush live. It was well worth it. I will add the meal organised by Eventim was very good. The food and drink was excellent. The staff working at the meal were excellent as well. This made for one of the best night of live music I have seen.
Tony Hazzard, 12/09/14
Kate Bush (12/09/14) - What a great show!!!
After 35 Years, Our Kate has returned to the stage. I always said to myself that if she ever decided to do one more show that I would find a way to see it. She may not have done any of her earlier work but the 9th Wave and Sky of Honey Concept suites that were preformed were pure magic. I brought my Girlfriend with me to the show and she wasnt a fan before the show but she is now that she has experienced it. There was a small delay in the show due to technical problems and it would have been nice to get an extra song or 2 in the encore but overall it was a lovely evening and worth the price. Glad I was able to travel all the way from Winnipeg Canada to see it.
Adrian, 11/09/14
Kate Bush (11/09/14) - once in a lifetime!!
although Kate didnt do it but WOW WOW WOW!!!! there are not enough superlatives to describe tonights experience, a once in a lifetime event worth every penny and then some!!! a truly epic encounter of the emotional kind, draining every ounce of emotion, riding the waves of love and devotion directed at the stage. It was a long wait, 35 years is just too long, but finally a dream has been granted!!!
alexg, 11/09/14
Kate Bush (11/09/14) - Kate in Perfect Form
The first half of the show simply blew me away it was fantastic ..the second half was slightly laboured .. and did not have the same pace / energy ..I would have preferred more of the first half ....less of others and more of Kate ...Still a great show ...glad i witnessed..
Lovehounduk, 11/09/14
The toilets were clean but not enough of them. The staff were very polite and cheerful. . . .
Kate Bush (11/09/14) - Beyond all expections
After 35 years expectations for a mega show were high. Even though I thought if Kate is just singing with her piano that would be fantastic. What happened was totally unexpected and surpassed all of my expectations, hopes and dreams. Kates voice is amazing and so powerful. Hearing her sing live was emotional and the visuals on stage perfection. The whole 3 hours is pure Kate Bush. Never a dull moment during Ninth Wave I was so intensely engrossed it was fantastic. To see and hear Aerial performed live was just wonderful. Excellent show and way above and beyond my expections. I am still on Cloud 9 and why would I come down it looks like hell down there :-) The Apollo organisation was excellent too, great staff, friendly and helpful. I am so glad Kate asked for a no camera/phone show. It made it so much more enjoyable. First time in a long time.
Eleonora, 10/09/14
Unfortunately my place wasnt very good. I was too high and lateral. But the teathre was better than in 2013.
Kate Bush (10/09/14) - Before the dawn
Absolutely wonderful event. Kate Bush was so lovely, with a great voice. Set design was fantastic and all the instruments and chorus great. I loved everything.
Fan who came from outside the UK..., 10/09/14
Kate Bush (10/09/14) - The most amazing event!
After 35 years away from the stage, Kate Bush is an brilliant performer combining excellent vocals with inspiring artistic creativity to bring us an emotionally charged, uplifting event. Beg, steal or borrow a ticket...
TwinklyJules, 10/09/14
Kate Bush (10/09/14) - Dream come true!
Last night I had the most amazing time finally seeing Kate sing live at Hammersmith. I was blown away ! her live vocals were completely spectacular, not a wobble or missed note! I also felt really privileged to see Bertie perform - what an amazing young talent !! I had been looking forward to this moment for so long ! I have been a lifelong fan of Kates since I was a teenager (Im now a 46 year old mum of two little boys) I have followed everything shes done and loved it all ! Its a cliche I know but I just feel like I know her after all this time she is the connection with my childhood/motherhood - all my experiences really are bound up with kate and her music at different stages. I took my sister for company last night - she loves kate too but perhaps not such a nerdy follower as I am! and yet as we left the Apollo she said - I just really felt like I wanted to give her a big hug - its like I know her! I think that sums it up - Kate does that to people. Thank you Kate - what an amazing gift to your fans!
StripyJules, 09/09/14
It was very, very hot up in the circle on the night I went and not a little uncomfortable. No aircon?
Kate Bush (09/09/14) - Almost a week ago and I havent calmed down yet!
I have always been a fan of Kate Bush and counted myself very lucky to have obtained tickets for one of her shows. I was very excited in the run up to the date but there was always that little worry: was I expecting too much? Would she and her voice be up to it, with a distance of 35 years since her last concert performances? Then she came on stage, a tiny person, doing a sort of slow boogie-conga line with her backing singers to the strains of Lily. Then she sang... I neednt have worried! Her voice was clear, powerful, warm and still had an amazing range. At the start of the gig she stood front and centre with her band and singers to her right and sang our socks off, helped by a weapons-grade percussion section and the finest, tightest band I have heard for a very long time (if ever). The lighting was spectacular for this and every other part of the show. As King of the Mountain came to a stunning climax: silence. Dark. A bullroarer... The Ninth Wave began and was genuinely scary, moving, funny and exciting by turns. There was a technical hitch on the night I went but nobody seemed to mind, the crowd chatted amongst themselves and was immediately immersed in the show when it began again. Lots of stunned, happy and tearstained faces at the interval. Then we watched a sunny afternoon drift through twilight to dark, a spectacular moonrise, murmurations of starlings, startling, amazing euphoric performances from the whole cast. A tree crashes through the piano! Then suddenly, again, quiet: feathers, and gentle snow, fell outside in the woods as Kate sang solo at the piano. Then we were up on our feet for a rousing (and the most in-time, in- tune and loudest I have ever heard) crowd singalong during the finale. A truly wonderful show. Such a talented lady - she most definitely still has it by the tonne - with en exceptional band and supporting cast. She seems so unassuming with it, too. I loved it at the start when she said Please welcome our backing singers, especially the cute one on the end!, referring to her son Bertie, who has a major role (more than that, actually) and performed brilliantly. Oh, Kate: why did you wait so long? I very much hope these shows have been filmed as I feel there is an iconic DVD just waiting to happen!
Martin Campbell, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Wow!
Kate Bush was wonderful. After 35 years away from the stage she reclaimed it and ruled supreme. The show was diverse, exciting, stimulating, moving and fun. The Eventim Apollo was a great stage for her to create such a complex show and the new interior areas were lovely.
IAN, 08/09/14
The half hour crush queue for the merchandise was the only low part of the evening. Ridiculous. Four people in a tiny little booth trying to serve five thousand, Even Jesus would have had a problem...
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - WOW...
There are pop stars. There are legends. There are icons. There are geniuses. There is David Bowie. And there is Kate Bush.
Bucks Hound, 08/09/14
I would only remark that the sign for ticket collection looked rather worn out and unprofessional. The toilets I used were very clean I thought, if rather small.
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Gobsmacked doesnt even come close
Last Tuesday I spent an evening with Kate Bush, something I thought would never happen as I missed the initial ticket issue. After learning online that places were still becoming available, I logged into the Eventim site and spent an hour watching tickets slip through my fingers until finally one stuck. I punched the air as my payment was confirmed. I had never been to the Apollo before, but as the front of the theatre is visible from the tube station, finding the way there was never going to be a problem. I arrived just as the doors opened, the queue rapidly diminishing. Collecting my ticket by showing my passport and ticket order confirmation, was easy. Getting to the merchandise sites was a bit of a scrum but nevertheless civilised. The goods were displayed well, but the unboxed clothing stock was in some disarray. The merch staff did a great job getting the goods out. I had a great view, even way back in row X but had forgotten to bring a small pair of binoculars. The only unfortunate thing was that the guy three rows in front was about 6ft 8in tall. I had to spend a lot of the evening weaving about to get a view. I know Kates work and I knew this was never going to be a stand at the mic event. The evening was made all the more enjoyable by 99.9 of people heeding the request for no cameras. Indeed the request was applauded. Kates entrance with her backing vocalists was greeting with a cheer akin to a vulcan bomber takeoff, and had barely subsided as Kate launched into Lily. The whole place erupted upon hearing her distinctive voice. Kate was back, live, and taking no prisoners. This reaction greeted and ended every offering. The sound was excellent and not overloud, some of the vocalisation seeming to be clearer than on CD, an amazing testimony to the quality of Kates voice. The highlight for me remains the Ninth Wave from Hounds of Love. The on stage action and Kates shipwrecked image, mesmerised, and brought new meaning to well known songs. The crowd was in such a good emotional place at the interval, that I thought the stage cleaner was going to get a round of applause too. The whole of the second act was Sky of Honey, from Aerial. The addition of Tawny Moon by Kates son Bertie McIntosh was a big surprise. It was a very confident performance for someone his age, in that situation. The subject wasnt out of place, but the style was a bit incongruous with the rest of Sky. Nevertheless I want to hear that again too. I havent even mentioned the helicopter, the fish people, and the end of Sunset with what seemed like the worlds best Mariachi band ever. Cracking choice of band, Kate. The finale/encore. I feared for the structural integrity of the building during Cloudbusting. What a choice to finish on!
Gary, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - AWESOME!!!!!!!
After finally getting my hands on a pair of these gold dust tickets my wife and I were blown away with the whole show!!, Kate did not disappoint at any stage and it was a delight to see her back live( I saw her back in 1979 at the Royal Palladium in London ) this is not a concert this is a well produced theatrical masterpiece and not to be missed if your lucky enough to have a ticket you will be a very lucky person and after nearly 3 hours of enjoyment you will walk away with a huge smile on your face after seeing a true artist perform
Liver, 08/09/14
just about the right size to still keep a certain intimacy, now refurbished an excellent venue, close to the tube station and close to the shopping centre and pubs of Hammersmiith
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Kate Bush
The lights dimmed Kate Bush led the line and strode deliberately and purposely across the stage, ethereal and gothic in long flowing black gowns, barefoot she stepped, her long dark hair falling to her waist in waves. to a man and woman they stood and acclaimed her, all applauded , and each and every one either screamed , trembled or shed tears at the appearance of a long lost goddess. Never in all my concert years have I witnessed such an emotional welcome. And did she disappoint ? Of course not , she hit every note with a voice that has mellowed and improved with the years, The set was surreal and very very theatrical , a la Lindsay Kemp/Ziggy Stardust, but so ,so Kate Bush.I looked around and during every song faces were contorted with emotion hands wrenched as each note sought out their innermost feelings There was a collective sensation that this was an extraordinary once in a lifetime experience , like witnessing some celestial happening that will only occur once every thousand years.it was utterly mystifying and absorbing , I paid £414 for a hospitality ticket which included an incredible pre concert meal in a Gothic Church, that may sound pricey but believe me never have i been so UNDERCHARGED. life is not about £sd life is about special moments and special memories and this one will burn brightly until I shuffle off this mortal coil.
Ryan Gooch, 08/09/14
I liked this venue as it was more intimate than say a stadium or arena . I found it a little stuffy though and wouldve liked a little more air conditioning . Seating is very close together but really doesnt matter as you forget all this once you become engrossed in the show . It was also quite dark inside (we were sat in the circle row x ) and a couple of times I wished I could have got up to go and get a drink but didnt as it seemed a long way to go to the bar and worried about tripping on stairs in front of everyone .. Although this couldve been rectified by making sure I had enough drink on me before the show . Not really eventims fault . We were afforded a great view even being so far back which was something that worried me before the show . All in all a great venue and would recommend to friends etc .
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Out of this world!!!
This was the best show I have ever seen . Ive been to quite a few concerts in my time and this one was the icing on the cake . Ive been a Kate Bush fan since I was about twelve and Im now 41 and it was worth the wait to see her live . The show was moving , technically spectacular, intimate and the sound exceeded my expectations . We were sat very near the back but it still afforded a good view of kate on stage. The memorable moments were of course seeing her come on stage and I found the video footage of her stranded at sea in a life jacket very moving . The simulated helicopter was also a high point for me. Her penultimate song among angels also moved me as her voice was as beautiful or even more so than listening to her cds . Anybody who is going to see this lady in the near future are in for a very big treat . There was also a new song sung by her son which I enjoyed immensely and she also sang with him on somewhere in between . Excellent !!!!
Ray Bailey, 08/09/14
Please see above text - As to the old Odeon, it was like going home to see an old friend, except better as its been refurbished and more bars added so it didnt take too long to get a drink. There were plenty of people around to help if you needed it so all round at total 5 star night......thank you!!
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Oh, what a night
I couldnt believe our luck, being able to get tickets on the day via the website. Both my wife & I had tried so hard on the original day & then throughout the last few weeks when the odd few had become available, thank you Eventim for putting them back up just before that performance. Having seen the 1st act which was outstanding, we were left speechless when the lights come on and they announced a technical problem was delaying the restart, we both thought at that moment, it just wasnt meant to be happening for us, especially when 30mins had passed!! We were so relieved once the show restarted and thank you Eventim for not being hardnosed about it and allowing the show to run its full schedule, Ive never left Hammersmith so late! As to the show, well as so many have already reported, it was spellbinding, I have never been so moved at a concert as I was during Kates Ninth Wave set, honestly, it reduced me to tears.........as a 55 year old guy, thats hard to admit! The whole evening just goes too fast, so I truly hope she produces a DVD & CD so that we can relive it! I was lucky enough to have seen her back in 79 at this venue and she is still the most outstanding live performer Britain has ever produced in my opinion. As to the old Odeon, it was like going home to see an old friend, except better as its been refurbished and more bars added so it didnt take too long to get a drink. There were plenty of people around to help if you needed it so all round at total 5 star night......thank you!!
Henny, 08/09/14
Great Theater, good sound, good light! A bit shamefull that you need 100 characters, a bit dissapointed now, but I will right some more noncense here I will hope I have enough characters now.
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - wonderful
This is the best concert I have ever seen! I knew before I went that she would be good, but this good. I was overwhelmed by her voice, still so strong.
Jens-A Sorensen, 08/09/14
In block section on the balcony in Apollo the ventilation is lacking. It is EXTREMELY hot with a sold out house. You must improve it
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - 35 years waiting was more than worth it
We were 3 Danish fans from Copenhagen who got 3 vip fan tickets March 26 for the Sep 2 show of Kate Bush. Our expectations for Kate Bush were like 3 11 year olds before Christmas Eve, and we we in awe of the visual show, the sound was impeccable and KTs voice was bigger, more powerful and more serene than ever heard on her studioalbuma. She loved the response from the audience. And gave us a toching experience that we will never forget
Mikael Sjödin, 08/09/14
Wonderful venue except the seats were vertically too close, so I got a head in front of me all the time!
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Simply Wonderful!
Best I have ever seen. Beautiful stage and performance. Intimate atmosphere and good sound quality. A great privilegue to have been one of the few to see this unique comeback by the greatest female artist in the history of pop and rock.
Peter, 08/09/14
Kate Bush (08/09/14) - Fantastiskt! Oförglömligt!
Jag har väntat på att se Kate Bush hela mitt liv! Att få se henne live var helt fantastiskt. Trodde nästan hon var en sagofigur... Att hon spelade på Eventim Apollo var helt perfekt. Vilken arena! Tack för att ni skapade det här tillsammans!!!!