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Mayuren, 13/10/14
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - Incredible
Hans Zimmer is my favourite artist. I was speechless was I first found out he would be doing a concert. I immediately bought tickets and then eagerly waited three months. The concert came and it was the greatest thing I have ever witnessed. Its one thing to listen to hans zimmer, but its another to experience it. I am honoured to have witnessed him perform some of my favourite songs live. It was the best concert I have ever been to in my entire life.
Chris, 13/10/14
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - Unbelievable great event... Hans rocks!
Hans Zimmer came with a bunch of friends who would be all worth watching in a concert alone. He was surrounded by Johnny Marr, Nick Glennie-Smith, Richard Harvey, Andrew Kawczynski, Steve Mazzaro, Mike Einziger, Satnam Ramgotra, Frank Ricotti, Guthrie Govan, Ann Marie Simpson, Czarina Russell, Aleksey Igudesman, Tristan Schulze, Mary Scully, Yolanda Charles... and an orchestra and a chorus. Great performance, all the favourite scores, nice stories by the very smart, charismatic and extremly skilled Hans Zimmer! The concert was worth every pound and we all were so happy to be there
Riley, 13/10/14
I sat in the Y row and had a great sight of the stage. The audio was really good. Perfect volume and you still feel the punch of the music.
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - Best show Ive been to
This was by far the best show Ive ever been to. The audio was great, visuals was great and was such a good vibe. Hans Zimmers and all of the other musicians performed this so incredibly good! It was beyond any expectation I had. The start with 4 curtains opening up the stage more and more as the first tunes progress. Just incredible. It was really a 2 and a half roller coaster of emotions. The only complaint I have is: If the show is 45 minutes in, its really annoying when people enter trying to find their seats. It threw me off and it happened several times.
Kamal, 13/10/14
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - Powerful music, but very little else
Although this event was booked with the intention of celebrating a man with an outstanding body of work, I was left slightly underwhelmed. Of course the music that Hans Zimmer has produced, and performed along with his orchestra and choir was at times breathtaking, I had hoped for slightly more of a polished presentation. There was NO visuals to accompany the performances, and with standing tickets having been sold, the constant movement of people left us feeling short changed for the £150 that we had spent. Rather than this being a special event to experiences the works of a man who has enjoyed a special career, instead it felt like a hollow and devalued night where in honesty anyone could have been on stage throwing one piece of music at the audience after the other. All in this will be the last time I go to an event such as this, especially if standing tickets have been sold
Affy, 13/10/14
Hans Zimmer (13/10/14) - Mind Blowing!
I have been to many concerts at the Eventim Apollo now. Ive seen Sting, Kate Bush and Now Hans Zimmer!. Hans absolutely blew us away with his music and the amazing musicians he brought with him. I particularly enjoyed hearing Thin Red Line. Everything was perfect down to the last detail. The sound crew did an amazing job everything had clarity. The lighting crew made the performance thrilling by syncing up important sections and stabs in the songs with an amazing lighting performance. We bought tickets quite far back from the stage and we could still see the stage perfectly and like I said the sound was incredible. Well done Eventim Apollo and well done Mr Zimmer for an amazing performance and thanks for sharing your music with the world.! BRING ON MORE MUSIC EVENTIM!
Eskay, 11/10/14
Hans Zimmer (11/10/14) - Fantastic!
Great great show by one of musics greatest! Each track was so very well done but special call out to Inception (time) and pirates of the carribean! also the performance of alexei was amazing! the entire team was simply fabulous! absolutely electrifying! Best money Ive spent this year!
Dave, 08/10/14
I didnt use the facilities but all areas I was in seemed clean and well maintained. Staff were helpful and everything was quick and easy.
Jon Richardson (08/10/14) - Hilarious show!
This was our first time seeing Jon Richardson live, and it far exceeded expectation. Right from the start he was quick witted, and throughout the show he would wander off on a tangent and ad lib to great effect before returning to his set list - including some that wouldnt make the recording for his DVD recording the following night.
Kwai, 07/10/14
Jon Richardson (07/10/14) - Nidiot
Was worried about being late but found the place easily. The doors opened on time and had no problem getting through the doors, ordering drinks at the bar and going through to take our seats. Well organised, well mannered staff and no problems. The gig by Jon Richardson itself was amazing. Hilarious and well worth the money and a couple of hours. I highly recommend this venue and this comedian. It was a great evening.
D.Mo, 07/10/14
Intimate venue, though big enough for ambitious shows like Before the Dawn. A theaterlike atmosphere. Charming interior preserving some of the history. The staff was nice and serviceminded.
Kate Bush (07/10/14) - Kate Bush-the queen of integrity
A performance beyond expectations. Something unreal about this living legend coming to life on a stage again after 35 years, once again shoving her multiple musical/artistic talent, noncomperable to any other artist. Impressive how the stories from The Ninth Wave and A Sky of Honey were visualized and dramatized in a way that accomplished the songs and made them very alive. Perfect collaboration between Kate Bush and her staff. Great musicians. Kate Bush` voice steady and clean all the way throughout the show. Everything was very balanced; the music, the sound effects, the theatrical drama, the visual effects. Choosing an intimate, historical venue like Eventim before a large stadium for these 22 shows is just another proof of Kate Bush` artistic integrity.
thomas Lindberg, 06/10/14
Kate Bush (06/10/14) - Magic
Kate Bush lived up to all the expectations that 35 years in the waiting has built up. Extraordinary Music, lighting and solutions on stage.
Beth, 06/10/14
Could definitely do with more ladies toilets, I queued for a long time before the show and in the interval.
Jon Richardson (06/10/14) - Really good!
I really enjoyed my evening seeing Jon Richardson do his stand up routine, very funny and enjoyable.
buchanan101, 06/10/14
Venue appalling. The seats arent banked enough so a view from the back is through peoples heads. And it is baking. Surely even if the building is listed they could do something about cooling, or extracting hot air. The back of the balcony was sweltering, and the toilets a horrible sweaty pit.
Kate Bush (06/10/14) - Good concert, shame about the greenhouse venue
Sorry, not quite wetting myself like some critics. Too much self indulgent nonsense, especially the first half with the sequence from Hounds of Love. Should have played more hits. the first 4 or 5 songs before she went off on a tangent were actually the best part of the concert.
Maria, 06/10/14
The venue was really good the only problem was if you sit at the back it is difficult to see the stage, a big screen would be helpful.
Jon Richardson (06/10/14) - Hilarious
Great night with Jon Richardson at the Apollo, he had my partner and I in stitches. Will definitely go and see his stand up again.
jimbob23, 06/10/14
Newly refurbed and looking better than ever. Restoration of the art deco features are a hit, and removal of horrible carpets/ general lick of paint make this a venue worth going to again.
Kate Bush (06/10/14) - Flawless
This was one of the greatest, if not The Greatest show Ive seen from any artist. Theatre/ Music/ Kate Bushs voice - all combining to spellbinding effect. Special.
Rach, 06/10/14
There were no where near enough ladies toilets and the 5 different bars all seemed to stock different things without any indication of where topgo for what. Having to queue up three times for one drink, with only 15 minutes to do so wasnt fun. Other than that the venue was lovely.
Jon Richardson (06/10/14) - Absolutely brilliant!
I dont think I stopped laughing the whole time, it was the perfect way spend my 30th birthday! I will definitely be trying to see him again :)
Becky2706, 06/10/14
Jon Richardson (06/10/14) - Fantastically funny!!
By far the funniest stand up show Ive seen, absolutely amazing! Cried with laughter roll on the DVD release to see it again xx
Noonie, 06/10/14
Love this venue as it is smaller than o2 and Wembley. First time weve been here since it became Eventim and have to say I like the new look, theyve added a couple of more bars and more ladies toilets. Drinks are quite expensive, £18 for 3 pints and a bottle of beer.
Jon Richardson (06/10/14) - Great Night
Brilliant night, Jon Richardson was as good as ever, non stop laughter from beginning to end. Cant wait for the dvd to come out.
M Wilson, 06/10/14
Good venue, we had great seats on the balcony and could hear and see the comedian fine. Only quibble is that there was a long queue for the ladies. Bar would be better if it stocked real ale but I made do with a cider. Overall staff were friendly and we didnt have to queue to enter the show which was a plus! Would definitely return!
Jon Richardson (06/10/14) - Fantastic night!
Had a great night in Hammersmith at the Jon Richardson comedy night. Lots of laughs and loved the theatre, would definitely book tickets if John returned.
Adam, 06/10/14
Jon Richardson (06/10/14) - So Funny!
Jon was so funny! A few times he tried to be crass, it was sort of funny but after a few it got cheap. When he told stories such as his OCD or the US boat trip I was laughing so hard I couldnt breath! Jon is a high class comedian, I just hope he reduces the school yard humour and favours what he does best at! Id see him again for sure!
Monkeyannah, 06/10/14
Chairs in the Circle were amazing! Love the new décor, especially the chair fabric. The beer wasnt even particularly more expensive than at other venues Ive been to.
Jon Richardson (06/10/14) - Hilarious!
We were two rows from the back of the Circle but still had an excellent view, extremely comfortable chairs as well. Always watch 8 out of 10 cats and love Jon, he certainly lived up and even exceeded my expectations. Would definitely see him again and I always recommend him to my friends!