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Eventim Apollo London
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mandy, 20/10/14
Lee Mack (20/10/14) - Lee Mac
Fab show and the warm up was funny to...great venue and tickets very well priced but could do with air con in the theatre and whilst having a drink as it was very hot and made it uncomfortable for people but overall I had a great evening. Thank you
Steve the bluesman, 20/10/14
John Legend (20/10/14) - Awesome!
What a voice, pianist and band, absolute magic! A truly great evening to rembember, I just hope he p[lays at the same venue again, very soon.
Sid, 20/10/14
The staff looking after the hall were very helpful and understanding and are always keen to help those attending when they can. Makes the experience so much better!
John Legend (20/10/14) - Great performer, great voice
John Legend really did indulge the sell out crowd as he went through his old and recent hits. Her certainly lit up the crowd with his voice and his piano. However what stuck out for me was the helpfulness from the staff on the night. After having a couple of miserable neighbours during the show, the staff managed to relocate us to somewhere with a stage side view. Amazing! Thank you so much to the understanding staff!
DeeBee, 20/10/14
John Legend (20/10/14) - Beautiful voice
I had the pleasure in being at Johns last concert of his UK tour. His voice is like honey and his music is wonderful. He had great stage prescence and I was in awe of his musicality. His band were great too, drums, guitar and wind section. Thoroughly enjoyable and would recommend anyone who likes his music to see him live. Supporting act was Judith Hill - who I didnt know anything about. She had a fabulous belting voice. Will definitely be looking out for her in the future.
Steve T, 20/10/14
Roar With Laughter (20/10/14) - The best yet
This is the 3rd year that ZSL have run this show, with different line-up each time. I have been to all three and can honestly say that this was the best yet. Of course, it all depends on the comics available and whether they are trying out new stuff or relying on their last tour for material. This time arounmd there seemed to be a good mix of both (Sean Lock with brand new stuff, Ed Byrne with old stuff). Stewart Lee was his usual self, and got upset when someone went to the loo - but again thats what you expect from him. Im pleased that it was a full house again, and thus lots of money collected. I look forward to Roar 2015.
Ella, 20/10/14
The size of the venue was perfect you could see the stage so clearly for every angle and the acoustic sound was so good
The Vamps (20/10/14) - Insane!!!
The Vamps put on an amazing showing and the Eventim Apollo was perfect for it because of its size. I had seats quite near the back of the venue, but I could see the whole stage so clearly and it was a night Im never going to forget!! The staff where so lovely and the venue was clean and very easy to get to. My most memorable moment was when James sang Move my way and he started crying because he couldnt believe that the whole audience was singing a song that he wrote when he was 15.
Bearsland, 20/10/14
Roar With Laughter (20/10/14) - Good night
Thought it was a good night most of the acts were great but a bit disappointed with Sean Locke it felt as though he didnt want to be there and couldnt be bothered!!!
MrsLegend, 20/10/14
Everything went well. Security was good and food and drinks a little on the pricey side, but good service.
John Legend (20/10/14) - John is a LEGEND
Watching John Legend was by far one of my best experiences! He was fantastic. He sang old and new and really interacted with the crowd. My only wish was that i had chosen a closer place. I was Standing behind the stalls; which i hadnt realised was as far as it was, but the quality of the sound made it all ok.
BF, 20/10/14
John Legend (20/10/14) - SAD
Whilst John Legend was brilliant we were really disappointed with our seats. This was mainly because the couple in front of us spent the entire evening snogging and taking selfies. This completely obstructed our view and ruined what should have been a fabulous concert for us. Why do these people bother paying out so much money and then not appreciate the experience of a live artist?
Lizzy, 19/10/14
Hans Zimmer (19/10/14) - Amazing night!
Thanks for hosting Hans Zimmer and Friends! Its been a wonderful evening with goose bombs through and through! The Lightshow gave the rest to it! It was well structured and organised! Loved it that Hans Zimmer told some personal anecdotes!
John, 17/10/14
Excellent venue. Beautifully refurbished. If only as much attention was given to staff training so that customer can answer the call of nature when needed. Not when a staff member says its permissible.
Hans Zimmer (17/10/14) - Great event marred by front of house staff
A really good concert. I felt the sound was a little muddied by the shear amount of drummers. It tended to drown the brass section. As to the venue, well what can I say – fantastic, what an auditorium! However after a long drive to get to Hammersmith, and needing the toilet, it was frustrating; not only to be refused access in the stalls area toilets, but even worse, to be directed to circle level where the staff also refused access. At over a £100 a ticket, to be treated like this was shameful.
priya271, 17/10/14
This venue could definitely use a refurb. The entire place smells of stale beer and the floors are sticky. The upholstery on the chairs is old and tired. Considering that I paid upwards of £70 a ticket for this show, I expect more from the venue.
Hans Zimmer (17/10/14) - An Excellent Show!!!
This show was absolutely incredible. For any fans of Hans Zimmers fantastic repertoire, this really was phenomenal. Please please bring him back to the Apollo and put on more shows like this. The only criticism I would have is that there were too many people getting up during the show to get drinks etc. With an event like this I think you need to operate it more like a theatre experience and say that people can only get drinks etc at the interval, as its really off-putting as a spectator if people are getting up every 2 minutes. Otherwise, this show was exceptional!
Paul Fairhurst, 16/10/14
Two bottles of water and two packets of M&Ms cost over £10, they insist on removing the bottle lids, there are no cup holders in the seats and the leg room is just awful. First class ticket prices, second class seats.
Hans Zimmer (16/10/14) - Magical
Hans Zimmer and his orchestra and band were wonderful. Experiencing Gladiator, Dark Knight Rises and Inception live at the hands of the creator of such moving pieces was something I will never forget. If you get chance to see Hans live, take it. No question about that. The venue (Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, London) I cannot say such nice things about.Two bottles of water and two packets of M&Ms cost over £10, they insist on removing the bottle lids, there are no cup holders in the seats and the leg room is just awful. First class ticket prices, second class seats.
Rhiaaathevampps, 15/10/14
The Vamps (15/10/14) - AMAZING CONCERT!
Literally the best night ever I love The Vamps so much and they just smashed it xX The energy and atmosphere was electric; it really was amazing!
rover, 14/10/14
Hans Zimmer (14/10/14) - Amazing evening
Hans Zimmer Revealed was a amazing experience and totally worth my plane ticket! The concert is something Im never going to forget!
DJB89, 14/10/14
There was a slight stench of urine walking near to the toilets unfortunately, but it was easy to find from the tube, excellent staff and atmosphere and the perfect venue for an event such as this.
Hans Zimmer (14/10/14) - Hans Zimmer
Excellent event and really well put together. The lighting was the only let down, with poor timings and strange colour combinations, but it certainly didnt destroy the wonderful music and performance. Praise to the staff (mainly Helen) who helped supply a seat in the disabled area as we only had standing tickets and due to an accident that day, I was on crutches.
Aditya & Kheya, 14/10/14
Hans Zimmer (14/10/14) - Life Changing
This was one of the greatest experiences of my whole life. Never have i felt music so strongly affect me. The concert, the lighting, the tunes, the happiness - it was electric. Pharell Williams sudden appearance singing Happy with Hans Zimmer and going onto perform Electro from the Amazing Spiderman 2 was superb. Zimmers own performances of Sherlock, Man of Steel, Lion King and the Dark Knight were absolutely mind blowing. The cherry on the cake was the curtains going up again after the finale for Inception. This was an evening to cherish. I will never forget the genius of this. Once in a lifetime experience.
Audrey, 14/10/14
Hans Zimmer (14/10/14) - Simply one of the best concerts ever
Amazing, breathtaking, astonishing, staggering, phenomenal, sensational, remarkable, extraordinary, magic... And left me speechless
Alexander Welland, 14/10/14
Hans Zimmer (14/10/14) - Amazing
Absolutely amazing! Great music and perfectly executed. I will go again and again. Something everyone should see and hear. Thank you Zimmer
Sanders1, 14/10/14
Hans Zimmer (14/10/14) - UNFORGETTABLE!!!!!!!
I was already a huge fan but nothing could have prepared me for a night like this. Knew hes one of the great composers of our time - he also knows how to put on a show!!! An extremely rare opportunity to see a master in action. Would not miss an opportunity to see him again if that ever happens. Absolutely sensational!!!!! This is as good as it gets.