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first direct arena Leeds
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Kenc90, 20/10/14
Caro Emerald (20/10/14) - Great Event
Stunning evenings entertainment by Caro Emerald with fantastic audience participation on a couple of tracks
Lubylou60, 20/10/14
Caro Emerald (20/10/14) - Caro Emerald is amazing!!
Caro Emerald was amazing in Leeds on Saturday. Shes as good live as she is on CD. What a fantastic voice. A great performer. The musicians in her band are individually impressive too. A really good night out. The support act was a little disappointing though. Although Kris has a great voice, shes not really right as a warm up act but would be good on CD Im sure.
mini-mum, 13/10/14
Staff really helpful- my daughter has autism & we would have struggled in the big crowds outside. I asked if we could use the disabled access to enter & get to our seats early- we were able to do this, with a member of staff showing us to our seats. All staff very friendly and happy to help us- very impressed. The venue was very clean
Ed Sheeran (13/10/14) - Fantastic show
Brilliant event- we love Ed! It exceeded my expectations! We loved everything about the event - loved singing along!!!
Timz, 13/10/14
The only negativies were the venue itself, they need more toilets as the lines were crazy long and they need someone stood inside each door to show people to their seats. We were walking around for awhile and even ended up sitting in the wrong block as it wasnt clearly marked.
Ed Sheeran (13/10/14) - Amazing show!
Ed Sheeran was so fantastic, the show was super but the best part of our night was when he came outside after the show and surprised everyone. We manged to meet him face to face and even take a few pictures. Money well spent. Great show. Great time!
Dianne, 13/10/14
More toilets for women, please - we are over the queues. This is inexcusable given that the arena has just been built and should have been considered at design stage.
Ed Sheeran (13/10/14) - Unforgettable
Just get a ticket and go! He is an amazing talent and great performer. Absolutely unforgettable night and now we are lifelong fans!
Charlotte Camplin, 13/10/14
Was my first time at the First Direct Arean. Thought it looked amazing from the outside with all the different coloured lights. The size of the venue was really good as it wasnt too big so you still felt connected to the artist. Cant wait to go back in Feb!!
Ed Sheeran (13/10/14) - Amazing!!
Saw Ed Sheeran at Doncaster Dome in 2012 when he was just starting in the music industry. He was amazing then as hes amazing now!!! Ive been to many concerts but it was my first time at Leeds First Direct Arena. I was impressed with the arena as it wasnt too big, so even where I was sat on the second tier, I was still able to see the acts :) The staff was also every helpful in the arena and would go out of their way to help. I bought my tickets at the beginning of you year from Eventim and within a few weeks they had arrived :) all in all I really enjoyed the event and I cant wait to go to see The Script in Feb 2015!!
Crusoe, 06/10/14
Matchroom Boxing (06/10/14) - josh Warrinton Superb again
Best boxing I have seen in my life time and the venue is ideal for the sport. The atmosphere was electric and it was definitely worth the money
Wasim, 16/09/14
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (16/09/14) - Dont be fooled by the Meet & Greet package
Overall, the show itself was amazing and RFAK really delivered a wonderful performance. The rating is in no reflection to him but to my bitterness at the supposed Meet & Greet package I purchased. I paid a total of just over £550.00 for 2 x meet & greet front row seated tickets. Whilst the seat were amazing, the meet and greet was anything but. After the show had ended, we were rushed into a room to take a photo with Rahat himself. There was no greet in the package. After the photo we were rushed out so another couple could take there picture. The whole experiance lasted 30 seconds. Considering how much i paid for this experiance, i thought the package would entail alot more than just a picture. My advice is to purchase seats as close to the front row as possible and save the extra costs associated with the meet and greet as it really is not worth it.
LiL @$h, 07/09/14
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (07/09/14) - A fantastic event!
A brilliant concert with a mixture of songs sung including classics, modern, punjabi and Bollywood. second time i been to see him in Leeds and was just as good as the first time round. definitely worth it!
sam, 01/09/14
The venue was beautiful and huge however late comers really disturbed the performance and was a huge distraction.. The lighting was amazing and so was the big screen
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (01/09/14) - absolutely fantastic
What an amazing evening! Best three hours of my life and definitely worth the money! RFAK has an amazing voice and the music was a perfect mix of old classics and new music. The habibi video was a good touch! Will be going again next year!
Sajid, 01/09/14
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (01/09/14) - Fantastic concert
Saw Rahat Fateh Ali Khan at the Leeds First Direct Arena, a great venue, very well organised. The concert was fanatatic, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan had the whole place rocking!!!! Will def see agian.
Ahsan, 01/09/14
Great atmosphere. Awesome sound work. Main TV screen quality and camera quality could definitely be better. Surprised there was no merchandise on sale. Big car park at the Merion centre which is opposite the arena
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (01/09/14) - Unbelievable concert
Its quite cliche when you read comments about it being the best concert ever, but for me it was! I saw Beyonce last year at the MEN which I thought was unbeatable but Rahat was so majestic in his performances and his magicians were equally on par. This has to go down as my best concert ever and I cant wait to see him when he tours again. Whoever goes will be in for a treat and will love the new and old songs and the electric atmosphere.
Anz, 01/09/14
Venue was nice but toilets were not clean at all smells in there and food well not much variety really.
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (01/09/14) - Great night
Was the best concert ever besides some old drunk guys trying to be cool and ruin others fun.... Some ppl really need help but ignoring that rahat was absolutely awsome loved it will go again when he returns and hopefully no drunk heads will ruin our fun.
RWL, 21/08/14
Lighting made it impossible to watch the artists on stage. Poor sound, needed to be louder. The venue is fantastic and all staff were superb.
Eric Clapton (21/08/14) - Clapton at Leeds - disappointed !
A massive disappointment. Clapton looked like he could not be bothered and did not want to be there! His attitude toward his paying audience, the fans like me who have followed him and bought his music for decades and made him the wealthy man that he is, was atrocious, we deserved more. People stood up and left within 20 mins of the start of the concert, the row in front of me all 8 stood up and walked out in disgust. The lighting was poorly thought out (at least I hope it was not intentional), a bank of white spot lights at the back of the stage were shone straight out horizontally in to the audience. Resulting in everyone having to close their eyes or try to peer through fingers! What a completely stupid idea. Poor set list, stupid lighting, abysmal attitude from Clapton. A total waste of money. If it we possible to get a refund I would. Needless to say I shall not bother with Clapton or his music again. Shame really as I have followed him since the sixties. Mr Clapton - if you cant be bothered, stop touring and taking our money under false pretences! Thank goodness that the support act was brilliant. Hunter and the Bear. They really were good.
Amy Donnelly, 20/08/14
Such a friendly venue! Security, Catering, Merchandise staff all lovely. This really adds to the appeal of the venue. The venue is really well laid out too. Lots of toilets, food outlets and merch stands. Hardly any queues
Ant and Dec (20/08/14) - Dont Just Watch the Ads...
Wow! A lifelong Ant and Dec fan, this show was my dream come true. The lads gave their all. We were treated to audience surprises, Ant Vs Dec, Win the Ads, End of the Show Show, Singalong Live, Little Ant and Dec and loads more. The Guest announcer at Leeds was Keith Lemon but this varies from city to city. The warm up Andy Collins was hilarious too. Ashley Roberts was a real surprise for me. Girl can sing! Blue were OK. Riverdance also put on a great show. We also had the chance to win the ads(a car, a holiday and other prizes worth £18k) I went both nights and they were won each night! The whole thing is an amazing show and Id really recommend it to anyone. ��
Concert lover, 18/08/14
Ant and Dec (18/08/14) - Brilliant show
Had a great night at the Leeds arena, fantastic seats, great entertainment and good fun, Blue were fab and so were river dance. Loved the lovely Keith Lemon and added bonus to see the gorgeous Matthew Wolfenden and Natalie Anderson, she was sat in front of me too. Ant and Dec put on a very good show and We thoroughly enjoyed it.
Lynn Birch, 18/08/14
Ant and Dec (18/08/14) - Brilliant
I have always watched Ant & Decs Saturday Night Takeaway but there is no comparison to the live show. it was great fun from start to finish and they have a fantastic chemistry between themselves and the audience. I could have watched them the next night and still laughed from start to finish. Well worth every penny.
Ramsay, 18/08/14
Ant and Dec (18/08/14) - Brilliant Show
You was fantastic and it was very nice to see you as I can not get down London to shows, the atmosphere was good, I went with my sister son and neice, I did fall between the seats below thoug and hurt my leg
Kim Miller, 18/08/14
Parking was fine getting in, horrendous getting our (well over an hour) Food had run out by the interval. Didnt like how high up I was (didnt get to choose my seats) and never been to the venue myself. Sufferer of vertigo so wasnt ideal. Handrails stop at awkward points too.
Ant and Dec (18/08/14) - Funny!
Really liked the sketches the impromptu crisp sketch was very funny. Nice mix of music and comedy. Love the fact they get everyone involved (not just the front row seats) a gentlemen right at the back managed to win the ads which I thought was great.
Gareth, 18/08/14
Ant and Dec (18/08/14) - A great night
The whole night was great from start to finish. Action packed and always something going on for the audience to get involved in.