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Eventim Apollo London
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1698andrew, 09/12/13
Russell Brand (09/12/13) - Great night out
We dont often write reviews and werent sure whether or not wed enjoy the evening, but this was comedy at its finest. One of the best acts weve seen all year.
Matt, 09/12/13
J. Cole (09/12/13) - Excellent night
Excellent night. We had great seats. Tim Westwood as a warm up act was decent. JCole put on a great show and finished in enought time for people to get home without the mad rush for the tube which can happen on a Sunday night. Easy to get a drink too.
Ivan Carrasquel, 07/12/13
Pixies (07/12/13) - Pixies, muy buen concierto
Pixies, muy buen concierto, comenzo a tiempo, buen ambiente, seguridad, acustica, el area de merchandise buena, la salida si fue muy lenta.
Bri, 02/12/13
Infinite (02/12/13) - Daebak!
Everything was so amazing, I was so close to the band, and I was in the circle! The atmosphere was amazing and it was great to be around so many fans. Infinite - SARANGHAEYO! The sound could have been slightly less distorted though...
CarolB, 02/12/13
Reginald D Hunter (02/12/13) - Amidst the Crackers
Wasnt as funny as I thought he would be, but still an enjoyable evening. Thought the support act (Pete Johansson) was good so overall well worth the money.
Jules, 02/12/13
Unfortunately ruined by Eventim staff trying to move equipment through a set of doors at the rear of the stalls half way through, creating a right racket.
Reginald D Hunter (02/12/13) - Shame about the venue
Reginald D Hunter - absolutely hilarious, and his support act Pete Johannson was superb. Unfortunately ruined by Eventim staff trying to move equipment through a set of doors at the rear of the stalls half way through, creating a right racket.
Samantha Ferguson, 25/11/13
Jimeoin (25/11/13) - Not as good as I hoped
I was really excited to see Jimeoin but I thought the show was lack-luster and relatively unprepared. It felt like he was making up jokes on the spot, the jokes he had prepared werent fall-off-your-seat funny as I had expected and there were toooooo many references to his wife (who everyone in the audience now thinks is a terrible person with split personalities). There were a few funny moments but they were few and far between. It was also freezing cold in the stalls!
Tash, 12/11/13
Staff were very friendly and helpful. The atmosphere was good, however a moody woman insisting on sitting through the whole gig and trying to get everyone else to do this was a bit if a buzz kill (strange woman - its a gig for goodness sake) and the acoustics were a bit off to begin with but got this together a couple of songs in.
The Killers (12/11/13) - Amazing show
I have seen this band now 10 times and they just keep getting better and better. They genuinely look like they have the best job in the world when they are on that stage and the mood is contagious. The only criticism is that I wish they were on stage for longer (earlier start time) as it just flew by. With me being from up north, we have to leave at 2230 in order to get the last train, so an earlier start time and a longer set would be heaven. This band do not disappoint
Snowflake79uk, 11/11/13
The Killers (11/11/13) - AWESOME NIGHT!
The Killers were on fire! I love seeing bands in a smaller venue and this was brilliant. Being on the front row of the balcony the view was great so was the sound. All the staff were really friendly and The Killers were as always :-) absolutely awesome. THANKS for a great night!
HalzN, 11/11/13
Billy Joel (11/11/13) - Amazing
What a fabulous evening. Seeing Billy Joel live is definitely going down as one of the greatest nights! Likely to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. A great performer, sounded fantastic and the acoustics and atmosphere were brilliant. Finally, the newly refurbished Apollo is looking great!
Mags, 11/11/13
Sarah Millican (11/11/13) - Best show ever!!!!
I didnt stop laughing from the minute she got on stage till long after it was over. Best show ever. Sara is brilliant. Would recommend to anyone who needs a laugh to go and see her.
Emily, 11/11/13
The Killers (11/11/13) - Fabulous Evening!
As a hardcore Killers fan for 10 years now, it was a true delight to be at the launch of their Direct Hits album. They never disappoint live, and I even got a high five from Dave Keuning. What more could you want?
Jane mcloughlin, 11/11/13
Fanatic venue, the atmosphere was electric and it was down to the venue to. I would definitely make the journey again to visit this event.
Billy Joel (11/11/13) - Amazing
Best live show Ive ever been to. The Hammersmith apollo is a fantastic place too. One fabulous night was had by all. Will look to visit again in the future. We travelled from the north east to come to this show but it was well worth the journey.
Susan Martin, 11/11/13
Billy Joel (11/11/13) - The legend that is Billy Joel!
First got hooked on Billy after seeing the Innocent Man tour live on the BBC over 30 years ago as a teenager. Since then have been lucky to see the great man in concert over 10 times! He never fails to disappoint! Billy is probably one of the greatest you will ever see perform live, he is simply awesome!! First time for me at such a small venue that is the Apollo and I Ioved every minute of it, just a shame he didnt play longer! Dream for me would be so see him play in NYC, what I wouldnt give to see this! Thank you Billy, you are a living legend!!
KatieKillers, 11/11/13
The Killers (11/11/13) - AMAZING
It blew my mind. The band were on fire and its a shame they are going to go hiatus as they are on such a high!
aaron hall, 11/11/13
drinks at bar overly expensive.£20 for 2 drinks and 2 soft drinks.only spoiler of the night to be honest.
Sarah Millican (11/11/13) - very funny
only 1 complaint, got my original tickets delivered only to get a 2nd delivery of tickets further back than the original??? felt like I had been moved further back to make room for more favoured customers? could eventim explain this?
Briers23, 11/11/13
The Killers (11/11/13) - Amazing Show!!!
First time Id ever been to The Hammersmith Apollo. Great venue chosen for Direct Hits launch gig. What more can be said about The Killers? They are an awesome band and yet again did not fail to deliver on every level. Fantastic evening from start to finish!
pat, 11/11/13
Acoustics good but sight line poor. Food and drink too freely available and WHY did show start 35 mins later than advertised with no explanation?
Sarah Millican (11/11/13) - Great artist - bad venue
Sarah herself was great but the venue left a lot to be desired. Tickets said 8pm so we arrived a little before so as to be ready, but the show began just after 8.30 with NO explanation. As food and drink could be taken in, people were constantly leaving to go to the toilet or to get refreshments which was very distracting. Seats aer not tiered well so hard to see round person in front of you
Mark, 22/10/13
We were sat middle front stalls row L so from a personal view was brilliant. The bars were busy at interval but arent they always. The staff did their best.
Roar With Laughter (22/10/13) - Great night out
The first time I have ever been to a ZSL event and it was first class from start to finish all the acts were fab and will definitely be booking next year. Well done all.
Anna, 21/10/13
Ellie Goulding (21/10/13) - Fantastic!
Ellie was amazing! We really like the concert. There was incredible atmosphere in the audience. I wish it was just a few songs longer as I feel it finished too quickly ;)