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Eva, 13/10/14
It was very smoggy, in my opinion maybe rather small for this grand composer. Otherwise it was cosy and one could feel close to the performers. There was a marvellous light show as well, the stage itself was quite impressive. It was very smoggy, in my opinion maybe rather small for this grand composer. Otherwise it was cosy and one could feel close to the performers. There was a marvellous light show as well, the stage itself was quite impressive. It was very smoggy, in my opinion maybe rather small for this grand composer. Otherwise it was cosy and one could feel close to the performers. There was a marvellous light show as well, the stage itself was quite impressive. It was very smoggy, in my opinion maybe rather small for this grand composer. Otherwise it was cosy and one could feel close to the performers. There was a marvellous light show as well, the stage itself was quite impressive. It was very smoggy, in my opinion maybe rather small for this grand composer. It was very smoggy
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - Marvellous, unparalleled experience!
The greatest composer of all times, revealed! Words cannot express the magic and grandness of his appearance! Once in a life time emotion!
Alan OShea, 13/10/14
Kate Bush (13/10/14) - I put this moment - here!
Now that the (star)dust has settled and I reflect back on an experience of a lifetime, a true moment of pleasure, I am in awe. Sometimes its hard to believe it actually happened. To be present at the final show of Before the Dawn, to witness what was an amazing performance by Kate Bush and company was an absolute privilege. I thought this would never happen. It did, and I am eternally grateful. A wonderful evening. Congratulations to all involved, on and off stage. You put on a brilliant show. You must be so proud. I will carry this memory for a long time. AOS
Karl and Joanne, 13/10/14
Not much to eat. But then venue has full of character and was perfect for such an event. Great location, right next to hammerSmith station with all the bars and resteraunts in the area you need for a great night.
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - Truly Epic!!!!
Once in a lifetime event to see Hans Zimmer and his band with an orchestra and choir backing them up composing and performing soundtracks from the greatest movies around. It gave us goosebumps to see and hear. Just amazing!!!
Becky E, 13/10/14
Beautifully revamped since the last time I was here. Great acoustics. The food and drink is overpriced (to be expected, but still disappointing). My only real issue was that during the performance there was not a great staff presence. People were constantly in and out of seats - might be appropriate for a comedy performance or a pop concert, but it did have a negative impact for me on this particular show. This should have been controlled better
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - The greatest show I have ever experienced
I have been anticipating this ever since the dates were announced earlier this year. And HZ delivered beyond my wildest expectations. All musicians and special guests were fantastic. The show moved along at a great pace with a whole range of music and emotions; I laughed, I cried, I danced. HZ is a genius. I feel really privileged to have attended the show. Part of me is savouring the fact that it was a once-in-a-lifetime event... but the other part is screaming for HZ to do more of this, so that I can relive the whole thing!
Booch!, 13/10/14
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - UTTERLY BRILLIANT
Simply THE best live event Ive ever been to. Sure, Im a big Hans fan, but Ive been going to gigs/shows/etc for 20+ years. Ive been to small shows, big shows, festivals, classical concerts, you name it... This just blew everything out of the water. The number of musicians was astounding, the sound was immense. The spread of music he played touched all the major themes youd know immediately were his, sometimes without even realising Id bet. With a smattering of special guests, including Johnny Marr and Pharrell Williams, who also somehow managed to twist Hans arm to play his own song Happy with full orchestral accompaniment there was not a foot put out of place. Im still in awe of the drummer, who for me was the stand out musician. I laughed, I cried - which took me by surprise, I reminisced, felt like I was in the movies (if I closed my eyes) and just did not want it to end. I really hope the artists read these reviews. Hans, if you do... You HAVE to come back and do a tour of the UK!! The single downside to the whole evening, was not being able to hear the mans anecdotes clearly between tracks because the applause they received was just so loud! I can Ive with it, but the bits I did here made him sound very humble and clearly a very funny and likeable individual. Kudos all around, well worth it. I just hope he does more dates next time around the UK giving more people the chance to take it all in around the country. Such a shame Interstellar hasnt been released yet, Id have loved to have had a sneak at some of the forthcoming music from it.
dirk smets, 13/10/14
to much incoming mail the days preceding the event. just one mail reminding the upcoming event would have been enough. and why do I have to enter 100 characters if I dont have anything more to say
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - great event
we want that every year . great surprise with Farrell Williams appearing in the middle of the show. the solo singers were not always a success. Too bad Lisa was not there for the Gladiator song. Hope she will be there next time
Vladimir Pavlisin, 13/10/14
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - Concert experience of a lifetime
I was so amazed and thrilled to experience such a treat that Hans and the band prepared for his fans. Concert was spectacular!!! Thank you!
Kenny H, 13/10/14
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - A Magical, Inspirational, Emotional Night!
Hans Zimmer took to the London Stage and he and his band/orchestra/choir singers delivered a magical performance that was a delight for our ears and even our eyes! This man is a master of his craft and his music is iconic and transforms the movies that he has scored into works of pure art. Delivering wonderful pieces from Crimson tide, The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, Superman, The Dark Knight, The Thin Red Line etc... to name but a few! There was also special guest appearances from the artists who helped him including Lebo M who did the opening zulu vocals in the lion (A World First since they recorded the song back in the early 90s) and a very special appearance by the multi-talented Pharrell Williams who performed Happy with Hanss Orchestra and then proceeded to do Electro from the Amazing Spiderman 2. It was an absolutely wonderful night, one that I shall never forget! If Hans came back to do a concert tomorrow, I would be first in line to buy tickets!
StarGazingWithU, 13/10/14
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - Lifetime Wish Completed!
When I was four years old, I used to rewind The Lion King over and over to listen to the music. Growing up, I found myself doing exactly the same with other movies and when I did finally learn the name of the man behind all of my favourite film scores, all I have ever wanted to do was to see him live. Well I finally did see Hans Zimmer the other night and it literally blew me away. Fantastic to hear some of the classics such as Rain Man, Crimson Tide and Driving Miss Daisy, as well as some of the more modern pieces, such as Gladiator and the Batman Trilogy. The Inception encore was the perfect way to end the experience along with the haunting choir taking us on a journey with Aurora. Beautiful. All in all it was a fantastic performance and I couldnt have asked for better when crossing off a lifetime wish to see the master of movie scores at work. If I ever meet him I will be sure to tell him that!
McSub, 13/10/14
Circulation was bad. A bit cramp and the intermission period where everybody tried to get out to the lounge area was a disaster.
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - Fantastico!
Ive booked a standing ticket while my friend had a seat. He sat below me and didnt see much as the person in front was quite tall. I might had got very lucky as I could find a place to stand in the center and could see the whole lighting shows and the stage so I would recommend the standing ticket if you could tolerate 2 - 3 hours standing without sitting. It was cheaper by half and the view was not that bad. Overall for the Zimmers concert was amazing. Ive got goosebumps when the song Cleasing - Ascension from Lion King started and songs from Gladiator, Superman, Dark Knight Rise and some others were flawlessly executed. Nice encore also!
Boltshead, 13/10/14
It is a terrible shame that having spent vast sums on restoring the venue and organ that the organ is never used.
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - Hans Zimmer Revealed !!! Excellent !!!
Fantastic concert, something for everyone from earlier film score to the more darker later ones. There was no room left on the stage and the slow reveal as to what was actually on the stage was brilliant. The lack of room probably explains the one small gripe I have. Why o why did Mr Zimmer not make use of the Compton Theatre Organ that has resided at the Apollo since it first opened, 12,000 pipes and other associated percussion / toys would have added to the choral pieces.
Federico, 13/10/14
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - Amazing!
I cannot put down into words the riveting experience that Hans Zimmer in concert was for me. It brought tears to my eyes as I heard him and his band and orchestra perfoming the tunes and music of some of my favorite movies. To see him on the stage, perfoming live for an audience in a great threatre is something I cannot put a price to. It was one of the greatest moments in my life and hope to see him again.
JLN, 13/10/14
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - Spectacular, epic.... staggeringly amazing
Exceptionally brilliant, and most probably the best concert I have ever been to. The man is a genius and he brings life to whatever he plays...
TimeX, 13/10/14
Venue okay but a bit smelly near the toilets (which stank). A bit grubby round the edges, but seats comfortable.
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - Mostly Excellent
A fantastic evening, apart from the final third of the concert; at this point, Hans and his Friends abandoned the music in favour of 20-30 minutes of perpetual, tuneless noise - mostly drumming - which had little to be said for it other than that it was loud. (About as enjoyable as being sealed in a metal barrel and having someone with a pneumatic drill hammering away on the outsides until your ear-drums burst.) Great music, great evening. Shame that I left with the memory of the rather pointless finale still ringing in my ears.
Antti Voutilainen, 13/10/14
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - Absolutely amazing Hans Zimmer
The show was absolutelu amazing. Im from Finland and Hans Zimmer was the main reason for my journey. I love his music but the show was simply phenomenal. I was hoping that they dont stop playing, it was just so amazing. Mother of all concerts!
J. Walsh, 13/10/14
The Apollo is always a well presented, classical theatre venue and gives great sight-lines from almost any position as well as incredible acoustics tempered by a level of intimacy with the subject that really allows you to feel part of any event taking place there.
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - Hans Zimmer: Revealed
An incredible experience from beginning to end. Hans Zimmer is a composer that has, seemingly, transcended the traditional concept of the composer - at the forefront of an evening dedicated to exploring some of his finest musical scores, Zimmer himself comes across as a music fan and a film fan rather than the force of nature that his music suggests. Warm-hearted and delivering the introduction to his various works with poise and a genuine connection with his audience, the man himself ties the entire event together in a way that I did not expect. The music itself was priceless, essentially note perfect to the original scores, the evening opened with Driving Miss Daisy and drifted seamlessly into rousing performances of Crimson Tide, Gladiator, Angels & Demons and The Lion King to name but a few before an intermission that came all too soon. The second half of the evening kicked into higher gear, with Man of Steel a particular favourite and delivered with effortless gravitas before a surprise guest arrived... Pharrell Williams! Joining Zimmer on stage to sing Happy before discussing their collaboration on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 score and then giving a tremendously complex rendering of Electro from that same score. Before I knew it, we were into The Batman Suite, the evenings finale, delivering a seamless production of scores from Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Returns before closing the show in fine style. Only after a few minutes of insatiable applause did the first pulse pounding drone from Inception cascade around The Appollo and send the crowd into fits for the superbly well-chosen Encore performance. The three key pieces from Zimmers irrepressible score were presented, including a remarkable Mombasa before ending on Zimmer, alone in the centre of the stage, tentatively playing those haunting last piano notes as Cobb embraces (what he hopes) are his children at last... An evening not easily forgotten and driven by incredible performances from the entire orchestra, all given their due credit and respect throughout, it was an honour and privilege to witness one of the finest composers of the modern cinematic era. Versatile, intuitive and full of emotion, Zimmers work has had an impact on me from the first time I saw Crimson Tide and to see his work, performed live is, to a film-fan, a seriously large tick off of the bucket list. If he should ever take to the stage in this fashion again (this being the first time ever) then I recommend that you take the time to sit and appreciate the master at work - amazing.
Mac, 13/10/14
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - Best live music Ive ever seen
Incredible night....exceeded all expectations. From the revealing opening to the encore which got a standing ovation. If was truly special to see Hans Zimmer perform with musicians at the top of their games. I cant see how it can be topped!
Ashleigh Payne, 13/10/14
We had great seats at the front of the Circle which provided a terrific full view of the stage, whilst still feeling not too far away. Was also impressed by the bar service during intermission - didnt have to queue for long like other events.
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - Best most unique concert Ive ever seen!!
I was impressed by everything! The performance was astounding - the musicians were genius, loved the surprise cameo by Pharrell, the sound was perfect. Love love love loved it!
Lincs Aerobatics Team, 13/10/14
.The Apollo was well ready for a makeover, the finance has been wisely spent but there can never be enough toilets etc
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - Hans Zimmer
A Genius of the film score world. Superb. A day in the life of Hans Zimmer:- Rise in the morning- write an epic film score- lunch- write an epic film score-dinner-write an epic film score.etc etc
Big Al, 13/10/14
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - Stunning
This wasnt just a recital of Hans Zimmer favourites, it was an engaging, amazing show presented by Hans himself along with a great set of musicians. It was a visual and auditory feast, with Hans playing along on piano, guitar and even the banjo, and musicians who know how to perform, not just play. I still get goosebumps thinking back to it. Im honoured to have been there to experience it, and I hope Hans takes this on tour so more people can enjoy it.