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Noonie, 06/10/14
Love this venue as it is smaller than o2 and Wembley. First time weve been here since it became Eventim and have to say I like the new look, theyve added a couple of more bars and more ladies toilets. Drinks are quite expensive, £18 for 3 pints and a bottle of beer.
Jon Richardson (06/10/14) - Great Night
Brilliant night, Jon Richardson was as good as ever, non stop laughter from beginning to end. Cant wait for the dvd to come out.
M Wilson, 06/10/14
Good venue, we had great seats on the balcony and could hear and see the comedian fine. Only quibble is that there was a long queue for the ladies. Bar would be better if it stocked real ale but I made do with a cider. Overall staff were friendly and we didnt have to queue to enter the show which was a plus! Would definitely return!
Jon Richardson (06/10/14) - Fantastic night!
Had a great night in Hammersmith at the Jon Richardson comedy night. Lots of laughs and loved the theatre, would definitely book tickets if John returned.
Adam, 06/10/14
Jon Richardson (06/10/14) - So Funny!
Jon was so funny! A few times he tried to be crass, it was sort of funny but after a few it got cheap. When he told stories such as his OCD or the US boat trip I was laughing so hard I couldnt breath! Jon is a high class comedian, I just hope he reduces the school yard humour and favours what he does best at! Id see him again for sure!
Monkeyannah, 06/10/14
Chairs in the Circle were amazing! Love the new décor, especially the chair fabric. The beer wasnt even particularly more expensive than at other venues Ive been to.
Jon Richardson (06/10/14) - Hilarious!
We were two rows from the back of the Circle but still had an excellent view, extremely comfortable chairs as well. Always watch 8 out of 10 cats and love Jon, he certainly lived up and even exceeded my expectations. Would definitely see him again and I always recommend him to my friends!
Peter H, 02/10/14
I submitted a full response relating to this in my original report. Great intimate venue only let down by some domestic issues.
Kate Bush (02/10/14) - Fantastic band too!!
I submitted a review yesterday which was highly focused on Kate herself. I realised afterwards that her incredible band were not given the credit they fully deserve. Well, I must confirm that every member of the band and other cast were AMAZING!!!! I suspect that they welcomed the opportunity to perform with Kate as much as we enjoyed the opportunity to see her!! Thanks again to Kate and everyone else involved with this fantastic production!!
Peter H, 01/10/14
Kate Bush (01/10/14) - Still stunned after 3 weeks!!
I have loved Kate ever since she became well known, avidly buying everything she has produced as soon as it came out, enjoying every new experiment and venture into new territory and loving it all. In 1979, I was 18 and Yorkshire lads just did not travel down to London to see concerts, so I missed the first experience. Probably thought, I will go next time!! Well I am very glad to say that I did, I just did not know back then that I would be waiting 35 years. But boy, was it worth the wait. Kate was absolutely stunning. Her voice is still so powerful, nicely mellowed and, particularly impressive in a live performance, absolutely note perfect throughout. Kate, it is actually very simple, I still love you. In fact, I love you more than ever!! Think tonight is the last show - enjoy it if you are going - but I am sure you will. Kate, take a well earned break afterwards, and if you do ever choose to do live shows again, I will again be moving heaven and earth to make sure I am there. Thank you.
Ema, 01/10/14
Brian Cox and Robin Ince (01/10/14) - Always amazing
Ive been going for the past few years and every time it inspires me, makes me laugh, has me thinking for ages after. In summary: amazing. Its enjoyable for people of all levels as well as long as they share a love of science!
Stephen Strawberry Butterscotch, 30/09/14
The venue was clean. The seats were comfortable. It was a bit stuffy, but that was from all the excitement of the fans! The sound was AMAZING!
Kate Bush (30/09/14) - Running up that CHILL!!!
After traveling over 4000 miles to see the unexpected show Before the Dawn I dont think I will every be able to top that experience! The show that Kate, her band, her backup singers, dancers, sound and lighting technicians delivered far and above any of my expectations! The set list? Unexpected. The amazing power of her voice? Exceptional. The fantastic venue and service of the staff? So professional and top notch! I could wax philosophical about the sets, the songs, the characters, but nothing I could write would do the show that I saw justice. GET THE DVD when it comes out! Thank you, Kate for making my dream come true!!!
Kevin Hill, 29/09/14
Kate Bush (29/09/14) - Two magical evenings: from Kev.
I would like to agree with almost everybody else who has left a review here, namely, it was so worth the 35 year wait we all had. Firstly, I went to two shows (02/09 and 23/09), so I was luckier than most. Both were hospitality packages at £414. The event at St. Pauls church was brilliant both nights I went: the food was very good and the whole staff were very helpful, and thank you, Phoebe, for remembering my name after a 3 week gap, ha, ha. As for the concert, it was pure magic: 3 hours of proving what an absolute genius Kate is. Even the lack of tracks from the first 4 albums did not diminish the shows in any way. Someone else on these reviews said she `tore up the rule book for concerts: I agree entirely with that statement. I hope Bertie talks her into doing this again. Soon! Great band, great venue (though I also agree it was very hot in there) and 35 years of hurt finally came to an end. Thank you for the memorable concerts, Kate. xx. Most people have to be elderly to become a `National Treasure: you have proved it since Wuthering Heights first came out.
Tina Dagostino, 29/09/14
Kate Bush (29/09/14) - Unique and unforgettable
The sheer beauty of it all took my breath away. The live versions of gems like Top of The City, The Morning Fog, Prologue and all the others masterpieces so, my god, so heartbreakingly beautiful... you could feel her heart in her voice. It was gig, film and theater all in one... mind blowing! I can only say Thank you, Kate, from the bottom of my heart.
Karis, 27/09/14
Kate Bush (27/09/14) - AMAZING.
WOW. I really struggled to get Kate Bush tickets so when I managed to get two I was so over the moon. I got stalls tickets and I could see everything in such great detail. Kate is absolutely beautiful and mesmerising. This was not a concert, this was a work of art. A beautiful experience that moved me to tears of deep emotion and joy. I am in my twenties and was so pleased to see and meet other younger fans of Kate too and learn from the original fans from her earlier days which was an experience in itself. The performance was pure theatre and reflects Kates vision and theatrical style. I never thought I would ever get to see her live or in person, thought I was definitely born in the wrong generation. Her announcement of a tour was a shock and brought hope and joy to many Kate fans across the world. This was a once in a lifetime experience that I will forever be deeply grateful for. If I died tomorrow so be it, because I got to see Kate Bush live and fulfilled a life dream I never thought would happen. This Womans Work is the most amazing stuff youll ever experience musically. So very happy. Thank you Kate, we love you.
Mike the Pedant in Warwickshire, 25/09/14
I havent been before, but it looks good, presumably owing to the refurb work. Quite crowded at interval; bar queue short, but £2.50 for water was steep. Couldnt see stage past the giant sat in front of me in the upper circle.
Kate Bush (25/09/14) - More a theatrical performance than a rock gig
One lengthy set piece would be fine, and The Ninth Wave was magnificent; but two was a bit much, when it precluded playing anything at all from the first 4 albums. Anyone unfamiliar with Aerial would be baffled by the second half of the show. Quite self-indulgent to do the entire Sky Of Honey suite. The band were tight, but essentially reproduced the sound of the record, rather than reinventing it live. Good to see Kate Bush perform live though, a once in a lifetime chance I think.
Murphy, 25/09/14
Kate Bush (25/09/14) - When dreams come true....
Before The Dawn was unlike any other gig I have ever been to, in fact it cannot be called a gig or a show - it is an experience. Kate Bush was wonderful. From the moment she stepped on stage the outpouring of love and respect from the audience was tangible. Her voice is still impeccable, matured from the days of Wuthering Heights it carries such clarity and sensuality it gives goosebumps. The band and backing singers/performers were also immaculate. Not wanting to give away any spoilers, the staging and effects were breath-taking, surprising and at points eerie, it all flowed beautifully. The venue was perfect for the event. It manages to have a homely feel and all the staff were friendly and helpful. From every aspect it was a wonderful night definitely as magical as I hoped.
Minty, 23/09/14
Kates performance was enhanced by the size of the venue. I went twice both times in the circle. Great views and amazing sound. Obviously Kate was brilliant! I am short and my view was relatively unhindered by taller fans sitting in front. The leg room wasnt brilliant and it was hot but not enough to spoil the event. The staff were exceptional polite and helpful. I would definitely see another event here and I would definitely see Kate again!
Kate Bush (23/09/14) - Intimate venue. Fabulous gig.
A fabulous performance by the KT Fellowship. The band were fabulous, Kates performance was intimate and magical. Her voice was powerful and left me speechless. Berties performance of Tawny Moon I loved and the band played it brilliantly. Kate has changed the face of music again with this innovative and imaginative production. Sing it on, bring it on. More more more!
benbooafrica, 23/09/14
Great venue second only to the RAH, easy to get to, well organised, love the art deco bar areas but air conditioning could do with an upgrade as it gets hot and humid as the night wears on.
Kate Bush (23/09/14) - Lived Up To Expectations and Then Some!
We lived overseas when Kate did her tour in 1979 and must admit as the years went by we had given up on ever seeing her live so it was with great excitement when she announced her dates at the Apollo but then despair as we failed to get any tickets when they went on sale in March. However the moral of the story is never give up as in the last two weeks we managed to get tickets from Eventim to see her on not one but two nights 10th & 19th. People raise their eyebrows when the hear we went to see her twice in close succession but without giving anything away to those who are still to see the performance (and I choose that word carefully) Before The Dawn is not just a concert it is an experience which you could watch any number of times and still see something different or new - that is the magic of Kate, no ordinary performer/song writer - an original one off backed by a great band of musicians and singers Thanks Kate for making the long wait so worth while but please dont make it another 35 years before we get to see you again!
Dave, 21/09/14
I liked the Apollo a lot. Didnt rate the parking because I dont drive. For acoustics and sight lines I only gave two stars because while the sight line where I sat was a four star rating considering the distance, the acoustics at the venue were absolutely awful! I think it might have something to do with the way the sound man set up the PA system. It was too loud when the tempo of the music started picking up with very-very bad, almost ear damaging levels of splashy treble and very little bass. I could barely understand her at all sometimes! At least where I was sitting. I had to cover my ears when it started getting loud! I have a friend who is a professional sound man and he wouldnt of stood for this - sorry. But apart from that (quite important) gripe it was an enjoyable evening at a very nice venue.
Kate Bush (21/09/14) - Kate Bush at the Apollo
It was great seeing KB perform live after all these years. The first time Ive actually seen her live and in the flesh. Her voice was as good as ever. The sets were great with the video part being particularly well implemented here and the puppetry amusing. The Ninth Wave section of the show was the best part I think. There were only a couple of negatives. Firstly and Im not the only one who thought this from what I was hearing from others. It would of been nice if she had performed more of her better known songs from the back catalog. There were a few but not enough - Wuthering Heights wasnt performed at all for instance. I know she might be a bit fed up with it, as its from so long ago, but it did jump start her career back in the day and is still the song shes best known for. The other problem I had was with the sound quality at the event, it was just awful! Ive gone into more detail on that subject in my review of the Apollo itself below. But despite those two gripes I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was worth every penny!!
Wilfried, 20/09/14
Kate Bush (20/09/14) - We were lucky to be there
Hi we came from Paris last weekend to see the show and my only regret is that I could no go again! One week after I am still on my cloud :))) the show was totally unbelievable, Kate has still her amazing voice, it was amazing to hear all those songs on live... There is no adjective to qualify my feeling how it was so uncredible. I was a little bit frustrated because the public didńt move when Kate danced. I hope we have been able to communicate to Kate how we love her. She is unique...
Lewis, 19/09/14
A beautiful venue. The atmosphere was electric, fantastic seats too. Cannot fault it! The merchandise stand was a bit crazy but apart from that everything else was fabulous.
Kate Bush (19/09/14) - Amazing, fabulous, incredible, stunning!
When Kate announced these shows, I had no idea what to expect. I neednt have worried. Before the Dawn was like an outer body experience. The minute Kate walked on stage she had the audience in the palm of her hand. She OWNED that stage and hearing gems such as Hounds of Love and Running Up That Hill live was simply incredible. The technical fault that lasted for half an hour didnt dampen my spirits either. The Ninth Wave segment was breathtaking, funny and emotional. Same with A Sky of Honey, two beautifully crafted pieces of art. The encore was emotional yet uplifting. Every single person in the Apollo sang along to Cloudbusting. Simply stunning and fantastic! The Apollo itself is a beautiful venue, and the atmosphere was ELECTRIC! Kudos to everyone involved in this once in a lifetime event.
bunny, 19/09/14
Kate Bush (19/09/14) - awesome
an outstanding performance and show. Never seen anything like it in my life.So glad to have experienced it. Everything in the show went well, Kates voice was amazing and pitch perfect. The venue was great and staff helpful but it was very hot in there! Just wish I could go again.
Anne, 18/09/14
Kate Bush (18/09/14) - WOW!
The staff at the hospitality event were very welcoming and helpful. The vegetarian hamper was delicious, especially the desserts! The church created a great and interesting atmosphere The show itself was fantastic and amazing, well worth the wait!