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M White, 02/07/17
Love the first direct arena as ive been a few times now its a great addition to leeds. And the security is second to none. I will be visiting again in the future.
Mrs Brown's Boys (02/07/17) - Bloody Great
I took my wife to see this event and have never laughed so much in years it was way way better than the TV and im glad i went.
W White, 02/07/17
I feel lucky to live in Leeds as the Arena is a fantastic addition and its also great to be able to drive and park easily from home. I do find the food and drink expensive but apart from that its a great place to visit to watch live perfermances
Mrs Brown's Boys (02/07/17) - Fantastically funny
What an absolute amazing performance from ALL the cast i never stopped laughing throughout. I have wanted to see Mrs Browns Boys live for years and so glad i did. I would also like to add the live show was better than i could have ever expected i loved it ........ From start to finish it was amazing, funny, witty and cleverly written.
Traceyk, 26/06/17
Celine Dion (26/06/17) - Totally awesome
Celine Dion surpassed all expectations. she has an amazing voice and we were thoroughly entertained from beginning to end. Well worth the ticket cost
Two, 17/02/15
Premier League Darts (17/02/15) - Awesome
Great night atmosphere was electric glad we were near the front, cant Waite for next year hope we get even better tickets .
Paul, 17/02/15
Kaiser Chiefs (17/02/15) - Great night
Really impressed with venue. Paid extra for the luxury experience as a present for my wife. Warm greeting from staff and nice touch with welcome glass of bubbly. Great to be able to relax in comfortable seated area before gig, meal provided was good. Arena layout very good and great view from seats, entrance/exit really good. Great that experience allows you to go back into lounge at end of show to give time for crowd to disperse. Now to the band, Chiefs were great again, really got crowd going and lighting/effects very good. Would recommend paying extra for the experience.
Jo WW, 16/02/15
The only thing Id criticise with the venue is the size/view/clarity of the screens when youre up in the gods just meant straining a bit.
Kaiser Chiefs (16/02/15) - Entertaining and Creative but ruined by support
Really took some getting into following the support act hence the good rating. They kind of set the mood for me and it wasnt a good one, I wasnt expecting anything overly special but words cannot describe how annoying & repetative they were with some weird computerised/monotone voice intended to replicate old fashioned radio/tv broadcasting, had they at least made the effort to involve the crowd personally by actual speaking themselves or attempting vocals themselves it would have been a little more bearable. I was actually at the point where I just wanted to walk out. Once the Kaiser Chiefs came on it took me sometime for my ears to recover from the support act and my mood to lift. With the Kaisers one or two performaces and involving crowds were almost identical to when I saw them at a festival last year which was a bit predictable from my point of view. The sound and lighting was really good and obviously the songs themselves were performed brilliantly as expected, I also liked the creativity towards the end with the mock backstage roasting. The atmosphere when I predict a riot came on made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!
Becandjo, 16/02/15
Great venue and love the ease of getting to seats and exit at the end. Just lacks a little in soul but worth it for the performers we get to see there.
Kaiser Chiefs (16/02/15) - Excellent gig!
Loved every minute of this gig from start to finish - amazing live performance and can not believe the energy Ricky puts into his performance. Fantastic concert from the very start to the rocking finish!
Mouse, 02/01/15
This truly is a world class arena but I think it does need some larger video screens at either side of the performance area, especially for the people in the tier 3 seating who can struggle to see the video feed from the cameras because of poor eyesight.
The Who (02/01/15) - Who can beat this performance at Leeds Arena?
A stunning concert from The Who at Leeds First Direct Arena. The sound was simply stunning as was the standard of performance. This arena is a truly world class venue which Leeds has needed for so very long, its a pleasure to visit it. The only complaint I have is that the video screens at either side of the stage are simply too small for such a huge venue. Come on Leeds City Council and Leeds Arena Management sort this out please and give the audience some larger video screens to watch which dont cause eye strain. You have a world class venue on your hands which is being spoilt by second class video screens, that seems a bit mad to me.
John & Christine, 10/12/14
First visit to the arena, Staff friendly and welcoming, warm and cosy atmosphere, Comfortable seats. but were bit high up, not good for vertigo sufferers,. Food and Drink expensive, as were the il Divo Programmes at £15, but generally a great night out, just need bigger arena screens as the performers look so small to the naked eye..
Il Divo (10/12/14) - Excellent Service But Bigger Arena Screens Needed
Excellent Service from ordering the tickets online right through to all information re parking nearby etc, our only complaint would be that the arena screens were just too small which was a pity, ( I forgot to bring my Binoculars ! lol ). Didnt get Emails / Info on Michael Buble though, as would have gone if Id have known. Excellent Sevice, will use again, Many Thanks for a great expeience.
Polly, 03/12/14
It took a while to get out of the car park, about 45 mins. However, when we realised they were clearing floor by floor it made it better. They probably should have had a person on each floor telling us of their plans when clearing the car park.
Bryan Adams (03/12/14) - Immense Concert
Bryan and his band were amazing. His voice is so much better in the flesh (as it were). He was so lovely too, interacting with the audience in a very understated but funny way. We loved it.
Mitty, 01/12/14
Good venue. Sadly there was a fight on the row behind us, which was well handled by security staff.
James Blunt (01/12/14) - Great show
James gave a great performance, although his use of bad language was not necessary and was commented upon by many at the event. The Dunwells gave a good show and we would see them again. Seats 17 and 18 on row F black 213 had bad visibility as the safety rails completely blocked the view of the artists. This seat should be flagged as restricted visibility.
Shirley, 01/12/14
It was my first visit to the Arena, it is a nice size and has a good atmosphere. I did not use the toilets and we went by train so did not use the car parks. The steward in our seating area was very good and attentive to our needs. Would definitely go again.
James Blunt (01/12/14) - Absolutely Superb
I really enjoyed the concert, the stage and lighting effects were superb. James performed with so much energy and passion in his songs. He has a wonderful sense of humour. I loved every minute of it, it was great singing along and the entire audience were on their feet for the last few songs. He ran up the aisle and down the next one during the performance and he touched my hand has he ran past, which was magical for me. I love his songs and his voice is amazing. A very special evening.
Yas, 01/12/14
Slash featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators (01/12/14) - OUTSTANDING
The best concert Ive been to. Artist was amazing, venue was superb! Slash ROCKED! All seats seemed to have a great view, Myles performed some of the new album tracks as well as some classics. Great value for money, cant wait to see them again!
Andy, 01/12/14
First visit to the venue and very impressed with the artist, the seating/view and general acoustics. Only suggestion would be better marking of the seats as it seemed many were in the wrong seat, or could not find their seats.
James Blunt (01/12/14) - James Blunt in Leeds
Brilliant! What a fantastic entertainer, with a great voice, superb playing of the instruments and well backed by his team on stage. Lighting and effects made for a brilliant evenings entertainment.
Jason, 01/12/14
The First Direct Arena is a good music venue, with easy parking, friendly and helpful staff. Unobstructed view and reasonable amount of legroom. Access by car is good with no queues in or out.
Bryan Adams (01/12/14) - Reckless Tour
I thought this concert would be pretty good - I was wrong - it was very, very good. Excellent tracks from a fantastic back catalogue, sound was spot on. Good use of lighting and video screens, very professional presentation. Bryan really good at connecting with the audience. This band rocks!!!!!
Daveo, 01/12/14
Bryan Adams (01/12/14) - Brilliant show!
We had a fantastic time at the arena watching Bryan Adams last Tuesday he played several tracks from his restless album during the first half of the show and then proceeded to play all his hit records from his extensive back catalogue. He had the audience cheering and singing along to most of his most popular tracks. A great night for everyone.
Rachael Marshall, 01/12/14
This is a relatively new arena, and I have seen a few different bands there, and also sat in different areas. We have been able to see really well wherever we have been sat. The sound is excellent aswell .
Bryan Adams (01/12/14) - Awesome!!
This has to be one of the best concerts I have ever been to! The sound quality and the venue ( First Direct Arena in Leeds) was superb! Bryan was absolutely amazing, he never stopped, he completely rocked. However, the crowd were the most boring I have seen. My friend and I had to move seats as no one else wanted to stand. I know we had seats, but this was a ROCK concert, and I cant understand how anyone can remain sat down when he is rocking those songs out! Thankfully we were able to move, otherwise this wouldve completely spoiled our experience. I cant wait to see him perform again, such talent!
paul, 01/12/14
James Blunt (01/12/14) - a good time was had by all
we saw James Blunt at first direct arena he was as always brilliant he always delivers. Saw him in the summer at Manchester too such easy listening.
gary58, 01/12/14
A new modern venue purpose built for entertainment......having been to a concert in every arena in the country , Leeds is the best.....
Bryan Adams (01/12/14) - We are all in Heaven !
Bryan Adams and his excellent band provided the audience with a wonderful evenings worth of entertainment on his latest tour which celebrates the 30th Anniverssary of his classic album Reckless ....the album in its entirity opened the show and that was followed by a further hour of his greatest hits....Brilliant from start to finish......BA just gets better with age !!
Redboroboy, 01/12/14
This is a great venue with parking just 200 yards from the doors.Large food and drink facilities with ample staff and plentiful toilets.The acoustics are top class and the atmosphere can be electric with audience participation.
Bryan Adams (01/12/14) - Fantastic!!!
Bryan Adams and the band gave a performance to remember with songs from their Reckless album which had the audience on their feet clapping dancing and singing.It was a joy to be there I wish everything in life was such good value for money.Everyone went home very happy.Thanks for a great night.