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Ole, 19/03/13
Status Quo (19/03/13) - GREAT EVENT!!
Status Quo reunion-show at Hammersmith Apollo was fantastic! The guys really proved they are a awesome Rock`N`Roll- band! I could have gone to all of the three shows they had in London this weekend without getting tired. Cheers from Ole, Norway
Brown Eyed Girl, 16/03/13
The Jacksons (16/03/13) - Ab Fab
Great Music......It was a night to remember. Loved it. Real entertaining and a nice tribute to Michael without being over the top. Thank You!
Bianchi Boy !, 13/03/13
The Darkness (13/03/13) - There is only one Justin (and it aint Bieber !)
Truly awesome! Thank god they have reformed! Shame the evening had to end. Peerless guitar from Dan, wonderful showmanship by Justin. A pity they werent doing consecutive nights otherwise I would have gone straight out for a ticket for the next show.
heather campbell, 13/03/13
the only downside was that i bought two signed programmes and i went toilet and left them with my sister and someone stole them,and was told because only one of us were there with the programmes,there was nothing they could do about it,and i saved up for 4mths to buy them,and now me and my sister have nothing.very dissapointing.
The Jacksons (13/03/13) - excellent
The best ever danced the whole night, and was amazed at their energy, as they're no spring chickens. Best performance ever, would definitely see them again.
Tom Mann, 12/03/13
The Darkness (12/03/13) - They get better every time I see them
Ive seen the darkness 4 times now. And this was the best. They really do get better every time that I see them. The band were so in tune with each other and united in putting on a great show. Justin Hawkins guitar talents are out of this world. Hes a brilliant frontman. He had the whole crowd ringing out of his hand! Brilliant intro to the gig. It showed everyone that they are more than a band, they are a family. The Crowd chanting darkness...darkness in between every song was very moving. In true darkness fashion, they ended with love on the rocks. Dan carried his guitar soloing brother on his shoulders into the crowd. Once they were back on stage Justin really got down with his audience. Giving them little melodies to sing back at him, which they did nearly as good as him. This was all happening whilst Justin stood on top of some giant speakers. I think he must of really been feeling the love from the crowd. He eventually jumped down from the speakers and went crowd surfing. To which the crowd decided that they would try and kidnap a modern day rockstar!! Best moment of the gig in some ways! Ok, take me back now guys he said as he realised this probably wasnt such a good idea after all. The stewards someone managed to rescue him and like the professional that he is, he carried on and finished the song. Fantastic ending to a brilliant show. Fantastic night. I really hope the darkness will be around for a very very long time to come. Boy do we need em!
Casethebase, 12/03/13
Amon Tobin (12/03/13) - Amazing, will be seeing him again.
Never seen anything like it, the visuals were incredible. Just amazing technology, finally something you come away from not being disappointed from.
peter murrell, 12/03/13
Nice and compact as we could still see performers without the need for a screen! Wife extremely pleased with her birthday gift. One little moan (though I do understand the reasons...to a point), the unpermitted use of slrs. I am sure I saw members of staff with their own SLR cameras whilst I specifically read they were not allowed. My compact digital/phone proved insufficient due to the low-light having kept to the House Rules but felt rather disappointed to see staff flaunting theirs in our faces. I wish I had taken the opportunity to bring mine (24-85mm) but knowing me would have been searched and read the riot act. I guess if spotted using it it would have left staff with an interesting dilemma? Hmm...
The Jacksons (12/03/13) - The Jacksons - Apollo Hammersmith
Five Stars for the performance. One of the most memorable moments being the opening to Can You Feel It. Certainly got the crowd hyped and generally stayed that way throughout the show. Lighting was particularly minimal but impressive as it did not distract from the performers/performances (as if The Jacksons need it!) as they engaged the crowd.
Fara Agza, 12/03/13
Amon Tobin (12/03/13) - Great night of Audio Visual awesomeness
Great venue and event hampered only by the very late start of the artist. Sound quality was good seemingly even in the sticks where we were at. Though a lot of the performance was ruined by fans who mistook the venue for a bar.
Fern Percival, 12/03/13
The Darkness (12/03/13) - Fabulous as ever
Few bands have the capacity to whip their crowd into a frenzy quite like The Darkness. They appeal to all ages..I can vouch for as my 18 year old daughter was with us. My 15 year old son and his two mates were also there but wouldnt be seen dead with us so we respectfully stayed a bit further back from the front. I love the Apollo, you never feel too far away from the stage and there is always a good atmosphere with the added bonus of a bar inside the auditorium. The Darkness have to be my favourite band to see there, they literally ignite the place, every inch of you is a great way to open the show and get your hands of of my woman set all ages a-pogo!! Thank you Justin and Dan for your jaunt around the place..apologies for my daughter pinching your bum! :-) Thanks for a great night..heres to many more.
ijoioeriojef, 12/03/13
Amon Tobin (12/03/13) - great music, terrible lines of sight
As a shorter gentleman (170cm), I had to spend most of my event on my toes so as to see the stage. Given it was a video show, and the shallow slope of the standing area, it would have been better to keep the seats in. A friend who came with me left after half an hour since she could see nothing and got bored.
Carter, 05/03/13
Kanye West (05/03/13) - Brilliant
A great gig, the surround vision was amazing. The abrupt ending was a little disappointing though. The lack of anything before hand be it a support act or even just music to get the atmosphere going. And to be honest the actual ticket price was a bit of a joke, 75 quid is extortionate!
vix, 04/03/13
Brought back memories from about 30 years ago. A nice old theatre, with fairly comfortable seats and very conveniently opposite a station.
Stand Up For Shelter (04/03/13) - Good night out
Im not really a lover of comedy stand up but I really enjoyed the evening, particularly Tim Minchin. It was nice to be part of a fund raiser as well!27
Honey Haguli, 04/03/13
The venue is big but the viewing from top rows is not that good especially when people are standing, sadly I set at row W on Circle couldnt see the best but what can u do xx Still had a brilliant night xx The stuff were really lovely, acoustics were just ok could use a better sound for the back rows - I worked in a local theater for over 8 years of my life so i know some stuffs about music in a big venue as this one. Parking wasnt available which is why i used the tubes best way and avoiding Rush hours you can only park in the Novotel hotel next to it
The Big Reunion (04/03/13) - Bringing The Top 90s Bands To The 2013!
Born in 1986 - I'm a 90s kid - wanted to say what a lovely brilliant night it was. No one in the arena sat for one second! All the bands did a great work on with the songs and performance although I have to say 5ive rocked the house and the Circle Floor was bouncing like crazy! Welcome back lads xx
Oatz13, 04/03/13
Not too big which meant everyone could see The stage clearly and not from too far a distance. Would visit again
Kanye West (04/03/13) - Classic kanye
Had a good time. He never threw any famous tantrums which was a plus and he brought back some of the classics we first associated with K.
Becky, 04/03/13
The Big Reunion (04/03/13) - AMAZING!
What a trip down memory lane! Loving watching the TV show and the gig was just what we expected, a night of singing screaming and dancing.
disappointed fan, 02/03/13
Kanye West (02/03/13) - hmmm... disappointed
Fell short of expectations, very short, as was the concert, and he talks too much, a lot of nonsense too, lot of ranting and venting, didnt pay to be his psychiatrist, would like refund, never again yeezy!

Songs cut short, fans doing too much singing on his behalf, lost enthusiasm for the night, talking too much nonsense killed the mood, he should stick to rapping, be more humble and remember people paid good money to be there, he didnt deliver though, and his comedic efforts were not appreciated either.
old Kev, 27/02/13
like most parkings grim but easy one to get to on public transport as usual expensive in the theatre but as local amenities are close by to get fed and watered 10 out of 10 for the hammersmith apollo a great venue
Paloma Faith (27/02/13) - a must see artist!!!!!!!!!!!
home town girl in her home town, really connected with the audience brilliant. the hammersmith gets you up close to the artist a faultless performance by paloma. so good i have purchased tickets to bournmouth in june and i am sure i will not be disapointed by this lady..............
Supertypist, 25/02/13
Badly organised. Doors open 7pmt? no one was getting in at 7pm, the queue didnt move til after 8pm. Doors open time 7pm. I got there 7pm and there was a massive queue snaked round the front, side and then the other side of the Apollo. I queued outside in the freezing cold for 2 solid hours. People were drinking alcohol in the queue, being too loud and disruptive, people were queue jumping. When i got inside at 9pm, i wasnt given a handbag search so they didnt find my camera. What if i was carrying something else? Kanye was 30 mins late on stage. It was so cold standing near the stage that i kept my jacket on. The ladies toilets were disgusting with faeces smeared on the wall and a toilet seat ripped off. I left 1 hour into the concert, i was cold, angry and regreted flying down from Glasgow just for this shambles of a concert. I have been to many concerts at many venues in the UK and this was my worst experience.
Kanye West (25/02/13) - It was okay
He was okay. The fake snow machine on a cold day like saturday wasnt a good idea. He can move, he can rap, he can get the crowd going.
Lucy, 25/02/13
Kanye West (25/02/13) - Could have done without the rant!
Had a good night..love kanye and this is my third time seeing him..however his ranting proved a little too much and kind of put a downer on the energy of the event..20mins was a little too long to air his views, saw most ppl sitting down...in that time he could have played touch the sky and through the wire which are fans favourite and thought was missing from the playlist..also why at 8.30 were there queues two roads long?! altho it was moving at a pace, it shouldnt be that long to get tickets checked etc..maybe a reason why kanye diddnt come on til 9.30 when it was stated it was meant to start at 9pm. It was an enjoyable show bt my boyfriend and I kept comparing it to our last show we watched which was Watch the Throne..that was amazing!and kanye and jay z had amazing chemistry and looked like they were having a good time whereas I thought kanye just wanted to rant and diddnt acknowledge the crowd till 5 songs in..I still love kanye!
Nish Patel, 25/02/13
Kanye West (25/02/13) - it was rubbish
doors opened late, massive queue, rubbish low budget stage setup, no supporting acts, only 90 minutes of performance (9.30- 11) AND he had a 20 minute RANT on stage starting late dissing everything- what a waste of time given he was only on stage for such a short duration!