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Ken, 17/11/14
John Bishop (17/11/14) - Fantastic
The Supersonic tour was brilliant Thought my wife was going to die with laughter I used the RF headset to listen to the show and it was supurb
Ashley Patricia, 17/11/14
The venu was amazing couldnt of asked for a better place. They staff were all helpful very good arena
WWE Live (17/11/14) - Amazing!
This was one of the best experiences of my life. It is the second event I have been to at the arena and they have both been amazing. The saff are great. We couldnt of asked for better seating at wwe the prices were very reasonable aswell. Would defiantly recommend it to anyone! Obv the main event of the night wish was 2 on 1 Kane and bray wyatt vs dean ambrose, but all of the matches even the nxt championship match was good. People who I thought I didnt like watching on tv I found hilarious, its strange how you think you dont like people but when you see them live it totally changes your view on them! Like I said if your a wee fan I would highly recommend going to see the next tour! I certainly will be!
Cathie and Glen, 17/11/14
The drinks are masively over priced. If only 1 venue could be brave enough to do reasonably priced drinks it would be ground breaking £9 for 2 pints of not very good larger. We were on a 5 * cruise ship last week £7.70 for 2 pints of excellent Stella/Peroni/Carling in the proper Glasses
John Bishop (17/11/14) - Side splitting
He held us captive from begining to end, and still giggling at some of the stuff he came out with. BRILLIANT No topic is avoided and life is striped back to basics and made perfectly natural
Andyb, 17/11/14
John Bishop (17/11/14) - Great Show!
Would highly recommend this to anyone who asked me if they should go see John Bishop, was fantastic from start to finish
Beatris, 14/11/14
WWE Live (14/11/14) - AMAZING EVENT!
It was perfect. The tickets arrived on time and the event was amazing! Very very satisfied!! Me and my best friend saw all our favorite wrestlers. It was an amazing show from WWE. Very happy. We were on the second row all we could even touch them if we try. It was an unbelievable experience and I am very happy that everything turned out great !!!
Kay, 13/11/14
John Bishop (13/11/14) - On stage with the Bish!
Had amazing night watching John Bishop, which reached its first peak when I was taken on stage with him...... then a photo back stage I just love his 80s chat up lines! Long may the Bish reign.....
Nutter, 11/11/14
Car park was £5 after 6pm, we arrived 9 minutes prior to this & it cost us £7.20, would have been nice to have known this. Food expensive for what it was but service good.
John Bishop (11/11/14) - Age relevant new material!
Funny from the start - all new material which was so relevant to our group age! Just long enough with a break in between - would have shortened this to 20 mins instead of 30 but all in all good value for money & would definitely come to another event here as this was our first visit.
VonnyfromDonny, 05/11/14
First Direct Arena are to be congratulated for their excellent customer services. We were greeted outside the venue, taken straight to the entrance, escorted into the auditorium, offered a more appropriate seat with wheelchair space on the floor, then introduced to the floor manager and staff. From then and throughout the show, we received regular checks from the manager, who ensured everything was to our satisfaction from start to finish. The medics were also very helpful in the treatment room where we changed oxygen tanks. Then just before the end, the manager told us he would return and escort us to the lifts, which he did. Making the whole evening very easily accessible to us was a huge relief to me personally. The logistics of simply taking my very ill, wheelchair bound friend to see Il Divo was at best daunting. We had missed the show a week earlier at Manchester because of the difficulties faced, mission now accomplished - my heartfelt thanks to the floor manager and his staff !
Il Divo (05/11/14) - A superb show !
This was my first Il Divo live show and it was a fantastic experience from start to finish ! The group were excellent, performing songs from all the great shows on Broadway. Each of the guys sang individually, then together, and they were superb ! We were entertained by little anecdotes from each of them, along with a lot of humour and interaction with the audience. They made everyone there feel that they were speaking personally to each and every one present in the room. Some of the songs, particularly Somewhere over the rainbow were very emotional and delivered with such passion as to bring a tear to the eye...Supporting the group was the lovely Lea Salonga, whos fabulous voice is a great match to accompany the guys in the group.Time to say goodbye was delivered in spectacular style and it must be said, was as good if not better that the original ! Standing ovations were given throughout the show, then again at the end by a very appreciative audience. I look forward to seeing them again in the future, all in all - a very emotional affair !
Clairelou73, 04/11/14
The Big Reunion - Boy Band Tour (04/11/14) - Amazing!
6th row from the front... amazing view of some amazing acts. Screamed our heads off and had a fantastic night! Roll on next time!
Lisa, 03/11/14
Il Divo (03/11/14) - Brilliant night
We had an amazing night. Il Divo were absolutely fantastic. Great seats. Cant wait to see them again soon!!
mick kelly, 03/11/14
The venue is excellent great sound and on the whole views of stage are very good have been a few times now and the theater shape to the venue adds to your experience
The Big Reunion - Boy Band Tour (03/11/14) - shocking
We werent expecting a night of great vocals or dance moves just to be entertained but the show was so so bad you had men singing!well they call it that but it was clearly very heavy on auto tune each band did two songs then just walked of stage like they bus had come Then an xfactor build up for the next lot The show set up,the groups and they whole night was a wash out The only saving grace was that they was an interval yes an interval at a gig !!!so we could leave and we did
Linda, 03/11/14
Did not use parking or on site services as too expensive. The staff were very helpful and ii would go again
Il Divo (03/11/14) - brilliant singing
Enjoyed this event very much but would have preferred them to sing in English more. It didnt last long enough thought only 1 encore was a bit stingy. The cost of the programme at £15 was far too expensive
TonyB, 03/11/14
First visit to what is an excellent hall and facilities in a good central location. Could have done with more staff in the hall helping with seating queries as the use or the same seating numbers in different blocks seemed to confuse quite a few people.
Il Divo (03/11/14) - One for the Ladies
First time at an Il Divo concert. A bit cheezy and unashamedly targeted at mature women. I found the singing a bit samey, usually starting with one singer then maybe another or duet/trio eventually building up to the crescendo finale of all 4 singing with a couple of key changes for effect. Was ok for most of the songs but they sadly murdered Youll Never Walk Alone with poor orchestration/arrangement, and need to understand that sometimes simple is best. The supporting artist Lea Salonga was excellent and easily the best musical theatre singer on stage, her solos were the highlight of the concert. Overall I found the concert enjoyable if a little underwhelming but was clearly aimed at their target audience who seemed to love every minute.
Ruth, 21/10/14
Been to the venue a few times, easy to reach, staff always helpful and the sound is always fantastic.
Caro Emerald (21/10/14) - sounded superb
Caro sang all the hits, encouraged he audience to join in too. She sounded absolutely amazing the band was fantastic to. Really entertaining, thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
Sow1, 21/10/14
No big screen. Only one hand dryer in toilets. Premier lounge very nice and food good. But £5 booking fee a joke
Caro Emerald (21/10/14) - Excellent music, shame we couldnt see her.
Fantastic concert by Caro but desperately needed a big screen, we couldnt see her face at all so it spoilt it really. Kris Berry the support act had a brilliant voice but god her music was depressing. The whole audience must have thought so as well as when she finally said she was going to liven things up they all cheered. Used the premier lounge prior to the show which was great but I do think they are taking the mickey charging £5 booking fee for that as well.
With cucumber, 21/10/14
We were in block 212 - row K. There was insufficient leg room for anyone over about 5 foot 4. I am astounded that this has been allowed to happen in a newly built purpose made venue. Not good! I know you can get up and dance, which we did, but its not the point...You cant do that at all events.
Caro Emerald (21/10/14) - Fantastic night
Fantastic entertainment. Caro Emerald was just as amazing live as she is on her recordings. I think enough is said above but I cannot file this post without writing 100 characters, definite believer in less is more
NEIL SMITH, 20/10/14
Caro Emerald (20/10/14) - AMAZING CONCERT
Jean Burton, 20/10/14
Caro Emerald (20/10/14) - amazing
Saw Caro Emerald she was amazing absolutely brilliant show what a talent the girl has. she sounds as good live as she does on her records, her band was great too. all in all a very enjoyable evening.
Reggie, 20/10/14
very quick to admit the customer, the venue is well laid out and access to all areas. The view from all seats is excellent, the acoustics are good. the merchandise is expensive as usual. The toilets ended up being queued as only 6 gents urinals in each segment of the arena.
Caro Emerald (20/10/14) - Wonderfull singer and backing group
The venue is superb and the leeds audience reacted well to caro and her band. Caro appreciciated the audience participation and came back for a prolonged encore, indeed apart from the support artist, then then she was on stage for just under two hours. Everyone was up for the night, however as usual there is always the couple who want to get up in their seats and dance within the first 10 mins and have no respect for the people who sit directely behind them, having paid the same money. It would be nice to be given car parking locations and costs
fleetpete, 20/10/14
The venue was great, so much better than Manchester MEN! Good sound & great atmosphere...we will go back to this venue in the future. It is well placed, close to the town centre of Leeds, all in all a perfect venue for (I think) any band!
Caro Emerald (20/10/14) - A great night!
Ive been a someday fan for a while now; my wife however, is a real fan so, as it was her birthday last week it made sense to go. What a good decision that turned out to be, we had a fabulous night. Caro was everything (and more!) than we expected; absolutely blown away was our feeling at the end of the night. The band was excellent, the venue (Leeds First Direct Arena) was just right...all in all a perfect end to a birthday treat. We will definitely see Caro Emerald again!