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Daniel Plainview, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Best concert I have ever seen!
Once in a lifetime event. Very special concert. Kate was incredible. Songs were brilliant. Great night out.
Laura E James, 01/09/14
I didnt use the Ladies ... or the Mens (because that would have been just wrong) :-) but as a whole, I found the building clean and fresh.
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Superb
Ive been a life-long fan of Kate Bush and while I never gave up hope I would one day experience her singing live, it did seem an almost impossible dream. Ive learned that dreams do come true. I attended the show on 30th August 2014 and I think I breathed twice and blinked once. Kate Bush and her band were outstanding. The venue, the Eventim Apollo, is beautiful and not too big, the sound excellent and the staff friendly.
Susan Mason, 01/09/14
Very intimate, just right for this concert! The sound was amazing! The staff were very helpful and polite.
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Outstanding
The most emotionally charged and Powerful performance I have witnessed! A true talent, true to herself and her loyal fans! Influential and unique. In my eyes no one will ever match Kate Bush. Xx
kieran, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Sublime
Fantastic theatricality, beautiful venue, and wonderful lighting. The cloudbusting encore was a spectacular end to an amazing night
Syl, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Fab !!
It exceeded everything, there are no words for it. I went twice and glad I did ! It was touching, tears in my eyes. Thank you so much Kate, Bertie and all who were on stage !! xxx
Jack Spratt, 01/09/14
Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very. Good
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Kate shows the world how to .............
To the rest of the pop world , beat that ; well you know you cant, my only problem was the cost of the merchandise on sale in the theatre ,eg £15 for a cd you can get for £5 on amazon. In todays I , she is the first female artist to have 8 of her albums in the UKs Official Albums Chart simultaneously. (2014). Wow Wow Wow incredible !!!
Keith Taylor-Williams, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Wow Wow Wow Unbelivable
I saw Kate Bush at the same venue 35 years ago on the Tour of Life. I was blessed to get tickets again to see her. The Venue holds about 6000 people but it doesnt feel like that it felt very intimate and warn and friendly. When Kate walked on stage the whole place erupted in one mass of noise with an atmosphere you could not discribe or ever get again. She started with Lilly and did her set and then built up to do The 9th Wave was just outstanting and mind blowing and so very cleaver. The at the end two songs Dream of Angles and then the final Clouldbusting . Ok Miss Bush there was no Wuthing Heights or Wow or any old stuff but no one cared at all it was magical and will never happen again. I was truly the most wonderful concert in my life. Kate Bush can do her stuff 35 years later. The whole thing will stay in my mind and memory forever and if i look back I still tear up as this was Kate Bush Before the Dawn not a concert but an ADVENTURE.
Eric from Paris, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - kate in wonderland : when a dream comes true
, I have probably seen the best show in my whole life,the kate bush before the dawn show is truely fantastic, the positives words are not sufficient to express and underline all my happiness i did feel during a and after this so unique experience; I knew that she was a great song writer, a wonderful singer, but as i had never get the opprtunity to see her on stage, i didnt know what to expect,defenitely Kate Bush is also a living masterpiece on stage, I am still deeply moved by what I saw last friday , and I do hope that she will tour again and maybe in France in Paris to see her one more time on stage and to share these moments of pleasure with friends. Thanks so much kate Bush for your show, you cant imagine how delighted people were and you seemed to be very happy on stage. What a great and unforgettable event.
seb, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Best show i have ever seen
Amazing show, full of emotion, everything was, is perfect.i didnt regret anything about that lovely night, magic.Merci, merci Kate.
seb, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Perfect
Amazing show, full of emotion, everything was, is perfect.i didnt regret anything about that lovely night, magic.
Ruth, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Everything I dreamed of and more..
The perfect marriage between Music and Theater. I was so pleased that Kate pushed herself creatively. She could have easily simply stood and sang a list of her top hits but she didnt. The performance bought her songs to life through the use of light, projection, performance, a fantastic set and of course her wonderful voice. An extremely multi-sensory performance that helped each and every audience member to become immersively involved within her abstract World. An incredibly, unforgettable evening!
Georgie 2386, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - A great venue for such a historic come back event!
I bought tickets for the stalls row G and was ecstatic to find myself 3 rows from the stage for Kate Bushs opening night! It was a fantastic performance in a great venue and the tasteful refurbishment added to the ambience for such a great evening.
Tony Steeles, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Sublime!
I knew it would be brilliant - but this brilliant? There really is no other artist like Kate Bush and she doesnt disappoint. Surely our greatest songwriter - now our greatest live performer!
David Bar-Tal, 01/09/14
I would like to mention that the fan stall was a bit crowded and messy, maybe another post would make it a better experience.
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - A 3-hour of an amazing journey
There are not enough words to describe my experience. And this is not being overly enthusiastic, I assure you. Kate has been in my life for nearly 25 year; of which I enjoyed her music -- learned to listen, think and feel. The Ninth Wave (Hounds of love actually) was the first CD I owned, and my most favourite. PART II of the show is dedicated entirely to it - with flawless voice (if you close your eyes, as I did, from time to time, you would think they were playing the original), brilliant performance by all, extraordinary band -- I felt as if I was lost at sea with Kate. Im sorry there are no more concerts, I would have gone to at least one more :( Hope the DVD will be out soon. Thank you Kate, for being.
Andrew, 01/09/14
Kate Bush (01/09/14) - Kates a godess
I have never seen - and will never again see - anything half as brilliant. Kate lights up our lives.
Tee @MiddxMinxx, 30/08/14
Kate Bush (30/08/14) - Magical Kate Bush!
I was thrilled to see Kate Bush’s amazing opening show on Tues 26 August. Seeing Kate dancing barefoot with her child-like look of awe and wonder was magical and beautiful. The drowning woman was well staged and imaginative, but the subject matter was distressing and often weird. I was disappointed not to hear a few more songs from the first part of her career, but finishing with Cloudbusting was wonderful. Overall it was an awesome spectacle and I’m so happy that I got to see this real icon of British music.
Neil, 28/08/14
Kate Bush (28/08/14) - Fabulous!!
The most fantastic concert you are ever likely to see. Exciting, different, perfect. Worth every last penny and I am so glad that I was fortunate enough to get a ticket. If you get any chance to go, dont miss it. a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you Kate, I can die a happy man!!
Elisa, 12/08/14
Derren Brown (12/08/14) - Best event !
Next year Im gonna come back for sure ! It was great ! Derren did some incredible things like always
Hendrik, 08/08/14
The venue is easy to reach either by private or public transport. Good selection of restaurants in the area.
London Goes SA (08/08/14) - Great event
Lots of fun, unique show with good selection of SA Afrikaans performers and programme length ok. Ticket prices a bit steep, which probably meant half full venue. But, I was a happy customer and thoroughly enjoyed a bit of SA music. Claire Johnston bringing some 80s Mango Groove was fabulous and a very welcome late surprise addition. Oh, and boerewors rolls would have been nice ;-).
Svenja, 05/08/14
Derren Brown (05/08/14) - Unbelieveable amazing!
I was in the show INFAMOUS from Derren Brown. From the beginning until the end it was just amazing. Derren is the most astounishing person i have ever seen. The show was about 2 hours and a 20 minutes break. Derren shows his skills and works a lot with the audience. I couldnt stop thinking: what was that?! and how did he do that?! I came extra from germany to see his show and i dont regret it. This man is a genious and it was a very great evening and an amazing show.