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Hotellover18, 01/12/14
Slash featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators (01/12/14) - Fan-bloody-tastic
Great show, sound really good. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening. Venue clean, plenty of helpful staff around.
bryanfan, 01/12/14
The arena is really good. Accoustics great, view from wheelchair section clear plenty of room, staff really helpful and friendly. Heard quite a few comments asking why on earth it had been built in the city centre not on outskirts where from motorway etc maybe easier as Sheffield is. Leeds City Council need to get signage sorted out for both pedestrian and vehicles. We will go again. Cant comment on refreshments etc as we didnt use them or the wc
Bryan Adams (01/12/14) - Absolutely Fantastic
We have seen Bryan Adams at different venues this has to be one of the best. He came on stage at 8pm and we were treated to over two hours of hit after hit. First time at Leeds Arena and really impressed being a wheelchair user from arriving to leaving treatment was first class. We didnt have to que were taken straight to viewing position which is excellent no one in front to spoil the view, will definitely be going again
BigJo, 01/12/14
The staff were very helpful as I had my Dad with me in a wheelchair. Easy access straight into the lift and easy to get to our area to sit. My only gripe is that there were not many wheelchair parking spots nearby, managed to get the last one arriving 1 hr before it started. Also the pavement in that area was not lowered to get the wheelchair off.
Bryan Adams (01/12/14) - Hes still got it!
Fantastic, intimate concert. Bryan did not disappoint! Full of old classics and some new thrown in. Very impressed that he was on stage from 8pm through til 10.15pm ... even though the band had breaks, he did not. Slick set up, really enjoyed it. Have seen him a number of times, this was as good as any of them years ago!
Lemmy, 01/12/14
Slash featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators (01/12/14) - Fantastic
Absolutely brilliant gig. Firstly, the Leeds First Direct Arena is an awesome venue tailor made as a music venue. Acoustics and viewing are superb. Secondly Slash and the band were unbelievable. After 40 years of watching live rock music I thought I had seen it all but Slash takes it to another level. Brilliant, 11 out of 10.
steviebgs, 01/12/14
James Blunt (01/12/14) - Outstanding!!
Great performance and total engagement with the audience - a real night for his fans who went away very happy!
DaveKimBates, 01/12/14
Great Venue but they really need more staff at the bars (ideally experienced barkeeps rather than kids with not a rush in them)
Slash featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators (01/12/14) - Awesome yet again!
One hell of a night at the Leeds Arena! Slash & Myles on stellar form once again! We cant wait for the next time we can see them! Standing tickets provided a brilliant setting but the whole arena had a great view too. Highly recommended!!!!
Rob Skipton, 01/12/14
James (01/12/14) - James - AWESOME GIG
James sounding as good as ever, sang some really good new stuff from La Petite Mort and some classic oldies.
Dave Thorpe, 01/12/14
Sound and acoustics were terrible which was a massive let down after all the hype about how the seating area was constructed. We were in row E seating and all though the view of the stage was ok, the sound quality was awful. Slashs guitar work was too low in the mix, vocals had too much reverb and were lost and indistinct. The mix was very bass heavy and not clear at all. The raised black wall area above and behind the standing area may well have reflected the sound back and caused some of these issues. Disappointing. The arena itself and its facilities were good apart from expensive drinks and confectionery prices, but this seems to be par for the course these days.
Slash featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators (01/12/14) - Sound quality was awful
Good view of the stage, long varied high energy set with audience interaction, let down massively by one of the worst sound mixes Ive experienced in a long time. Not impressed on my first visit to the first direct arena. A shame
Rachelford7422, 01/12/14
The venue was great. First time at a concert here and most definitely the last. I brought my disabled mother and the service the staff have was exceptional.
James Blunt (01/12/14) - Phenomenal performance
James blunt....... Absolutely amazing. Words can not describe what your concert meant for me and my mother. You blew me away. I can not wait for you to tour uk again. It cant come quick enough. I cant fault your concert in any way at all. Big well done to the dunwells who were supporting you. Amazing up and coming band. Cant wait to hear them again either.
jamesforever, 01/12/14
James Blunt (01/12/14) - outstanding!
where to start?the whole evening was fabulous from start to finish.superb seats seven rows from the front,centre block.james performance had us spellbound.he was witty,humourous,full of energy,captivating and all topped off with,in my opinion,the best voice in the music industry bar none.all in all a fantastic concert at a fantastic venue.please do leeds again next year james.
Fletch87, 01/12/14
Too expensive - i mean £4.50 for a watered down pint of lager. Poor. I would say if you reduced your prices then youd have more custom and return gain further sales.
Slash featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators (01/12/14) - Great gig but...
Brilliant night with all 3 bands... the only criticism Id say is with regards to Slashs lead channel.... it wasnt loud enough, you could barely hear his solos, it wasnt cutting through and over the rest of the band where necessary. Other than that - it was amazing.
NeilDD, 01/12/14
One of our seats was broken. Having mentioned this to a steward we were referred to an official who promptly arranged similar positioned seats elsewhere to our satisfaction. The problem was dealt with professionally and in a friendly manner, as you would wish for.
Slash featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators (01/12/14) - Great Gig
This was a memorable gig and with the bones of two good support acts. This is the second time attending this venue and it is very well designed and laid out.
Faz, 01/12/14
Slash featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators (01/12/14) - Amazing performance
Slash absolutely rocked the arena at Leeds we had an amazing time. Myles Kennedy and the conspirators where also amazing and interacted well with audience to get the house rocking more.
Adam Hardwick, 01/12/14
Bryan Adams (01/12/14) - Top Notch Effort
Top effort from the never aging Bryan Adams - He got the crowd involved, played all the classics as well as the newly added songs from the fantastic Reckless album - kicking off strong and carried all the way through - enjoyed it - maybe one of the better gigs I have been to (Singing and General music wise) - Bryan Adams and Keith Scott on Song as usual - Already looking forward to his next tour!
Terrier26, 01/12/14
Bryan Adams (01/12/14) - To much disruption
We had a great night watching & listening to Bryan Adams but the night was spoilt with the continuing movement of people not only on our row but others when they kept going out for a drink, coming back with full glasses in the dark, spilling some of the drink on the steps, which we think could be dangerous, then minutes later deciding to go to the toilet. We dont object to drinkers but cant they do without for a couple of hours and consider other people who want to watch the show.
Crazylegsfox, 18/11/14
WWE Live (18/11/14) - Wwe live
Great seats right next to where the wrestlers came out.atmosphere was unbelievable.really good venue.only down side was no randy orton!
Lorraine MacNay, 17/11/14
John Bishop (17/11/14) - LOVED IT !!
Had good seats. John was relaxed, natural and tremendously funny. An end to a really good evening that was for a special persons birthday.
Chris B, 17/11/14
WWE Live (17/11/14) - Waste of time and money
This wasnt my first time seeing wrestling but it may be my last especially a house show as this show was. Lineup that was promised was nowhere near the standard on the night (99 of the top talent was sent to Nottingham event on the same night or saved for Liverpool taped show the following evening). There were are pyrotechnics at the disney on ice show. This venue is not set up for wrestling and this showed. Im awaiting contact from the venue regarding a refund but Ive heard nothing yet.
Claire Shakespeare, 17/11/14
The venue is great, food and drink a little expensive but not too bad. Staff were pleasant, helpful and very knowledgeable. If you looked slightly bewildered they approached you to offer help.
WWE Raw (17/11/14) - Great Evening of Entertainment
The kids absolutely loved it, was a little disappointed that John Cena wasnt there but still enjoyed seeing some of there other favourites. I never imagined how great it would be and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
Ginner, 17/11/14
Venue was great, had to use wheelchair access and the staff were so accommodating. Parking over the road was spot on. Seating was great where ever you sit you get a good view. Atmosphere created by the sound and lighting excellent and very organised on leaving the venue without a problem.
John Bishop (17/11/14) - What a laugh!!!!
Not been to see John Bishop before. had a fab night laughed from start to finish. So entertaining and you could relate to the material. Great for all ages above 18.