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first direct arena Leeds
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Mandy Williamson, 14/04/14
Parking is difficult in Leeds, not much you can do about that. Public transport is an issue from where I live as the last train leaves Leeds before the concert ends.
Elbow (14/04/14) - Brilliant
Brilliant concert from start to finish. Brilliant venue, great facilities. Couldnt have asked for more. Hope it stays like this and doesnt drop off.
Gembles, 08/04/14
The overall venue Is really good and for concerts it is on a par with other arenas. The seating closer to ice rink for Disney on Ice is poor yet at a premium cost. Wont book those kind of seats again.
Disney on Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy (08/04/14) - Disappointing seats
We had seats on the main floor area (row B) thinking that these would be really good seats an close to the skating. In reality the seats were awful as we had tall people in front of us and my 3 year old had to stand on the chair all the way through (thankfully no one was behind us) for premium seats this was disappointing. Being so close to the skaters also showed up the roughness of some of the costumes and spoilt the affect a little. The 1st part of the show the sound was poor after the interval it seemed to improve. Overall it was very expensive for the experience we had.
fancealot, 08/04/14
The seating is very poor, unlike a lot of arenas there seems to be less legroom here, and it is misleading especially if you sit down before the person in front as you think theres loads of legroom, but when the seat in front goes down the back of the seat moves backward, resulting in a pretty painful few hours for me and Im only 61!
Yusuf Ahmed Rafique, 29/03/14
WWE Live (29/03/14) - Unbelievable.
Worth every penny, the crowd is pure energy and the wrestlers feed off it. Whether youre a wwe fan or not, go watch it. Honestly, and when my boi John Cena comes on the place erupts. Im going again, hoping Batista will be there!
Slaws, 17/03/14
After going to the Depeche Mode gig last year I had the same high expectations as before, especially as this was a family outing. The food outlets were poorly managed with order being taken and then food not arriving because they had run out - this is surprising, especially at a lunchtime performance! Also, the fact we had restricted views so my 7 year old son and I could not see about 30 of the rink was annoying. Plus, as this was his first time along with his 4 year old sister and both were not able to have a hot dog was not a great first experience.
Disney On Ice (17/03/14) - Slightly dissapointed!
The family enjoyed the Disney show but 2 of us had a restricted view due to the positioning of a lighting technician and his gear - which was not stipulated at the time of purchase. Also disappointed as we went to the lunchtime show expecting to be able to purchase food, to find that only a couple of the food outlets were open and after waiting for 10 minutes after ordering they had bizarrely ran out of hot dogs and burgers.
Terrierfan, 17/03/14
The staff were very helpful. I think everywhere in the arena would be a good view the way it is set out
Disney on Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy (17/03/14) - Great Time
Fabulous event for the kids and adults. Great view, lovely costumes and story lines. Went with my friend and our grandchildren all six of us had a brilliant time would definitely recommend this production and cant wait to go again.
Mum of 2yr old boy, 17/03/14
Disney on Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy (17/03/14) - Fantastic Show!
I took my 2.5yr old son to see the show for the 1st time. His face was a picture and the show was just magical. Defiantly recommend the show to anyone with children old enough to sit through tin well worth the money with 2 50minuite shows. Cant wait for the next show!!
Amandeep, 17/03/14
Disney on Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy (17/03/14) - Disney on Ice world of fantasy
The event was good and the kids enjoyed it. The only problem I have was the seat. When I booked the ticket I paid the top price for the ticket so that my girls had the best seats. It was £37.50 per ticket even for a child of 2 years old. I had a ticket which was 2nd row from the front. When I looked at the view there was no gap between the first row and the second row we were directly behind however when we arrived there was a walkway between the front row and the second row. However, in other section there first and second row were directly behind each other. So I was annoyed because I paid for the fact that we were behind the front row and would of had a amazing view but because we were further behind the girls had to sit on our laps in order to see so I felt that was a waste of 2 tickets.
Gemma mcclelland, 17/03/14
The X Factor Live (17/03/14) - Great event and brilliantly run!!
My daughter loved this concert and everyone else semt to be enjoying themselves too. A big thank you to all the staff, we were sat in the disabled area and the staff couldnt have been better and dealt with everything that was thrown at them.
Tia Maria, 10/03/14
The only problem was when I booked it showed we were a block away from the centre however a third of the venue was blocked off and the seating seemed in an L - shape. So when we got there we got a side/end view rather than an off centre view, which was a shame. No fault of ticket dispenser but the event itself!��
Disney on Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy (10/03/14) - Fab event disappointment in seats!
This show was fab so entertaining all the way through, scheduled on time too. I took my 6yr old daughter & 9 yr old niece. They like when cars came out.
Candice t, 10/03/14
Disney on Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy (10/03/14) - Nice event
We all really enjoyed it,great family night out!cant complain ;-).My kids are still talking about it at school and to all our friends.i would recommend to all my friends.good work guys!
kayleigh farman, 10/03/14
food over priced but security was good so i would rate them at 4.5 over the food been 2 because of the price
Disney on Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy (10/03/14) - the show was great but the food a rip off
me and my 4 year old girl loved the show but what shocked me was the prices for the food. popcorn priced between £3 to £8 and the candyfloss because it had a hat was priced at £8. i will be going to the next Disney show but will not be buying food in the arena, ill wait to go for food before or after the show. the show was amazing, we was sat front row and was worth every penny.
JB, 10/03/14
Disney on Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy (10/03/14) - Great event
A well stage event, only disappointment was we thought we had purchased tickets centre stage to find out when we arrived we were at the side and the arena had been only half used.
Brian Twigg, 03/03/14
Brilliant venue. All seats face the stage so no sitting at an angle as at other arenas. The rake of the seating is such that no one in front will block your view choose how tall they are. Full marks to the council for getting this one right.
The Australian Pink Floyd Show (03/03/14) - Absolutely brilliant
This was the second time I have seen this band live in Leeds. The first time was at the Grand, and found that the venue was too small and therefore too loud. The arena was perfect, been purpose built for this type of concert. The band are absolutely brilliant been true in every detail to the original Pink Floyd. The light show, the sounds, superb. Cant wait for them to return.
sothstand Geordie, 03/03/14
The signage directing your customers to seating needs to be addressed. One suggestion would be to have seat numbers indicated with block numbers ie low numbers to the left and high numbers to the right. This system appears to work very well at Phones4You in Manchester.
The Australian Pink Floyd Show (03/03/14) - Brilliant show
Have listened to this music for over 40 years and this is the first time I have seen Aussie Floyd. What an amazing tribute to the writing of Pink Floyd. First heard Dark Side Of The Moon in the rather short lived Sony Quadraphonic system; a great pity more of there early stuff hadnt been done in this format. However 5.1 systems nowadays make up for this.
Gary 58, 03/03/14
The Australian Pink Floyd Show (03/03/14) - Superb Show !
Tribute bands can get a bad press but The Australian Pink Floyd must be the best at what they do , Superb musicians and singers combine to pay homage to the music of Barrett,Waters,Gilmour,Mason and Wright and do not let anybody down......the chosen set list ticked all the boxes and the Lights/Lasers and Visuals add superbly to what is a top class show.....highly recommended
Angie, 03/02/14
Good views great acoustics,very clean, very helpful staff, only spoilt by long queues for ladies as usual in these big arenas.
Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour (03/02/14) - Loved It
This was my 4th time at Strictly with 3 friends and it did not disappoint. We thought it was very slick. Great venue. Very clean.
tiger, 29/01/14
Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour (29/01/14) - What a great night
This was a great night we both really enjoyed the event. Great seats and view. The set was fantastic and the standard of dancing first class. As regards entertainment factor first class second to none. Highly recommended.
BevCav109, 25/01/14
Brilliant venue....absolutely spot on.....just the right size....parking across the road, just watch the parking charges though, best to enter car park AFTER 6 or you will be charged an extra coupla quid...
Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour (25/01/14) - Fantastic night
This is the 5th time we have been to see Strictly and it gets better every yr!! It is one of the best nights of our year...I took my Son 8 and my Daughter 10, they loved every minute, we had front row seats and were high fived by some of the dancers as they made their way to the stage....and afterwards Robin signed my Sons book and had his photo taken with them both....if you want entertainment and love Strictly, you MUST go to the tour, you will go year after us x
Xtina Aucky, 15/01/14
BBC Sports Personality of the Year (15/01/14) - Fantastic
What a wonderful evening we had. Its a superb arena with great acoustics. The presenters did a good job of moving around the arena interviewing many different sports personalities. The atmosphere was electric. Will definitely go and see many more events here.