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Alan Taberer, 15/09/14
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - Unbelieveable
Someone once said You had to be There This was not a concert it was an epiphany.The culmination of years resulting in a pilgrimage of the faithful. There were times when I could not believe that I, along with thousands of others, were breathing the same air, sharing the same sounds and viewing the entire spectacle. I have been fulfilled, a beautiful beautiful experience. I have listened faithfully for thirty five years to every album.Thank you so much Kate x
mllanos, 15/09/14
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - Amazing time at the Kate Bush Show!
Not only was Kate amazing but the show was spectacular! She sounded spot on and was beautiful. The show was better than most Broadway musicals and the sound was perfect and clear. I had the Hospitality package and it was worth every cent. The setting was in the beautiful Gothic church and every detail was thought out. Everything from presentation to choice of foods was first class. It was also nice to have the merchandise for sale there with no crowds. I would go back in a second!
Ron Wiebolt, 15/09/14
It was stressfull to pick up the tickets on time. The information after buying the tickets was unclear. The term hospitality was used for different offerings. It was not clear whether the tickets were sent home to me. I had to call two times to make it all clear that I had booked for two rooms and what the procedure was. The inteval was too short. People need morte time to get a drink.
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - Stunningly good
Kate Bush her concert was stunning. Her voice, her performance and the programme. Also her crew, the musicians and her son added up to an amazing evening. I`m so happy I went to Londen to visit this event. She gave her fans so much. The theatre was an exellent place for this performance. I could easily follow what was going on on the stage and on the big screen. Nice that some of her stories where told in both music, images and performance. And for the first time, hopefully not for the last. High apreciation and kind regards to Kate and her K-fellowship, Ron Wiebolt from the Netherlands
sweet.thing, 15/09/14
Nice refurbishment of a stately old venue, but as usual never enough staff where you need them most, bar, merchandise etc.
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - Astonishing performance
Left in complete awe of the entire performance, never seen the like before, and unlikely to see again. She has never failed to impress me from the very beginning of her recording career, and if anything have even more respect and admiration for her now than before. Her handpicked band was also perfect and equally stunning. As for the experience, left very flat after expecting afternoon picnic due to very vague instructions from eventim, only to find we had hotel only at extraordinarily inflated price. Given any option next time, which we were not given on this occasion, I would buy ticket only and find own accommodation, and picnic!
Mick B, 15/09/14
Nice atmosphere and décor, but could do with more toilet facilities. The temperature was a bit warm and stuffy.
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - Before The Dawn: Beyond Amazing
Thirty five years in the making, thirty five years waiting & worth every minute. It wasnt just a concert it was a show, a magnificent spectacle, containing several of her songs & two set pieces which included acting, dance mime & puppetry. Memories of that night will stay with me for a long time to come. I expected nothing less from the great Kate Bush.
august61, 15/09/14
Its an old ex-cinema theatre, very nice art deco-like. Very easy to get there by tube or bus. Not to many people (3500) there, comfortable atmosphere, nice bars.
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - A Dream Come True!
I listened to Wuthering Heights back in 1978 in a disco in Munich (Germany) and since then I love Kate Bush and her wonderful music! Now after 35 years I was lucky enough to buy a ticket and listen to her live. It was a mind-blowing, unique event! What a fortune to take part in Before the Dawn. Kate Bush is a class of her own, unrivalled, sovereign - a real shaman. What she performed at the Hammersmith Apollo with her musicians, her lovely son and the other artists was a huge and wonderful mulit-media music-theatre event. Its a bliss to have the oppertunity to eye-witness it. Now I hope very much, that there will be a DVD.
marian, 15/09/14
I was lucky to get tickets but Eventim changed me from opening night to 2nd still no explanation , and I could only get hospitality tickets despites others being offered lower priced tickets. The gig was worth it and to be honest I would go again but I would not be impressed withEventim handling and processing tickets. Kate come to Ireland next time ! I dont believe the food was worth the price nearly 1000 K for two mine was over seasoned and to be honest It was my only chance of seeing kate but very badly organised by the eventim team they have not yet explained why I lost my opening night seats and I didnt hear from the till that evening and only by chance, I could easily have booked flights in the interim can someone explain?
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - Bucket list completed
Best ever experience and she was on my bucket list for soooo long. trouble is I want to go again. Kates voice is stillbrilliant and as for her music so glad to see she is alive in the 2014 charts !!! The hospitality was not that great could hardly eat any and very little poussin the harissa spoiled it for me and the buying of merchandise far too slow . everything about the concert was brilliant but the processes around it as explained were very poor. I still cant believe the Eventim phoned me after the had taken my money some nearly 1000£ to change my dates from the opening night to 2nd which involved flight changes also never again !
Mario Stuppini, 15/09/14
WONDERFUL THEATRE!!! wonderful athmosphere!! Wonderful KATE BUSH Always!!! a concert that will remain in the history of pop rock. a stunning Kate Bush performing at her best!
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - EXTRORDINARY KATE BUSH
HullRob, 15/09/14
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - If you can go - GO !
Ive been a fan of Kate since Wuthering Heights in 1978 and at long last I have seen her live. The excitement and the anticipation of the show was so obvious and the minute she walked on stage the crown was on its feet. The details of the show have been published widely so I wont say too much. Kate sounded great - gentle when needed and belting out for the rockier numbers. The songs transferred brilliantly from the albums to the live stage aided by a fantastic band. If you havent got tickets already the chances of getting them are slim - if you can go - GO or you are missing a treat. I would go again tomorrow if I could.
Marco Iazzetta, 15/09/14
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - Grandissima Kate Bush
Il concerto atteso da una vita.... un sogno realizzato! Ho avuto lopportunità di vederlo per due sere di seguito ed è stato molto emozionante... Spero non passino altri 35 anni per rivedere Kate!!!
Scooby, 15/09/14
There was only one thing that annoyed me and that was that people were getting up while Kate Bush was performing and coming back with drinks from the bar, can the selling of drinks from the bar be stopped while the concerts are on, it seemed that once one person went down others saw and followed. The venue itself is superb and the staff were friendly. Will definatly attend this venue again.
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - Dream come true
Ive waited 35 years for this moment to happen, was I disappointed? A resounding NO! The atmosphere in the Eventim was electric and when the show started and Kate walked on stage the audience exploded. I have seen many big concerts but I have never been to one where the artist received a standing ovation after every song! Kates voice was superb, ok she didnt dance like she used to but this show didnt need that, her stage presence was electric. The Ninth wave arrived with an explosion and didnt disappoint, it was worth the 29 year wait to see that section of The Hounds of Love album realised in full, the sets and the effects were theatre at its best. The second half of the show, A Sky of Honey, was just as theatrical with good visual effects, a wooden puppet and people turning into birds! The show ended with just Kate and a piano singing so beautifully Among Angels, I could hear a few people crying around me. Did the show stop there? No, there was one more, the whole of the audience sang and danced their way through Cloudbusting and then it was over! Ok there wasnt loads of the old hits apart from Running Up That Hill, Hounds of Love, King of the Mountain and a couple of album tracks, but that didnt matter, it wasnt a Greatest Hits concert and Im so glad ut wasnt, this was a show it was theatre, it was special. My only gripe was there was no songs from the The Sensual World album, thats only because its my favourite! Wish I had tickets to see this show again! Thank you Kate x
MrGreedy55, 15/09/14
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - A Dream Come True!
After waiting so long to see our beautiful, magical Kate, I was thrilled to get a ticket, and I must say, I have never experienced anything like it! The atmosphere was electric and when she appeared the whole place erupted in cheers and tears. The show was unbelievable, and Kate sang beautifully! I am forever changed by the experience, and I love her even more now! Thank you Kate! xx
Toby, 15/09/14
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - Kate Bush absolute Legend!
This is the most inspired concert I have ever seen! I have been to many concerts/shows in my life but this live experience with Kate Bush shows in my opinion that she is the best contemporary singer/songwriter/producer this country has ever produced. Go Kate........
Gianni Spigno, 15/09/14
as a 1978 Kate Bush fan who had never seen the theatre, the place itself was a myth. I was with a friend architect who gave me additional info on structures and history for these sort of venues. As an architecture-enthusiast myself, this added an extra pleasure while waiting for Kate to eventually appear in front of my very eyes... blissful night.
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - an Italian guys dream made into reality
I am an Italian Kate Bush fan since her 1978 debut in the charts and have been until now; eventually, I am even more than before. After seeing the show, and having listened to some of those songs for over 30 years, seeing a radiant Kate Bush in front of my very eyes was a once-in-a-lifetime dream come true. I am only too happy to hear there will be filming going on, and this will be the extra value which will allow me to relive this over and over. Cheers everybody!
Torben Bille, 15/09/14
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - Best. Show. Ever!
Had the highest expectations, but was still blown away. Been a fan for many a moon, but had not seen this coming.
Flappsthebat, 15/09/14
You have amazing staff that helpful, friendly and hard working. I have pet peeve about plastic glasses but these were ok. The building is beautiful and has been loving kept with good housekeeping. My only gripe would be the brochure not Bering checked but the staff behind the counter are not fortune tellers and worked very hard to serve people in order. Quickly and fairly. I felt very secure at the venue
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - Wow ( even though she didnt play that)
Kate was strong and confident and performed a show that was based on her work not her hits. The staging rivalled, if not bettered the west end! Her voice was clear,strong an even more beautiful than a recording gives justice too. Special mention has to go to Burtie his confidence and presence on stage show this man is a talent in own right and we will be seeing a lot more of him I hope! The only minor grumble was my beautiful brochure of the show did not have the pages cut. I didnt check it till after I left london as I dont want spoil the show. This a minor glitch just check your pages if you get one then enjoy an experience of life time and one you will never forget!
Fox, 15/09/14
The queue at the gents was longer than the ladies - never seen that before but the venue was well organised.
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - Wow!
I had only waited to see Kate for 35 years so expectations were very high but she did not disappoint. The show contains my favourite pieces of her work but the stage show takes it to another level - highly creative and theatrical but the band are simply outstanding. The most original, influential and talented musical genius. Not enough wows can describe it.
B Baker, 15/09/14
The queue went down quickly and the staff were friendly the atmosphere was great overall a great experience would definitely come here a gain
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - Absolutely Fanbloodytastic
Ive been a fan of Kates since I nicked my dads The Kick Inside ( I was about 16 I think) and played it continuously eventually driving him mad. I took my wife with me who liked Kate but was no fan . we saw the most amazing show and we were quite close to the stage - I even got emotional when she came on stage I was quite overawed - standing ovations after every song loved the 2nd half too, spent a fortune on memorabilia. My wife is now a fan she has had me take the tickets ,confetti and poster to be framed!! What can I say the show was brilliant Kates voice was awesome and the song choices were great I was not disappointed by the lack of Babooshka or Wuthering Heights as I had heard they were not sung anyway . And everyone seemed to not to use cameras and such as requested by Kate which I thought showed a great deal of respect from her fans. Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant
Mark, 15/09/14
Very friendly door staff! and perfect stage for the style of show. Great view even from the back and wings. Lovely atmosphere almost old fashioned style and setting. Great!
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - Excellent!!
The best concert I have been to in years. Kate delivered more than expected both with visuals and performance. Her voice stronger than ever and note perfect!. Apollo venue made it an even more intimate experience with friendly staff.
Denise & John, 15/09/14
The Apollo is a beautiful venue with atmosphere galore. But with a full house the heat and humidity is overwhelming.
Kate Bush (15/09/14) - A big kiss to Kate from Denmark
Were still blown away by the amazing performance by one of the greatest living artists. What a stage presence - what a show. It was truly a night to remember. Thank you Kate from three of your Danish fans.